1933 MLB season (Jayverse)

The 1933 MLB Season is the 33th Season for Major League Baseball


The First Expansion since the New Eras of Baseball Occured in 1901 as the league adds 4 teams (2 In each League) which the addition of the Baltimore, MD (Orioles) and the Los Angeles, CA (Angels) to the American League while the National League added teams in Milwaukee, WI (Brewers) and the Minneapolis, MN (Minnesota Twins), However The League will not expand again until 1958.

Top Draft Choices

Washington Senators draft Morrie Aderholt (3B)

New York Giants draft Dave Barnhill (SP)

St. Louis Cardinals draft Maywood Belcher (SP)

Detroit Tigers draft Charles Cronin (SP)

Washington Senators draft Harry Dean (SP)

St. Louis Cardinals draft Stan Ferens (SP)

Cleveland Indians draft Jeff Heath (LF)

Washington Senators draft Bill Holland (SP)

Washington Senators draft Sid Hudson (SP)

Philadelphia Athletics draft Paul Kardow (SP)

St. Louis Cardinals draft Max Lanier (RP)

Final Standings

AL: Boston Red Sox (96-66), Philadelphia Athletics (90-72), New York Yankees (88-74), Kansas City Monarchs (86-76), Washington Senators (82-80), Chicago White Sox (80-82), Cleveland Indians (76-86), Detroit Tigers (72-90), Baltimore Orioles (71-91), Los Angeles Angels (69-93)

NL: Boston Braves (112-50), Brooklyn Dodgers (96-66), Philadelphia Phillies (90-72), Chicago Cubs (80-82), New York Giants (77-85), Pittsburgh Pirates (77-85), St. Louis Cardinals (71-91), Milwaukee Brewers (71-91), Cincinnati Reds (70-92), Minnesota Twins (66-96)

All-Boston WS: Red Sox def. Braves 4-2

League Leaders

Batting Average - Bill Terry (DET) .371

Home Runs - Hack Wilson (BRO) 22

RBI - Hack Wilson (BRO) 102

Stolen Bases - Dixie Walker (CHC) 27

On-Base + Slugging % - Bill Terry (DET) .956

ERA - Marty Lang (BSN) 1.81

Wins - Marty Lang (BSN) 26

Strikeouts - Ed Clough (BOS) 256