1967 NFL season (Jayverse)

The 1967 NAFL Season was the 8th Regular Season of the North American Football League.

New Rules

  • The "slingshot" or "tuning fork" goalpost, with one curved support from the ground and offset behind the crossbar, was made standard in the NFL. This replaced the previous year's offset goalpost, which had two non-curved supports from the ground. Before the introduction of the offset goalpost, the supports were directly on the goal line. Posts also had to be painted bright gold.
  • A 6-foot-wide (1.8 m) border around the field was also made standard in the league. Its outer edge designates the closest that non-participants can be to the field, and thus enables the game officials to have a running lane to work in.


March 14-15, 1967, The 1967 NFL-AFL Draft takes place at the Gotham Hotel in New York City, It was the first common draft with the AFL, part of the AFL–NFL merger agreement of June 1966.

The Birmingham Vulcans draft Ken Houston (CB) as the Overall Top Draft Choice in the '67 National-American Football Common Draft, Other Selections were as follows

Boston Patriots draft John Charles (FS)

Oakland Raiders draft Gene Upshaw (G)

Los Angeles Rams draft Willie Ellison (RB)

Baltimore Colts draft Bubba Smith (DE)

Washington Capitals draft Ray McDonald (RB)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Harry Jones (RB)

Detroit Lions draft Mel Farr (RB)

Denver Broncos draft Floyd Little (RB)

Kansaas City Kings draft Gene Trosch (DT)

Edmonton Elks draft Robbie Campbell (FS)

Vancouver Lumberjacks draft Alan Page (DT)

Miami Dolphins draft Bob Griese (QB)

Buffalo Bills draft John Pitts (FS)

Ottawa Canadians draft Lem Barney (FS)

San Francisco 49ers draft Steve Spurrier (QB)

Chicago Bears draft Loyd Phillips (DE)

Cleveland Browns draft Bob Matheson (LB)

New York Giants draft Bob Lurtsema (DT)

Minnesota Vikings draft Clint Jones (RB)

Atlanta Falcons draft Leo Carroll (DE)

Dallas Cowboys draft Phil Clark (FS)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Don Shy (RB)

New York Titans draft Paul Seiler (C)

St. Louis Gunners draft Dave Williams (WR)

Los Angeles Chargers draft Ron Billingsley (DT)

San Diego Chargers draft Don Horn (QB)

Green Bay Packers draft Bob Hyland (C)

Birmingham Vulcans draft Willie Lanier (LB)

Detroit Lions draft Paul Naumoff (LB)

Kansas City Kings draft Jan Stenerud (K)

Ottawa Canadians draft Rayfield Wright (T)

Minnesota Vikings draft Bobby Bryant (CB)

New York Titans draft Jim Lynch (LB)

Los Angeles Chargers draft Larry Little (G)

Green Bay Packers draft Alvin Reed (TE)

Final Standings

National Football League

North - Green Bay Packers (12-4), Toronto Huskies (9-7), Chicago Bears (4-12), Detroit Lions (4-12)

South - St. Louis Gunners (15-1), Cleveland Browns (10-6), Baltimore Colts (9-7), Pittsburgh Steelers (7-9)

East - Montreal Beavers (15-1), Washington Capitals (11-5), New York Giants (9-7), Philadelphia Eagles (4-12)

West - Dallas Texans (10-6), Los Angeles Rams (7-9), San Francisco 49ers (4-12), Denver Broncos (4-12)

American Football League

North - Kansas City Kings (10-6), Calgary Stampeders (8-8), Minnesota Vikings (8-8), Edmonton Elks (7-9)

South - Memphis Steamers (10-6), Atlanta Falcons (9-7), Miami Dolphins (8-8), Birmingham Vulcans (6-10)

East - Ottawa Canadians (10-6), New York Titans (7-9), Boston Patriots (6-10), Buffalo Bills (3-13)

West - Los Angeles Chargers (9-7), San Diego Destroyers (9-7), Vancouver Lumberjacks (9-7), Oakland Raiders (3-13)


AFL Quarterfinal: Atlanta def. Kansas City 41-17, San Diego def. LA Chargers 27-14

NFL Quarterfinal: Green Bay def. Cleveland 34-31, Dallas def. Washington 38-18

AFL Semi-Final: Ottawa def. Atlanta 31-12, Memphis def. San Diego 28-17

NFL Semi-Final: Green Bay def. Montreal 34-17, St. Louis def. Dallas 25-10

AFL Championship: Ottawa def. Memphis 24-16

NFL Championship: St. Louis def. Green Bay 34-14

Super Bowl II (at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX): St. Louis def. Ottawa 34-31

Pro Bowl (at the LA Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA): NFL def. AFL 38-16

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Shawn Derr (Vancouver) 4,617

Passing TD's - Len Dawson (St. Louis) & Johnny Unitas (Montreal) 39

Passing Rating - Len Dawson (St. Louis) 110.4

Rushing Yards - Ernie Davis (Washington) 1,586

Receiving Yards - Ali Mabry (Toronto) 1,804

Total Points - Jason Paxton (Montreal) 164

Tackles - Michael Gilbert (Baltimore) 123

Sacks - Jerry Coker (Green Bay) 19

Interceptions - Randy McDermott (Pittsburgh) 7