Happy Tree Friends: The Movie (Johnsonverse)

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HTF movie poster.png
Genre: Fantasy
Photography: Color
Running Time: 150 minutes
Release Date: July 19, 2019
Production Companies: Mondo Mini Shows
Distributed by: Johnson Studios
Directed by: Kenn Navarro
Written by: Kenn Navarro
Warren Graff
Ken Pontac
David Winn
Tim Johnson
Chloe Johnson
Produced by: Tim Johnson
Chloe Johnson
Music by: Hans Zimmer
Starring: David Winn
Kenn Navarro
Warren Graff
Lori Jee
Michael "Lippy" Lipman
Nica Lorber
Francis Carr
Liz Stuart
Peter Herrmann
Renée T. MacDonald
Tim Johnson
Chloe Johnson
Language: English
Country: United States
Photography: Color
Budget: $65 million
Box office: $235.9 million

Happy Tree Friends: The Movie is a 2019 American adult animated fantasy action-adventure comedy film directed by Kenn Navarro, written by Navarro, Warren Graff, Ken Pontac, David Winn, and Tim and Chloe Johnson, produced by Mondo Mini Shows, and released by Johnson Studios, based on the long-running animated web series Happy Tree Friends, which was created by Rhode Montijo, Navarro, and Aubrey Ankrum. The film stars the voices of Winn, Navarro, Graff, Lori Jee, Michael "Lippy" Lipman, Nica Lorber, Francis Carr, Liz Stuart, Peter Herrmann, Renée T. MacDonald, and the Johnson twins themselves.

Development began sometime before 2014. The film was released on July 19, 2019 to critical acclaim, although it has seen major controversy. It grossed over $235.9 million


The movie begins with Lumpy walking to the park with Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, and Petunia, while Pop takes Cub to the park as well. After Lumpy leaves the kids to play, he sees an ice cream truck driven by Cro-Marmot. He buys them ice cream, and sees them enjoying a good time. He sees Lifty and Shifty with a metal detector, and discover a treasure chest. With literal dollar signs in their eyes, the raccoon duo take it, hoping to sell it, until Lumpy places them under arrest. Meanwhile, Pop leaves Cub out on his own, as he goes to the store to get him toys. There, he sees Flippy, who has just knocked over his cart, and helps him pick up some items, until he accidentally pops a wine bottle. Flippy is reminded of the gunfire in the war, and almost flips out, but Pop manages to help him stay calm. Flippy, now calm, goes to the park.

Back at the park, Lumpy sees an ice cream truck driven by Cro-Marmot. He buys ice cream for the kids, as well as for himself, and gives the kids ice cream, though he mixes up the flavors. Meanwhile, Sniffles has constructed a device in which he would enter an alternate dimension, and asks Flaky to test it. Flaky hesitates, at first, until Sniffles pushes her into the machine. Sniffles sees Flaky inside the portal, and celebrates his success. Flaky exits the machine, and Sniffles turns it off. They go into the park, hoping to show off their machine, until it explodes. This noise reminds Flippy of the war, but again, he tries to stay calm. He snaps, and turns into Fliqpy. Fliqpy nearly kills Sniffles before Flaky pushes him out of the way, critically injuring her.

Meanwhile, Disco Bear wakes up and attempts to ask Giggles, Petunia, and Lammy for a date, before he steps on a banana peel, causing him to be mocked by the trio. Depressed, he goes to the lake, where he sees Russell on his boat. There, the two see a mysterious shark

Voice cast

  • David Winn as Lumpy and Splendid
  • Kenn Navarro as Cuddles, Flippy, Lifty, and Shifty
  • Warren Graff as Toothy and Handy
  • Lori Jee as Giggles, Petunia, and Cub
  • Michael "Lippy" Lipman as Nutty
  • Nica Lorber as Flaky
  • Francis Carr as Russell
  • Liz Stuart as Sniffles
  • Peter Herrmann as Disco Bear
  • Renée T. MacDonald as Lammy
  • Sarah Castelblanco as Mime (uncredited, vocal effects)
  • Dean MacDonald as The Mole (uncredited, vocal effects) and Cro-Marmot
  • Tim Johnson as Cutlass
  • Chloe Johnson as Sabre

In addition, several voice samples from Ellen Connell and Dana Belben are used for Giggles, Petunia, and Cub in some scenes, while Aubrey Ankrum’s voice is sampled for Pop and Fliqpy.





Critical response

Box office