1964 NFL season (Jayverse)

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The 1964 NFL Season was the 45th Regular Season of the National Football League. Before the season begins, NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle reinstated Green Bay Packers CB Herb Adderley and Chicago Bears DE Doug Atkins, who had been suspended for the 1963 Season due to Gambling

Beginning this season, the home team in each game was allowed the option of wearing their white jerseys. Since 1957, league rules had mandated that the visiting team wear white and the home team wear colored jerseys. The NFL also increased the regular season roster limit from 37 to 40 active players, which would remain unchanged for a decade.


The Los Angeles Rams got the top pick in the 1964 NFL Draft to take WR Dave Parks from Texas Tech, Nebraska T Bob Brown was chosen by the Philadelphia Eagles as the 2nd pick in the NFL Draft meanwhile in the AFL Boston College QB Jack Concannon was selected as the #1 Pick the '64 AFL Draft by the Miami Dolphins

Other Rookies Chosen in the Draft

Vancouver Lumberjacks draft Dick Aldridge (LB)

Oakland Raiders draft Tony Lorick (RB)

Cleveland Browns draft Paul Warfield (WR)

Baltimore Colts draft Marv Woodson (SS)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Paul Martha (FS)

Washington Capitals draft Charley Taylor (WR)

Chicago Bears draft Dick Evey (DT)

San Francisco 49ers draft Dave Wilcox (LB)

Green Bay Packers draft Lloyd Voss (DE)

Denver Broncos draft Matt Snorton (TE)

Detroit Lions draft Pete Beathard (QB)

Dallas Texans draft Scott Appleton (DT)

Kansas City Kings draft Bill Martin (TE)

Boston Patriots draft Jim Kelly (TE)

Buffalo Bills draft Carl Eller (DE)

New York Titans draft Matt Snell (RB)

St. Louis Gunners draft Ken Kortas (DT)

New York Giants draft Joe Don Looney (RB)

Toronto Huskeis draft Barry Mitchelson (TE)

Montreal Beavers draft Al Irwin (WR)

Los Angeles Chargers draft Ted Davis (LB)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Al Denson (WR)

Vancouver Lumberrjacks draft Mel Renfro (CB)

Oakland Raiders draft Dan Conners (LB)

Cleveland Browns draft Leroy Kelly (RB)

Baltimore Colts draft Kenny Graham (FS)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Ben McGee (DE)

Washington Capitals draft Paul Krause (FS)

Chicago Bears draft Sid Blanks (RB)

San Francisco 49errs draft Hagood Clarke (SS)

Green Bay Packers draft Ode Burrell (RB)

Denver Broncos draft Wally Hilgenberg (LB)

Detroit Lions draft Gerry Philbin (DE)

Dallas Cowboys draft Bob Hayes (WR)

Kansas City Kings draft Tom Keating (DT)

Boston Patriots draft Jon Morris (C)

Buffalo Bills draft Butch Byrd (SS)

New York Titans draft Ralph Baker (LB)

New York Giants draft Steve Thurlow (RB)

Atlanta Falcons draft Len Hauss (C)

Los Angeles Chargers draft George Seals (G)

Detroit Lions draft Bill Parcells (T)

Dallas Texans draft Roger Staubach (QB)

Final Standings

National Football League

Capitol: Philadelphia Eagles (9-5), Washington Capitals (7-7), Montreal Beavers (7-7), New York Giants (4-10)

Century: Detroit LIons (8-6), Toronto Huskies (8-6), Green Bay Packers (6-8), Chicago Bears (6-8)

Coastal: Baltimore Colts (9-5), St. Louis Gunners (9-5), San Francisco 49ers (7-7), Los Angeles Rams (4-10)

Central: Dallas Texans (8-6), Pittsburgh Steelers (7-7), Cleveland Browns (7-7), Denver Broncos (6-8)

American Football League

East: Boston Patriots (9-5), Buffalo BIlls (9-5), Miami Dolphins (7-7), Atlanta Falcons (5-9), New York Titans (3-11)

West: Vancouver Lumberjacks (10-4), Kansas City Kings (9-5), Los Angeles Chagers (8-6), Calgary Stampeders (7-7), Oakland Raiders (3-13)


NFL Semi-Final: Detroit def. Baltimore 37-16, St. Louis def. Philadelphia 27-14

AFL Semi-Final: Boston def. Vancouver 34-18, Buffalo def. Kansas City 34-30

NFL Championship: St. Louis def. Detroit 31-13

AFL Championship: Buffalo def. Boston 24-10

World Football Championship: St. Louis def. Buffalo 47-20

Pro Bowl: NFL def. AFL 42-17

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Frank Ryan (Dallas) 4,398

Passing TD's - Sandy Stephens (Vancouver) 37

Passing Rating - Johnny Unitas (Montreal) 110.5

Rushing Yards - Graham Sanchez (Toronto) 1,378

Receiving Yards - Michael Carson (Buffalo) 1,643

Total Points - Leon Hitt (Dallas) 117

Tackles - Matthew Worsham (Calgary) 110

Sacks - Darryl Barajas (Dallas) 16

Interceptions - Mel Renfro (Vancouver) 7