1961 NFL Season (Jayverse)

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The 1961 NFL season was the 42nd regular season of the National Football League (NFL).

The 1961 NFL Rookie Draft

The Washington Capitals took their first choice to Select QB Norm Snead from Wake Forest, Denver Broncos went 2nd and nabbed RB Bob Gaiters from New Mexico State, Georgia QB Fran Tarkenton selected to the Atlanta Falcons as the 3rd pick in the draft, USC LB Marlin McKeever took the 4th pick to the LA Rams and Jim Tyrer (T) out of Ohio State was chosen as the 5th pick to the Kansas City Kings

Other Picks selected in the Draft

Vancouver Lumberjacks draft Bob Lilly (DT)

Detroit Lions draft Dan LaRose (T)

Miami Dolphins draft Myron Pottios (LB)

Buffalo Bills draft Ken Rice (T)

Oakland Raiders draft Joe Rutgens (DT)

Green Bay Packers draft Herb Adderley (CB)

Montreal Beavers draft Jimmy Johnson (CB)

Baltimore Colts draft Tom Matte (RB)

Cleveland Browns draft Bobby Crespino (WR)

Dallas Texans draft EJ Holub (LB)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Art Baker (FB)

Chicago Bears draft Mike Ditka (TE)

New York Giants draft Ben Davidson (DE)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Dick Hoak (RB)

Los Angeles Chargers draft Deacon Jones (DE)

Boston Patriots draft Tommy Mason (RB)

San Francisco 49ers draft Bernie Casey (RB)

New York Titans draft Tom Brown (LB)

Calgary Stampeders draft Gerry Patrick (G)

Denver Broncos draft Jerry Hill (RB)

Atlanta Falcons draft Billy Shaw (G)

Los Angeles Rams draft Charley Cowan (T)

Kansas City Chiefs draft Jerry Mays (DE)

Vancouver Lumberjacks draft Houston Antwine (DT)

Detroit Lions draft Earl Faison (DE)

Buffalo Bills draft Stew Barber (T)

Oakland Raiders draft George Fleming (RB)

Green Bay Packers draft Ron Kostelnik (DT)

Baltimore Colts draft Tom Gilburg (T)

Cleveland Browns draft Charley Ferguson (WR)

Dallas Texans draft Glynn Gregory (WR)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Ron McDole (DE)

Chicago Bears draft Bill Brown (RB)

New York Giants draft Greg Larson (C)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Red Mack (TE)

Los Angeles Chargers draft Keith Lincoln (FB)

Boston Patriots draft Larry Eisenhauer (DE)

New York Titans draft Joe Scibelli (G)

Final Standings

National Football League

Capital: New York Giants (9-5), Montreal Beavers (8-8), Philadelphia Eagles (4-10), Washington Capitals (3-11)

Century: Green Bay Packers (9-5), Detroit Lions (7-7), Chicago Bears (6-8), Toronto Huskies (5-9)

Coastal: St. Louis Gunners (12-2), San Francisco 49ers (8-6), Baltimore Colts (6-8), Los Angeles Rams (5-9)

Central: Pittsburgh Steelers (9-5), Cleveland Browns (8-6), Dallas Texans (7-7), Denver Broncos (6-8)

American Football League

East: Boston Patriots (10-4), Atlanta Falcons (9-5), New York Titans (8-6), Miami Dolphins (7-7), Buffalo Bills (6-8)

West: Los Angeles Chargers (10-4), Oakland Raiders (6-8), Kansas City Kings (5-9), Calgary Stampeders (5-9), Vancouver Lumberjacks (4-10)

League Semi-Finals

AFL: Boston def. NY Titans 34-17, Atlanta def. LA Chargers 33-29

NFL: Pittsburgh def. St. Louis 29-14, NY Giants def. Green Bay 37-27

League Finals

AFL: Atlanta def. Boston 34-20

NFL: NY Giants def. Pittsburgh 21-7

World Championship: Atlanta def. NY Giants 38-35

Pro Bowl: NFL def. AFL 49-42

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Ulysses Graf (Kansas City) 4,530

Passing TD's - Bart Starr (LA Chargers) 42

Passing Rating - Bart Starr (LA Chargers) 120.3

Rushing Yards - Lenny Moore (St. Louis) 1,631

Receiving Yards - Raymond Berry (Dallas) 1,686

Total Points - Geraldo Wilson (Montreal) 140

Tackles - Allan Anderson (Oakland) 131

Sacks - Darryl Barajas (Dallas) 15

Interceptioons - Juan McLaurin (NY Titans) 7