1954 NFL Season (Jayverse)

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The 1954 NFL season was the 35th regular season of the National Football League.

Rookie Draft

The Toronto Huskies got the Top Pick to draft QB Bobby Garrett from Stanford, The Philadelphia Eagles got the 2nd pick to draft Neil Worden (FB) from Notre Dame, Dallas Texans took the 3rd pick to draft Baylor QB Cotton Davidson, Notre Dame RB Johnny Lattner was chosen to the Pittsburgh Steelers for Pick #4, Then Stan Wallace (SS) from Illinois rounds out the Top 5 as he heads to Chicago to play for the Bears

Other Picks selected in the Draft are as follows

Los Angeles Rams draft Jerry Norton (CB)

Green Bay Packers draft Art Hunter (C)

Washington Redskins draft Jim Schrader (C)

Cleveland Browns draft Chet Hanulak (RB)

Detroit Lions draft Bill Bowman (FB)

New York Giants draft Dick Nolan (FS)

San Francisco 49ers draft Bernie Faloney (QB)

Toronto Huskies draft Dick Shatto (RB)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Billy Wade (QB)

Dallas Texans draft Lamar McHan (QB)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Paul Cameron (CB)

Green Bay Packers draft Max McGee (WR)

Washington Redskins draft Joe Scudero (CB)

Detroit Lions draft Bill Stits (SS)

New York Giants draft Jackie Parker (QB)

San Francisco 49ers draft Ted Connolly (G)

Dallas Texans draft Raymond Berry (WR)


American: New York Giants (7-5), Washington Capitals (7-5), Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5), Philadelphia Eagles (6-6), Cleveland Browns (5-7), Dallas Texans (4-8)

National: Detroit Lions (9-3), Los Angeles Rams (7-5), Chicago Bears (6-6), Toronto Huskies (6-6), San Francisco 49ers (4-8), Green Bay Packers (4-8)

American Championship: New York Giants def. Washington Capitals 21-10

National Championship: Detroit Lions def. Los Angeles Rams 31-17

NFL Championship: New York Giants def. Detroit Lions 31-14

Pro Bowl: National def. American 24-12

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Bob Celeri (Pittsburgh) 3,944

Passing Touchdowns - Norm Van Brocklin (LA Rams) 34

Passing Rating - Norrm Van Brocklin (LA Rams) 128.3

Rushing Yards - Frank Gifford (NY Giants) 1,402

Receiving Yards - Tom Fears (LA Rams) 1,595

Total Points - Sanford Brown (Pittsburgh) 117

Tackles - Ivan Wilson (San Francisco) 104

Sacks - Patrick McGrath (Detroit) 12

Interceptions - Bert Rechichar (Cleveland) 6