Press Your Luck NAFL Players Tournament (Jayverse)

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The Press Your Luck NAFL Players Tournament is a yearly tournament on the American television game show Press Your Luck

It features NAFL Players playing for their Home VIewers and their worthy causes.


The NAFL Players Tournament uses a ten-game format similar to that used for the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions, the Jeopardy Teen Tournament and the Jeopardy College Championship since 2000: 15 players, in groups of three, play in five quarterfinal games; the winners of those five games and the four highest-scoring nonwinners as wild cards become the nine semifinalists who compete in three games, with no two players rematching each other in the semifinal round. The three semifinal winners advance to the two-day final round, in which contestants play two separate matches, with the contestants' combined scores for both matches determining the champion (contestants start with $0 each day).

From 1997-1999, The NAFL Players Tournament had a 5-game format which featured 12 NAFL Players, The Top 3 High Scorers will qualify for the Friday Finals with the winner will be guaranteed $25,000 for their Charity.

Prize Money

Year(s) Finalists (Guaranteed Amounts) Semifinalists Quarterfinalists
Winner Second place Third place
1997-2000 $25,000 $10,000 $7,500 $5,000 $1,000 (Starting in 1999)
$15,000 $10,000 $2,500
2001 $50,000
2002–2003 $20,000 $15,000
2004–2005 $75,000 $25,000
2006–2014 $10,000 $5,000
2016−present $100,000 $50,000 $25,000

List of Participants

Season 14 (January 20-24, 1997)
Winner: Ken Norton, Jr. (Dallas Texans)

1st runner-up: Bill Romanowski (Oakland Invaders)

2nd runner-up: Ricky Watters (San Francisco 49ers)

Bill Bates (Nashville Titans)

Tim Brown (New York Giants)

Joey Galloway (Seattle Orcas)

Eddie George (Nashville Titans)

Darrell Green (Washington Sentinels)

Anthony Munoz (Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks)

Bryce Paup (New Orleans Saints)

Barry Sanders (Green Bay Packers)

Chris Zorich (Chicago Bears)

[No Quarterfinals]
Season 15 (January 19-23, 1998)
Winner: Drew Bledsoe (New Mexico Rattlers)

1st runner-up: Marshall Faulk (San Diego Destroyers)

2nd runner-up: Greg Lloyd (Las Vegas Gamblers)

Mike Alstott (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Jerome Bettis (Los Angeles Rams)

Chad Brown (Mexico City Diablos)

Terrell Davis (Denver Broncos)

Kevin Greene (Sacramento Condors)

Desmond Howard (Washington Sentinels)

Brad Johnson (Minnesota Vikings)

Keyshawn Johnson (San Francisco 49ers)

Eric Metcalf (Cleveland Browns)

[No Quarterfinals)
Season 16 (January 25-29, 1999)
Winner: Derrick Alexander (Cleveland Browns)

1st runner-up: Boomer Esiason (Minnesota Vikings)

2nd runner-up: Curtis Conway (Southern California Sun)

Ronde Barber (Brooklyn Barons)

Jerome Bettis (Los Angeles Rams)

Darrell Green (Montreal Alouettes)

Freddie Jones (San Diego Destroyers)

Ed McCaffrey (New York Giants)

Keenan McCardell (Las Vegas Gamblers)

Jake Plummer (Houston Oilers)

Robert Smith (Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks)

J. J. Stokes (San Francisco 49ers)

[No Quarterfinals]
Season 17 (January 24-February 4, 2000)
Winner: Champ Bailey (Washington Sentinels)

1st runner-up: Chris Claiborne (Detroit Lions)

2nd runner-up: Kurt Warner (Dallas Texans)

Derrick Alexander (Defending Tournament WInner - Cleveland Browns)

Jesse Armstead (Las Vegas Gamblers)

Tony Brackens (Jacksonville Sharks)

Jeff Garcia (Oakland Invaders)

Franco Harris (NAFL Legend - Pittsburgh Steelers)

Marvin Harrison (Sacramento Condors)

Dick Butkus (NAFL Legend - Chicago Bears)

Derrick Brooks (San Jose Surge)

Steve Burt (Salt Lake City Pioneers)

Raghib Ismail (Los Angeles Rams)

Freddie Jones (San Diego Destroyers)

Terrell Owens (Reno Aces)

Season 18 (January 22-February 2, 2001) at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC
Winner: Kurt Warner (Dallas Texans)
1st runner-up: Champ Bailey (Defending Tournament Winner - Washington Sentinels)
2nd runner-up: Tony Dorsett (NAFL Legend - Dallas Texans)
Phil Amos (Birmingham Vulcans)

Darrell Green (Mexico City Diablos)

Levon Kirkland (Washington Sentinels)

Steve Emtman (Seattle Orcas)

Steve Largent (NAFL Legend - Seattle Orcas)

Shannon Sharpe (Montreal Alouettes)

Tiki Barber (New Mexico Rattlers)

Daunte Culpepper (Minnesota Vikings)

Irving Fryar (NAFL Legend - Indianapolis Racers)

Edgerrin James (Indianapolis Racers)

Lincoln Kennedy (Atlanta Falcons)

Michael Strahan (New York Giants)

Season 19 (January 7-18, 2002) at Pat Sajak's House in Los Angeles, CA

(Note: This Tournament was played using the New Press Your Luck 2002 PC Game from Hasbro Interactive as NAFL Players play from their Homes via Satellite as they paired up with a Lucky Home Viewer for Cash and Prizes)

Winner: Kurt Warner (Defending Tournament Winner - Dallas Texans)
1st runner-up: Jerome Bettis (Los Angeles Rams)
2nd runner-up: John Riggins (NAFL Legend - New York Jets)
Claud Anthony (San Jose Surge)

Tim Brown (Chicago Bears)

Ahman Green (Seattle Orcas)

Edgerrin James (Indianapolis Racers)

Shannon Sharpe (Montreal Alouettes)

Brian Urlacher (Chicago Bears)

Tiki Barber (New Mexico Rattlers)

Anthony Calvillo (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Ron Dayne (New York Giants)

Howie Long (NAFL Legend - Winnipeg Bombers)

Christopher Spears (Toronto Huskies)

Emmitt Smith (NAFL Legend - Hartford Breakers)