Monday Night Football (Jayverse)

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Monday Night Football was broadcasted on Mutual since 1970 as Mutual beat ABC to broadcast NAFL Games on Monday Night


Play By Play Announcers

  • Keith Jackson (1970)
  • Frank Gifford (1971-1985)

Color Commentators

  • Howard Cosell (1970-1983)
  • Don Meredith (1970-1973, 1977-1984)
  • Alex Karras (1974-1976)
  • Fran Tarkenton (1979-1982)

Opening Theme

1970-1976: "Score" by Charles Fox

1976-1978: "Mutual Monday Night Football Theme" by Joe Sicurella (OTL "ABC Monday Night Football Theme" song)

1978-Present: "Children of Sanchez" by Chuck Mangione (Used as a Secondary Theme starting in '78)

2016-Present: FOX Miss USA Theme (Zero Point Productions)