1959 NFL Season (Jayverse)

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The 1959 NFL season was the 40th regular season of the National Football League.

Rookie Draft Results

The Chicago Bears got the Top Pick in the 1959 NFL Draft to get Tulane FS Richie Petitbon

Other Selections in the Draft

Toronto Huskies draft Dick LeBeau (CB)

St. Louis Gunners draft Eddie Meador (FS)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Tom Barnett (RB)

Montreal Beavers draft Doug MacKenzie (FB)

Philadelphia Eagles draft JD Smith (T)

San Francisco 49ers draft Dave Baker (FS)

New York Giants draft Lee Grosscup (QB)

Green Bay Packers draft Alex Hawkins (RB)

Los Angeles Rams draft Paul Dickson (DT)

Detroit LIons draft Nick Pietrosante (FB)

Dallas Texans draft Joe Robb (DE)

Cleveland Browns draft Dave Lloyd (LB)

Chicago Bears draft Lionel Taylor (WR)

Baltimore Colts draft Art Powell (WR)

Washington Capitals draft Emil Karas (LB)

San Francisco 49ers draft Eddie Dove (SS)

New York Giants draft Buddy Dial (WR)

Green Bay Packers draft Boyd Dowler (WR)

Los Angeles Rams draft John Tracey (LB)

Final Standings

AFC East: Montreal Beavers (8-6), New York Giants (8-6), Washington Capitals (7-7), Philadelphia Eagles (2-12)

AFC West: Pittsburgh Steelers (8-6), Dallas Texans (8-6), Denver Broncos (8-6), Cleveland Browns (3-11)

NFC East: Toronto Huskies (8-6), Green Bay Packers (7-7), Chicago Bears (6-8), Detroit Lions (5-9)

NFC West: St. Louis Gunners (10-4), San Francisco 49ers (8-6), Baltimore Colts (8-6), Los Angeles Rams (8-6)

Conference Semi-Finals

AFC: Montreal def. NY Giants 42-23, Dallas def. Pittsburgh 23-3

NFC: LA Rams def. St. Louis 31-27, Toronto def. San Francisco 17-9

Conference Finals

AFC: Dallas def. Montreal 38-31

NFC: Toronto def. LA Rams 30-28

NFL Championship: Toronto def. Dallas 18-10

Pro Bowl: American def. National 38-17

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Norm Van Brocklin (LA Rams) 3,961

Passing TD's - Johnny Unitas (Montreal) 33

Passing Rating - Len Dawson (St. Louis) 96.6

Rushing Yards - Lenny Moore (St. Louis) 1,384

Receiving Yarrds - Kyle Rote (LA Rams) 1,648

Total Points - Sanford Brown (Pittsburgh) 124

Tackles - Walt Michaels (Green Bay) 120

Sacks - Jason Stout (Pittsburgh) 16

Interceptions - Harold Lewis (Montreal) & Dicky Moegle (San Francisco) 6