Viva Piñata (Season 3) (Johnsonverse)

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The third season of Viva Piñata premiered on September 15, 2018.

The first season produced since 2008, the series saw several changes. While the second season opening and closing themes were retained, the opening was completely reanimated, and now features clips from the third season's first seven episodes, as the animation quality had significantly improved.

In addition, the human characters from the games such as Leafos, Seedos, and Stardos made their debut as recurring characters. A new Fourheads character, named Frances, Felix, Fernando, and Fatima (voiced by Rebecca Honig, Jason Griffith, Eric Stuart, and Lisa Ortiz, respectively), was introduced.

This season was made in promotion of the video game Viva Piñata: Exploration Sensation, released on the same day the season premiered; new piñata from that game, as well as piñata from Trouble in Paradise, were also introduced in the series.


  1. A New Fergy (written by Tim Johnson) - After getting hit in the head by a Ruffian, Fergy suddenly wants to go to a party, much to the dismay of Paulie, who attempts to stop him from reaching the Cannoñata.
  2. Les!?!? (written by Tim Johnson) - After the other piñata get fed up with Les' antics, he must let them see that he's the one solving their problems.
  3. Leafos Goes Too Far (written by Tim Johnson) - Leafos must atone for all the gossip about Hudson that she told.
  4. Rain (written by Tim Johnson) - During a rainy day, Franklin is dismayed that he can't surf. The other piñata attempt to cheer him up.