1965 NFL season (Jayverse)

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The 1965 NFL season was the 46th regular season of the National Football League.


The New York Titans got the Top Draft Choice in this years event to select Alabama QB Joe Namath for the AFL followed by the Oakland Raiders getting T Harry Schuh from Memphis, The NFL had a Top Pick in the 1965 Draft as the Los Angeles Rams draft North Carolina RB Ken Wilalrd

Other Selected Picks being Taken

New York GIants draft Tucker Fredrickson (RB)

Atlanta Falcons draft Dave Austin (WR)

Chicago Bears draft Dick Butkus (LB)

Denver Broncos draft Glenn Ressler (G)

Green Bay Packers draft Al Dotson (DT)

San Francisco 49ers draft George Donnelly (FS)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Roy Jefferson (WR)

Cleveland Browns draft Jim Garcia (DE)

Washington Capitals draft Bob Breitenstein (T)

Los Angeles Chargers draft Steve DeLong (DE)

Dallas Texans draft Craig Morton (QB)

Toronto Huskies draft Jim Young (RB)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Al Nelson (SS)

Kansas City Kings draft Gale Sayers (RB)

Baltimore Colts draft Ralph Neely (T)

Vancouver Lumberjacks draft Bayne Norrie (RB)

Detroit Lions draft Tom Nowatzke (FB)

Boston Patriots draft Jerry Rush (DT)

St. Louis Gunners draft Dave Simmons (LB)

Buffalo Bills draft Al Atkinson (LB)

New York Titans draft Bob Schweickert (QB)

Oakland Raiders draft Fred Biletnikoff (WR)

New York Giants draft Spider Lockhart (FS)

Chicago Bears draft Jim Nance (RB)

Denver Broncos draft Norm Evans (T)

Green Bay Packers draft Jim Kearney (SS)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Tom Neville (T)

Cleveland Browns draft Walter Johnson (DT)

Montreal Beavers draft Jethro Pugh (DT)

Washington Capitals draft Verlon Biggs (DE)

Toronto Huskies draft Chris Hanburger (LB)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Jim Nettles (CB)

Kansas City Chiefs draft Mike Curtis (LB)

Baltimore Colts draft Marty Schottenheimer (LB)

Buffalo Bills draft Pete Mills (WR)

Final Standings

National Football League

Capital - Montreal Beavers (9-5), New York Giants (6-8), Washington Capitals (4-10), Philadelphia Eagles (4-10)

Century - Toronto Huskies (11-3), Green Bay Packers (9-5), Chicago Bears (6-8), Detroit Lions (5-9)

Coastal - St. Louis Gunners (12-2), Baltimore Colts (9-5), San Francisco 49ers (7-7), Los Angeles Rams (6-8)

Central - Cleveland Browns (8-6), Dallas Texans (6-8), Denver Broncos (5-9), Pittsburgh Steelers (5-9)

American Football League

East - Atlanta Falcons (10-4), Buffalo Bills (8-6), Miami Dolphins (8-6), Boston Patriots (5-9), New York Titans (4-10)

West - Calgary Stampeders (9-5), Los Angeles Chargers (8-6), Kansas City Kings (7-7), Vancouver Lumberjacks (6-8), Oakland Raiders (5-9)


NFL Semi-Final: Montreal def. St. Louis 40-20, Green Bay def. Toronto 28-7

AFL Semi-Final: Miami def. Atlanta 38-34, Buffalo def. Calgary 38-22

NFL Championship: Montreal def. Green Bay 47-24

AFL Championship: Buffalo def. Miami 31-17

World Championship Exhibition: Montreal def. Buffalo 42-10

Pro Bowl: NFL def. AFL 31-14

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Fran Tarkenton (Atlanta) 4,313

Passing TD's - Preston Jackson (Miami) 35

Passing Rating - Russ Jackson (Toronto) 106.7

Rushing Yards - Derrick Haney (Philadelphia) 1,234

Receiving Yards - Keith Murphy (Miami) 1,470

Total Points - Keith Francis (Atlanta) 128

Tackles - Raymond Barton (Oakland) 110

Sacks - Darryl Barajas (Dallas) 16

Interceptions - Daniel John (Miami) 8