1953 NFL Season (Jayverse)

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The 1953 NFL season was the 34th regular season of the National Football League.

With the League Expecting to expand to 16 Teams for the 1956 Season, Lamar Hunt buys the Chicago Cardinals and relocates the team to Dallas, TX and Became the Dallas Texans

Meanwhile, a Baltimore, Maryland, group headed by Carroll Rosenbloom was granted an expansion team for the 1956 Season. The new team was named the Baltimore Colts, after the previous team that folded after the 1950 season will be assigned to the National Conference meanwhile the league is expecting to have bids for the remaining 3 franchises for the upcoming 1956 Season however one franchise will include a team from Canada which will be assigned to the American Conference with Montreal getting the right to enter the NFL for 1956, So the National Conference could be down to Atlanta, Boston, Buffalo, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Louisville, Miami, New Orleans, St. Louis and Seattle.

Rookie Draft Selections

The San Francisco 49ers got the First Choice on taking WR Harry Babcock from Georgia, Dallas Texans have their Second Pick in the Draft and chose Harley Sewell (G) from Texas, Maryland QB Jack Scarbath gets the third pick to the Philadelphia Eagles, While the Pittsburgh Steelers pick Detroit Mercy QB Ted Marchibroda as the 4th pick chosen in the draft then Toronto nabbed FB Johnny Olszewski from California to round out the Top 5.

Other Picks Chosen are as follows:

Chicago Bears draft Doug Atkins (DE)

Washington Capitals draft Dick Modzelewski (DT)

Green Bay Packerrs draft Al Carmichael (RB)

Detroit LIons draft Gene Gedman (RB)

New York Giants draft Ed Barker (WR)

Cleveland Browns draft Fred Bruney (CB)

Los Angeles Rams draft Rudy Bukich (QB)

San Francisco 49ers draft Bob St. Clair (T)

Dallas Texans draft Bill Forester (LB)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Jess Richardson (DT)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft John Henry Johnson (RB)

Toronto Huskies draft Geoff Crain (QB)

Chicago Bears draft Joe Schmidt (LB)

Washington Capitals draft Paul Schultz (TE)

Green Bay Packers draft Jim RIngo (C)

Detroit Lions draft Charlie Ane (T)

New York Giants draft Rosey Brown (T)

Cleveland Browns draft Gern Nagler (WR)

Los Angeles Rams draft Tom Scott (DE)


American Conference: Cleveland Browns (7-5), New York Giants (7-5), Washington Capitals (7-5), Pittsburgh Steelers (5-7), Dallas Texans (4-8), Philadelphia Eagles (3-9)

National Conference: San Francisco 49ers (9-3), Detroit Lions (8-4), Green Bay Packers (7-5), Los Angeles Rams (7-5), Chicago Bears (6-6), Toronto Huskies (2-10)


American Conference: NY Giants def. Cleveland 31-14

National Conference: San Francisco def. Detroit 37-10

NFL Championship: San Francisco def. NY Giants 38-34

Pro Bowl: American def. National 28-21

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Norm Van Brocklin (LA Rams) 4281

Passing Touchdowns - Norm Van Brocklin (LA Rams) 35

Passing Ratings - Norm Van Brocklin (LA Rams) 117.9

Rushing Yards - Frank Gifford (NY Giants) 1395

Reciving Yards - Tom Fears (LA Rams) 1441

Total Points - Phillip Jones (LA Rams) 105

Tackles - Bill George (Washington) 98

Sacks - Doug Atkins (Chicago) & Len Ford (Cleveland) 13

Interceptions - Ace Loomis (Green Bay) 6