1952 NFL Season (Jayverse)

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The 1952 NFL season was the 33rd regular season of the National Football League.

Rookie Draft

After the Toronto Huskies finished with a 1-11 Record from Last Year they will try their hand of getting a Top Pick to get RB Ollie Matson from San Francisco, Pittsburgh picking second selected FB Ed Modzelewski from Maryland, And the Chicago Cardinals picking 3rd selected QB Vito "Babe" Parilli from Kentucky, RB Jim Dooley was chosen by the Washington Capitals as the 4th Pick selected in the draft and the Eagles round out the Top 5 to select SS Steven Reid

Other Selections occuring in the Draft are as follows

Green Bay Packers draft Billy Howton (WR)

Chicago Cardinals draft Johnny Karras (RB)

Detroit Lions draft Yale Lary (FS)

New York Giants draft Frank Gifford (RB)

San Francisco 49ers draft Hugh McElhenny (RB)

Cleveland Browns draft Bert Rechichar (CB)

Los Angeles Rams draft Duane Putnam (G)

Toronto Huskies draft Harry Lampman (WR)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Billy "Night Train" Lane (CB)

Chicago Bears draft Fred Williams (DT)

Washington Capitals draft Bill George (LB)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Lum Snyder (T)

Green Bay Packers draft Bobby Dillon (FS)

Chicago Cardinals draft Pete Brewster (WR)

Detroit Lions draft Pat Summerall (DE)

New York Giants draft Ray Beck (G)

San Francisco 49ers draft Bob Toneff (DT)

Cleveland Browns draft Roy Hayes (LB)

Los Angeles Rams draft Volney "Skeet" Quinlan (RB)

Final Standings

American Conference: Cleveland Browns (9-3), New York Giants (8-4), Washington Capitals (7-5), Pittsburgh Steelers (5-7), Philadelphia Eagles (3-9), Chicago Cardinals (3-9)

National Conference: Los Angeles Rams (8-4), Detroit Lions (8-4), Green Bay Packers (7-5), Chicago Bears (6-6), Toronto Huskies (5-7), San Francisco 49ers (3-9)

American Championship: Cleveland def. NY Giants 28-10

National Championhip: LA Rams def. Detroit 34-10

NFL Championship: LA Rams def. Cleveland 62-21

Pro Bowl: National def. American 24-22

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Norm Van Brocklin (LA Rams) 3,215

Passing TD's - YA Tittle (San Francisco) 21

Passing Rating - Norm Van Brocklin (LA Rams) 82.6

Rushing Yards - Frank Gifford (NY Giants) 1,510

Receiving Yards - Billy Wilson (San Francisco) 1,319

Total Points - Geraldo Wilson (Cleveland) 104

Tackles - Walt Michaels (Green Bay) 123

Sacks - Everett Jones (Pittsburgh) 13

Interceptions - Bobby Dillon (Green Bay), Neil Farris (Washington) & Night Train Lane (Pittsburgh) 4