1968 NFL season (Jayverse)

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The 1968 NFL season was the 49th regular season of the National Football League.


The 1968 North American Footbal Common Draft, the first time that both leagues conducted a combined common draft, was held January 30–31, 1968, at New York City's Belmont Plaza Hotel.

The Oakland Raiders went for the Top Pick in the draft to take Ron Yary (T) from USC

Other Picks Chosen in the Draft

Buffalo Bills draft Haven Moses (WR)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Tim Rossovich (LB)

Detroit Lions draft Greg Landry (QB)

Denver Broncos draft Curley Culp (DT)

Chicago Bears draft Mike Hull (RB)

San Francisco 49ers draft Forrest Blue (C)

Boston Patriots draft Dennis Byrd (DE)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Dick Absher (LB)

New York Titans draft Lee White (RB)

Edmonton Elks draft Larry Planke (WR)

Los Angeles Rams draft Gary Beban (QB)

Miami Dolphins draft Larry Csonka (RB)

Minnesota Vikings draft Charlie West (FS)

Calgary Stampeders draft Art Shell (T)

New York Giants draft Rich Buzin (T)

Toronto Huskies draft Chuck Liebrock (G)

Baltimore Colts draft John Williams (G)

Vancouver Lumberjacks draft Mike Eben (WR)

Cleveland Browns draft Marvin Upshaw (DE)

Kansas City Kings draft Mo Moorman (G)

Washington Capitals draft Jim Smith (FS)

Atlanta Falcons draft Claude Humphrey (DE)

San Diego Destroyers draft Russ Washington (T)

Dallas Texans draft Dennis Homan (WR)

Green Bay Packers draft Bill Lueck (G)

Ottawa Canadians draft Paul Brule (CB)

St. Louis Gunners draft MacArthur Lane (RB)

Oakland Raiders draft Ken Stabler (QB)

Philadelphia Eagles draft George Atkinson (CB)

Detroit Lions draft Charlie Sanders (TE)

Denver Broncos draft Elvin Bethea (DE)

Chicago Bears draft Cecil Turner (WR)

San Francisco 49ers draft Woody Peoples (G)

Birmingham Vulcans draft Rocky Freitas (T)

Los Angeles Rams draft Manny Fernandez (DT)

Miami Dolphins draft Dick Anderson (FS)

Cleveland Browns draft Harold Jackson (WR)

Kansas City Kings draft Marlin Briscoe (WR)

San Diego Destroyers draft Paul Robinson (RB)

Dallas Texans draft Mike Livingston (QB)

Memphis Steamers draft Jim Kiick (RB)

Dallas Texans draft Blaine Nye (G)

Montreal Beavers draft Tony Baker (RB)

Final Standings

National Football League

North - Green Bay Packers (13-3), Toronto Huskies (12-4), Detroit Lions (7-9), Chicago Bears (6-10)

South - St. Louis Gunners (11-5), Cleveland Browns (8-8), Pittsburgh Steelers (6-10), Baltimore Colts (5-11)

East - Montreal Beavers (12-4), New York Giants (10-6), Philadelphia Eagles (8-8), Washington Capitals (4-12)

West - Los Angeles Rams (8-8), San Francisco 49ers (8-8), Dallas Texans (7-9), Denver Broncos (5-11)

American Football League

North - Calgary Stampeders (8-8), Edmonton Elks (7-9), Minnesota Vikings (6-10), Kansas City Kings (5-11)

South - Atlanta Falcons (13-3), Birmingham Vulcans (9-7), Miami Dolphins (8-8), Memphis Steamers (7-9)

East - Boston Patriots (9-7), Ottawa Canadians (8-8), New York Titans (7-9), Buffalo Bills (6-10)

West - Los Angeles Chargers (10-6), San Diego Destroyers (10-6), Oakland Raiders (7-9), Vancouver Lumberjacks (6-10)


NFL Quarter-Final: St. Louis def. NY Giants 31-10, Toronto def. LA Rams 21-0

AFL Quarter-Final: Boston def. Birmingham 24-23, Calgary def. San Diego 20-13

NFL Semi-Final: St. Louis def. Montreal 38-0, Green Bay def. Toronto 21-14

AFL Semi-Final: Boston def. LA Chargers 30-17, Calgary def. Atlanta 21-6

NFL Championship: St. Louis def. Green Bay 23-22

AFL Championship: Calgary def. Boston 17-14

Super Bowl III (at The Orange Bowl in Miami, FL): Calgary def. St. Louis 26-24

Pro Bowl (at The Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, FL): NFL def. AFL 30-24

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Russ Jackson (Toronto) 4696

Passing TD's - Russ Jackson (Toronto) 37

Passing Rating - Len Dawson (St. Louis) 102.8

Rushing Yards - Bobby Valle (Dallas) 1272

Receiving Yards - Tod Martin (St. Louis) 1775

Total Points - Elliott Ashford (Green Bay) 148

Tackles - Stanley Burrchett (Denver) 128

Sacks - Jeremy Rodgers (Miami) 17

Interceptions - David MIxon (San Diego) 7