1951 NFL Season (Jayverse)

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The 1951 NFL season was the 32nd regular season of the National Football League. Prior to the season, Baltimore Colts owner Abraham Watner faced financial difficulties, and thus gave his team and its player contracts back to the league for $50,000. However, many Baltimore fans started to protest the loss of their team. Supporting groups such as its fan club and its marching band remained in operation and worked for the team's revival (which eventually led to a new Baltimore team in 1953).

In addition to the Baltimore Colts, The New York Yanks have folded as well however the National Football League had a surprise move to put a team in Canada to expand the game up North as the Toronto Huskies joined the NFL for the 1951 Season in which they acquired a team of Unexperienced Players and acquired Al Dekdebrun (QB), Ulysses Curtis (RB), Bill Bass (FB), Ed Hirsch (C) and Nick Volpe (K) from the CFL's Argonauts

Final Standings

American: Cleveland Browns (10-2), New York Giants (7-5), Chicago Cardinals (7-5), Philadelphia Eagles (6-6), Washington Capitals (4-8), Pittsburgh Steelers (2-10)

National: Los Angeles Rams (10-2), San Francisco 49ers (9-3), Detroit Lions (8-4), Green Bay Packers (6-6), Chicago Bears (2-10), Toronto Huskies (1-11)

American Championship: Cleveland def. NY Giants 34-13

National Championhip: LA Rams def. San Francisco 75-45

Championship Game: LA Rams def. Cleveland 49-24

Pro Bowl: National def. American 17-13

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Norm Van Brocklin (Los Angeles) 4,419

Passing Touchdowns - Norm Van Brocklin (Los Angeles) 46

Passing Rating - Norm Van Brocklin (Los Angeles) 136.4

Rushing Yards - Ken Carpenter (Cleveland) 1,457

Receiving Yards - Billy Wilson (San Francisco) 1,375

Points Scored - Michael Goodson (Los Angeles) 111

Tackles - Jack Christiansen (Detroit) 121

Sacks - Fred Wallner (Chicago Cards) 9

Interceptions - Herb Rich (Los Angeles) 6