1965 MLB season (Jayverse)

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The 1965 MLB Season is the 65th Season for Major League Baseball

A Second Baseball Team in Texas in the American League

The Seattle Rainiers moved to Houston, TX and became the Astros under a surprise move giving a second baseball in the Lone Star State in the American League under a Surprise Move, However they are all talks that the National League will have expansion in 1970 to put a team in San Antonio while the American League will get a replacement team Seattle coming in 1970 as well.

Rookie Draft Selections

Johnny Bench (C) - Cincinnati Reds

Bernie Carbo (3B) - Cincinnati Reds

Cliff Johnson (C) - Houston Astros

John Lowenstein (LF) - Cleveland Buckeyes

Norm McRae (SP) - Detroit Tigers

Don Money (SS) - San Diego Padres

Nolan Ryan (SP) - Los Angeles Angels

Charlie Sands (C) - New York Yankees

Loyd Colson (RP) - New York Yankees

Matt DiFabio (RP) - Kansas City Monarchs

Tom Hall (SP) - Minnesota Twins

Larry Hisle (LF) - Minnesota Twins

Bob Moose (SP) - Pittsburgh Pirates

Ken Singleton (RF) - Baltimore Orioles

Danny Walton (LF) - Houston Astros

Glenn Adams (RF) - Minnesota Twins

Bob Boone (C) - Philadelphia Phillies

Pat Bourque (1B) - Chicago Cubs

Final Standings

AL East: Baltimore Orioles (111-55), New York Yankees (95-71), Boston Red Sox (88-78), Toronto Blue Jays (66-100)

AL Central: Detroit Tigers (94-72), Chicago White Sox (88-78), Cleveland Buckeyes (83-83), Kansas City Monarchs (71-95)

AL South: Miami Athletics (94-72), Dallas Rangers (78-88), Oklahoma City 89ers (71-95), New Orleans Pelicans (58-108)

AL West: Los Angeles Angels (99-67), San Francisco Seals (94-72), Houston Astros (89-77), Portland Beavers (49-117)

NL East: Brooklyn Dodgers (95-71), Pittsburgh Pirates (94-72), Philadelphia Phillies (90-76), New York Giants (87-79)

NL North: Milwaukee Brewers (96-70), Chicago Cubs (92-74), Minnesota Twins (89-77), Cincinnati Reds (79-87)

NL South: Atlanta Braves (96-70), St. Louis Cardinals (93-73), Tampa Bay Rays (72-94), Washington Nationals (64-102)

NL West: Oakland Panthers (108-58), Los Angeles Knights (77-89), Denver Rockies (52-114), San Diego Padres (44-122)

League Leaders

Batting Average - Brant Alyea (Washington) .336

Home Runs - Norm Cash (Baltimore) 46

RBI - Orlando Cepeda (Boston) 128

Stolen Bases - Bob Saverine (Baltimore) 67

OBP + Slugging % - Deacon Jones (San Francisco) .951

ERA - Peter Yoder (Chicago Cubs) 2.11

Wins - Miguel Ortiz (LA Angels) & Phil Regan (Atlatna) 22

Strikeouts - Pedro Vagas (LA Angels) 270