1962 NFL season (Jayverse)

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The 1962 NFL season was the 43rd regular season of the National Football League (NFL). Before the season, CBS signed a contract with the league to televise all regular-season games for a $4.65 million annual fee.

Major Rule Changes

  • Grabbing any player's facemask is prohibited


The Washington Capitals got their first pick in the NFL side of the Draft to Choose RB Ernie Davis from Syracuse while the first pick on the AFL Side went to the Vancouver Lumberjacks to select 2-Time Rose Bowl MVP QB Sandy Stephens from Minnesota

Other Selections taking place in the draft

Philadelphia Eagles draft Pete Case (G)

Toronto Huskies draft Nick Buoniconti (LB)

Los Angeles Rams draft Merlin Olsen (DT)

Calgary Stampeders draft Mick Tingelhoff (C)

Kansas City Chiefs draft Ronnie Bull (RB)

Chicago Bears draft Clyde Brock (T)

Oakland Raiders draft Roman Gabriel (QB)

Denver Broncos draft John McGeever (FS)

Baltimore Colts draft Wendell Harris (FS)

Buffalo Bills draft Glenn Glass (FS)

Miami Dolphins draft Billy Joe Booth (DE)

Dallas Texans draft Bill Miller (WR)

Detroit Lions draft John Hadl (QB)

Cleveland Browns draft Leroy Jackson (RB)

San Francisco 49ers draft Lance Alworth (WR)

New York Titans draft Fate Echols (T)

Green Bay Packers draft Earl Gros (FB)

Los Angeles Chargers draft Bob Ferguson (FB)

St. Louis Gunners draft Irv Goode (G)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Gary Ballman (WR)

Boston Patriots draft Gary Collins (WR)

New York Giants draft Bookie Bolin (G)

Vancouver Lumberjacks draft Roy Winston (LB)

Los Angeles Rams draft Joe Carollo (T)

Chicago Bears draft Bennie McRae (CB)

Baltimore Colts draft Bill Saul (LB)

Miami Dolphins draft Ed Blaine (G)

Dallas Texans draft Cornell Green (SS)

Detroit Lions draft Dan Birdwell (DT)

Cleveland Browns draft John Havlicek (WR)

New York Titans draft Tom Sestak (DT)

Green Bay Packerrs draft Ernie Green (RB)

Los Angeles Chargers draft Dick Hudson (T)

St. Louis Gunners draft Garland Boyette (LB)


National Football League

Capital: Montreal Beavers (11-3), New York Giants (9-5), Washington Capitals (3-11), Philadelphia Eagles (2-12)

Century: Toronto Huskies (9-5), Green Bay Packers (9-5), Detroit Lions (9-5), Chicago Bears (6-8)

Coastal: St. Louis Gunners (12-2), Baltimore Colts (7-7), San Francisco 49ers (6-8), Los Angeles Rams (5-9)

Central: Dallas Texans (9-5), Denver Broncos (6-8), Pittsburgh Steelers (5-9), Cleveland Browns (4-10)

American Football League

East: Miami Dolphins (10-4), Atlanta Falcons (8-6), Buffalo Bills (7-7), Boston Patriots (6-8), New York Titans (6-8)

West: Los Angeles Chargers (10-4), Kansas City Kings (8-6), Vancouver Lumberjacks (7-7), Oakland Raiders (6-8), Calgary Stampeders (2-12)

AFL Semi-Finals: Kansas City def. Miami 23-13, Atlanta def. LA Chargers 31-28

NFL Semi-Finals: St. Louis def. NY Giants 45-24, Montreal def. Toronto 17-10

AFL Championship: Atlanta def. Kansas City 13-10

NFL Championship: St. Louis def. Montreal 37-3

World Championship: St. Louis def. Atlanta 19-13

Pro Bowl: AFL def. NFL 23-16

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Ulysses Graf (Kansas City) 4077

Passing Touchdowns - Len Dawson (St. Louis) 36

Passing Rating - Brandon Howe (NY Giants) 111.5

Rushing Yards - Ernie Davis (Washington) 1385

Receiving Yards - Jason Carbone (Green Bay) 1545

Total Points - Joe Wayne (St. Louis) 138

Tackles - Wayne Walker (Montreal) 105

Sacks - Thomas Giles (San Francisco) 16

Interceptions - Carlos Ashcraft (St. Louis), Darrin Crutchfield (Denver), Eric Jordan (Dallas), Dicky Moegle (San Francisco) & S.J. Whitman (Dallas) 6