1957 NFL Season (Jayverse)

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The 1957 NFL season was the 38th regular season of the National Football League.

Rookie Draft

The Baltimore Colts got their first pick to get Jim Parker (G) from Ohio State, Then on the 2nd Pick of the 1957 NFL Draft the Toronto Huskies select Florida T John Barrow as their 2nd Choice, The St. Louis Gunners went 3rd to Select QB Len Dawson from Purdue, The Washington Capitals fetched FB Don Bosseler from Miami (FL) as the 4th pick in the Rookie Draft and The Philadelphia Eagles round out the Top 5 to Select FB Clarence Peaks from Michigan State

Other Picks taken in the Draft were

Cleveland Browns draft Jim Brown (FB)

Detroit Lions draft John Gordy (G)

New York Giants draft Del Shofner (WR)

Chicago Bears draft Earl Leggett (DT)

Dallas Texans draft Jerry Tubbs (LB)

Los Angeles Rams draft Jon Arnett (RB)

Denver Broncos draft Ron Kramer (WR)

San Francisco 49ers draft John Brodie (QB)

Green Bay Packers draft Paul Hornung (RB)

Baltimore Colts draft Andy Nelson (FS)

Toronto Huskies draft Ken Ploen (QB)

St. Louis Gunners draft Sonny Jurgensen (QB)

Washington Capitals draft Jim Podoley (RB)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Billy Ray Barnes (RB)

Cleveland Browns draft Milt Plum (QB)

Detroit Lions draft Terry Barr (RB)

New York Giants draft Billy Ray Smith Sr. (DT)

Dallas Texans draft Jack Pardee (LB)

Los Angeles Rams draft Lamar Lundy (DE)

San Francisco 49ers draft Mike Sandusky (G)

Green Bay Packers draft Henry Jordan (DT)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Tommy McDonald (WR)

Final Standings

AFC East: New York Giants (9-5), Montreal Beavers (8-6), Philadelphia Eagles (4-10), Washington Capitals (4-10)

AFC West: Dallas Texans (13-1), Cleveland Browns (9-5), Pittsburgh Steelers (5-9), Denver Broncos (4-10)

NFC East: Chicago Bears (9-5), Detroit Lions (9-5), Toronto Huskies (6-8), Green Bay Packers (5-9)

NFC West: Los Angeles Rams (9-5), San Francisco 49ers (7-7), Baltimore Colts (7-7), St. Louis Gunners (4-10)

Conference Semi-Finals

AFC: Dallas def. Montreal 42-9, Cleveland def. NY Giants 26-16

NFC: Chicago def. San Francisco 27-23, Detroit def. LA Rams 41-20

Conference Finals

AFC: Cleveland def. Dallas 24-23

NFC: Detroit def. Chicago 27-10

NFL Championship: Detroit def. Cleveland 38-16

Pro Bowl: NFC def. AFC 27-7

League Leaders

Passing Yards: Len Dawson (St. Louis) 3,884

Passing Touchdowns: Len Dawson (St. Louis) 32

Passing Rating: Dusty Her (Dallas) 97.1

Rushing Yards: Lenny Moore (St. Louis) 1,520

Receiving Yards: Raymond Berry (Dallas) 1,565

Total Points: John Willis (St. Louis) 118

Tackles: Walt Michaels (Green Bay) 114

Sacks: Darryl Barajas (San Francisco) 14

Interceptions: Bert Rechichar (Cleveland) & Ivan Wilson (San Francisco) 6