1906 MLB season (Jayverse)

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The 1906 MLB Season is the 6th Season for Major League Baseball

Notable Draft Choices

St. Louis Browns draft Bill Bailey (SP)

Chicago White Sox draft Babe Borton (1B)

Cincinnati Reds draft Roy Brown (SP)

Chicago White Sox draft Chief Chouneau (SP)

Cleveland Indians draft Jay Kirke (SS)

Boston Red Sox draft Duffy Lewis (LF)

Brooklyn Dodgers draft Jeff Pfeffer (SP)

St. Louis Browns draft Del Pratt (2B)

Brooklyn Dodgers draft Al Scheer (2B)

Final Standings

AL: Boston Red Sox (106-56), Detroit TIgers (97-65), Cleveland Indians (83-79), New York Yankees (82-80), Washington Senators (79-83), Philadelphia Athletics (70-92), St. Louis Browns (66-96), Chicago White Sox (65-97)

NL: Pittsburgh Pirates (93-69), Boston Braves (91-71), Chicago Cubs (90-72), St. Louis Cardinals (82-80), New York Giants (81-81), Cincinnati Reds (74-88), Brooklyn Dodgers (71-91), Philadelphia Phillies (66-96)

World Series: Pittsburgh Pirates def. Boston Red Sox 4-3

League Leaders

Batting Average - Ty Cobb (DET) .362

Home Runs - Frank Foutz (NYG) 12

RBI - Ramon Camacho (NYY) 81

Stolen Bases - Ty Cobb (DET) 55

OBP+Slugging % - Ty Cobb (DET) .871

ERA - Rube Waddell (CLE) 1.55

Wins - BIll Donovan (BOS) 29

Strikeouts - Rube Waddell (CLE) 305