1962 MLB season (Jayverse)

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The 1962 MLB Season is the 62nd Season for Major League Baseball

Expanding to 32 Teams in '62

Major League Baseball adds 8 more teams for the '62 season as the AL East expanded to Canada by putting a Team in Toronto, ON to be called the Blue Jays as for the Philadelphia Athletics have relocated to Miami, FL and left the AL East to join the AL South by adding 2 teams in New Orleans, LA (Pelicans) and Oklahoma City, OK (89ers) and the AL West to Portland, OR by bringing the Portland Beavers from AAA

The National League added only one team from the south by adding the Tampa Bay Rays while the remaining three are from the Western Division by adding the Denver Rockies, Oakland Panthers and the San Diego Padres.

Rookie Selections

Steve Carlton (SP) - Philadelphia Phillies

Carmen Fanzone (3B) - Boston Red Sox

Skip Guinn (SP) - Atlanta Braves

Hiroshi Kito (RP) - Los Angeles Knights

Marcel Lachemann (RP) - Kansas City Monarchs

Ray Lamb (RP) - Los Angeles Knights

Josh LeVan (CL) - Miami Athletics

Celerino Sanchez (3B) - New York Yankees

Tom Seaver (SP) - New York Giants

John Briggs (CF) - Philadelphia Phillies

Sam Koone (SP) - Milwaukee Brewers

Billy McCool (SP) - Cincinnati Reds

Jim Price (3B) - Pittsburgh Pirates

Chuck Dobson (SP) - Kansas City Monarchs

Rob Gardner (SP) - New York Yankees

Sparky Lyle (RP) - New York Yankees

Jim McAndrew (SP) - New York Giants

John Miller (3B) - New York Yankees

Final Standings

AL East: Baltimore Orioles (118-48), New York Yankees (106-60), Boston Red Sox (91-75), Toronto Blue Jays (61-105)

AL Central: Detroit Tigers (108-58), Cleveland Buckeyes (96-70), Chicago White Sox (92-74), Kansas City Monarchs (73-93)

AL South: Miami Athletics (75-91), Dallas Rangers (73-93), Oklahoma City 89ers (59-107), New Orleans Pelicans (43-124)

AL West: San Francisco Seals (104-62), Los Angeles Angels (97-69), Portland Beavers (71-95), Seattle Rainiers (62-104)

NL East: New York Giants (107-59), Brooklyn Dodgers (102-64), Philadelphia Phillies (90-76), Pittsburgh Pirates (64-102)

NL North: Milwaukee Brewers (103-53), Chicago Cubs (101-65), Minnesota Twins (100-66), Cincinnati Reds (93-73)

NL South: St. Louis Cardinals (113-53), Atlanta Braves (92-74), Tampa Bay Rays (61-105), Washington Nationals (55-111)

NL West: Oakland Panthers (74-92), Los Angeles Knights (73-93), Denverr Rockies (50-116), San Diego Padres (50-116)

ALSF: Baltimore def. Miami 3-0, San Francisco def. Detroit 3-1

NLSF: St. Louis def. Oakland 3-0, Milwaukee def. New York 3-1

ALCS: Baltimore def. San Francisco 4-1

NLCS: St. Louis def. Milwaukee 4-1

WS: St. Louis def. Baltimore 4-1

League Leaders

Batting Average - Deacon Jones (Atlanta) .363

Home Runs - Jim Hickman (St. Louis) 44

RBI - Boog Powell (Baltimore) & Jerry Lynch (St. Louis) 133

Stolen Bases - Moose Stubing (St. Louis) 36

OBP + Slugging % - Deacon Jones (Atlanta) 1.043

ERA - Kazuhisa Inao (Baltimore) 2.12

Wins - Kazuhisa Inao (Baltimore) 27

Strikeouts - Ed Albrecht (Chicago Cubss) 324