1956 NFL Season (Jayverse)

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The 1956 NFL season was the 37th regular season of the National Football League.

Expanding the NFL to 16 Teams

And So The NFL had expanded to 16 Teams however has NFL has officially added a team in Montreal to the AFC, And will be called the Montreal Beavers in the AFC East with the AFC West adding a team from Denver, CO to be called the Broncos and will be owned by Bob Howsam

In the NFC: 2 Teams were added in the west as the Baltimore Colts and the St. Louis Gunners joined the League

Rookie Draft

The Toronto Huskies made their first pick to draft FS Gary Glick, The 2nd Draft Pick went to San Francisco and chose QB Earl Morrall from Michigan State, Pittsburgh Steelers made their 3rd pick to draft FS Art Davis from Mississippi State, The 4th Pick went to the Philadelphia Eagles they get LB Bob Pellegrini from Maryland.

Other Picks Chosen are

Green Bay Packers draft Forrest Gregg (T)

Detroit Lions draft Howard Cassady (RB)

Cleveland Browns draft Preston Carpenter (WR)

St. Louis Gunners draft Lenny Moore (RB)

New York Giants draft Henry Moore (SS)

Washington Capitals draft Pete Retzlaff (WR)

Los Angeles Rams draft Joe Marconi (FB)

Toronto Huskies draft Phil Muntz (FB)

San Francisco 49ers draft Bruce Bosley (C)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Joe Krupa (DT)

Montreal Beavers draft Tommy Grant (WR)

Green Bay Packers draft Bob Skoronski (T)

Detroit Lions draft Jerry Reichow (WR)

Dallas Texans draft Don McIlhenny (RB)

Baltimore Colts draft Bill Koman (G)

New York Giants draft Sam Huff (LB)

Chicago Bears draft J.C. Caroline (CB)

Washington Capitals draft John Paluck (DE)

Los Angeles Rams draft Leon Clarke (WR)

Final Standings

AFC East: New York Giants (9-5), Montreal Beavers (7-7), Philadelphia Eagles (6-8), Washington Capitals (5-9)

AFC West: Dallas Texans (10-4), Pittsburgh Steelers (8-6), Denver Broncos (8-6), Cleveland Browns (7-7)

NFC East: Green Bay Packers (9-5), Chicago Bears (9-5), Detroit Lions (7-7), Toronto Huskies (3-11)

NFC West: Los Angeles Rams (11-3), San Francisco 49ers (9-5), St. Louis Gunners (4-10), Baltimore Colts (0-14)

AFC Semi-Final: Denver def. Dallas 29-26, Pittsburgh def. New York 20-6

NFC Semi-Final: San Francisco def. LA Rams 21-17, Green Bay def. Chicago 33-27

AFC Championship: Green Bay def. San Francisco 42-35

NFC Championship: Pittsburgh def. Denver 34-17

NFL Championship: Green Bay def. Pittsburgh 26-23

Pro Bowl: National def. American 34-31

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Johnny Unitas (Montreal) 4,159

Passing Touchdowns - Norm Van Brocklin (Los Angeles) 32

Passing Rating - Norm Van Brocklin (Los Angeles) 111.8

Rushing Yards - Lenny Moore (St. Louis) 1,559

Receiving Yards - Ken MacAfee (Philadelphia) 1,587

Total Points - Jimmie Winstead (St. Louis) 123

Tackles - Jack Christiansen (Detroit) 116

Sacks - Thomas Giles (Los Angeles) 17

Interceptions - Michael Whatley (Los Angeles) 6