1951 MLB season (Jayverse)

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The 1951 MLB Season is the 51st Season for Major League Baseball


Major League Baseball Added Four Teams (2 Teams in Each League) with the addition of the Dallas Rangers and the Seattle Rainiers to the American League and the Washington Nationals and the Los Angeles Knights to the National League ushering the start of Divisional Play

American League

East: Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Athletics, New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Buckeyes, Baltimore Orioles

West: San Francisco Seals, Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Monarchs, Los Angeles Angels, Seattle Rainiers, Dallas Rangers

National League

East: Atlanta Braves, Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Nationals

West: Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, Minnesota Twins, Cincinnati Reds, Milwaukee Brewers, Los Angeles Knights

Top Draft Choices

Ted Abernathy (SP) - Washington Nationals

Ed Bouchee (1B) - Philadelphia Phillies

Bob Bruce (SP) - Detroit Tigers

Arnold Earley (RP) - Boston Red Sox

John Easton (LF) - Philadelphia Phillies

Carroll Hardy (LF) - Cincinnati Reds

Joe Hicks (LF) - Chicago White Sox

Ken Johnson (SP) - Philadelphia Athletics

Paul Jones (RP) - Pittsburgh Pirates

Bill Kern (LF) - Philadelphia Athletics

Don Lassetter (CF) - St. Louis Cardinals

Charlie Lau (C) - Detroit Tigers

Ramon Monzant (SP) - New York Giants

Final Standings

AL East: Boston Red Sox (108-58), Baltimore Orioles (97-69), New York Yankees (87-79), Cleveland Buckeyes (86-80), Philadelphia Athletics (82-84), Detroit Tigers (60-106)

AL West: San Francisco Seals (112-54), Kansas City Monarchs (101-65), Chicago White Sox (91-75), Los Angeles Angels (70-96), Seattle Rainiers (55-111), Dallas Rangers (47-119)

NL East: Atlanta Braves (95-71), New York Giants (88-78), Philadelphia Phillies (87-79), Brooklyn Dodgers (84-82), Pittsburgh Pirates (77-89), Washington Nationals (61-105)

NL West: Chicago Cubs (103-63), Minnesota Twins (100-66), St. Louis Cardinals (98-68), Cincinnati Reds (83-83), Milwaukee Brewers (77-89), Los Angeles Knights (43-123)

ALCS: San Francisco def. Boston 4-0

NLCS: Chicago Cubs def. Atlanta 4-0

WS: Chicago Cubs def. San Francisco 4-1

League Leaders

Batting Average - Mickey Mantle (BOS) .338

Home Runs - Ken Landenberger (PIT) 33

RBI - Mickey Mantle (BOS) 111

Stolen Bases - Art Pennington (BRO) 31

OBP + Slugging % - Mickey Mantle (BOS) .981

ERA - Alejandro Araujo (PHI) 2.24

Wins - Ferry Keunen (BOS) 23

Strikeouts - Dave Cole (ATL) 258