1969 NFL season (Jayverse)

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The 1969 NFL season was the 50th regular season of the National Football League, and its last before the AFL-NFL Merger. To honor the NFL's fiftieth season, a special anniversary logo was designed and each player wore a patch on their jerseys with this logo throughout the season.


Washington Capitals went for the Top Pick to get George Kunz (T) from Notre Dame

Rest of the Selections chosen in the 1969 North American Common Draft which will be known as the NAFL are:

Kansas City Kings draft Jim Marsalis (CB)

Baltimore Colts draft Eddie Hinton (WR)

Denver Broncos draft Grady Cavness (CB)

Minnesota Vikings draft Ed White (G)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Joe Greene (DT)

Vancouver Lumberjacks draft Ken Riley (FS)

Buffalo Bills draft OJ Simpson (RB)

Chicago Bears draft Rufus Mayes (T)

Dallas Texans draft Calvin Hill (RB)

Detroit LIons draft Altie Taylor (RB)

Memphis Steamers draft Ted Hendricks (LB)

New York Titans draft Dave Foley (T)

Oakland Raiders draft Art Thoms (DT)

Edmonton Elks draft Dave Cutler (K)

Ottawa Canadians draft Jim Foley (WR)

Cleveland Browns draft Ron Johnson (RB)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Leroy Keyes (RB)

Miami Dolphins draft Bill Stanfill (DE)

San Francisco 49ers draft Ted Kwalick (TE)

Los Angeles Rams draft Larry Smith (RB)

New York Giants draft Fred Dryer (DE)

San Diego Destroyers draft Bill Bergey (LB)

Los Angeles Chargers draft Bob Klein (TE)

Montreal Beavers draft LC Greenwood (DE)

Atlanta Falcons draft Paul Gipson (RB)

Boston Patriots draft Ron Sellers (WR)

Green Bay Packers draft Rich Moore (DT)

St. Louis Gunners draft Roger Wehrli (FS)

Washington Capitals draft Larry Brown (RB)

Kansas City Kings draft Jack Rudnay (C)

Baltimore Colts draft Ted Hendricks (LB)

Denver Broncos draft Bill Thompson (FS)

Buffalo Bills draft James Harrris (QB)

Oakland Raiders draft Ed Podolak (RB)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Bill Bradley (CB)

Miami Dolphins draft Mercury Morris (RB)

Los Angeles Rams draft John Zook (DE)

Atlanta Falcons draft Jeff Van Note (C)

Miami Dolphins draft Bob Kuechenberg (G)

Buffalo Bills draft Robert James (CB)

Edmonton Elks draft Carl Mauck (C)

Atlanta Falcons draft Jon Kolb (T)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Charlie Joiner (WR)

Washington Capitals draft Curt Knight (K)

Final Standings

National Football League

North - Toronto Huskies (12-4), Detroit Lions (10-6), Green Bay Packers (9-7), Chicago Bears (9-7)

South - St. Louis Gunners (13-3), Baltimore Colts (6-10), Cleveland Browns (6-10), Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6)

East - Montreal Beavers (10-6), Washington Capitals (7-9), Philadelphia Eagles (7-9), New York Giants (7-9)

West - Denver Broncos (9-7), Dallas Texans (6-10), San Francisco 49ers (5-11), Los Angeles Rams (3-13)

American Football Leauge

North - Calgary Stampeders (12-4), Kansas City Kings (9-7), Edmonton Elks (7-9), Minnesota Vikings (6-10)

South - Miami Dolphins (11-5), Atlanta Falcons (11-5), Memphis Steamers (9-7), BIrmingham Vulcans (6-10)

East - Ottawa Canadians (11-5), Buffalo Bills (7-9), Boston Patriots (6-10), New York Titans (6-10)

West - Los Angeles Chargers (10-6), Vancouver Lumberjacks (9-7), San Diego Destroyers (6-10), Oakland Raiders (5-11)


NFL Quarterfinals: Green Bay def. Montreal 26-6, Denver def. Detroit 36-17

AFL Quarterfinals: Ottawa def. Memphis 20-6, LA Chargers def. Atlanta 21-3

NFL Semi-Finals: Toronto def. Green Bay 31-14, St. Louis def. Denver 20-10

AFL Semi-Finals: Miami def. Ottawa 28-24, Calgary def. LA Chargers 41-25

NFL Championship: Toronto def. St. Louis 59-23

AFL Championship: Miami def. Calgary 27-7

Super Bowl IV (at The Autostade in Monteral, QU): Miami def. Toronto 21-20

Pro Bowl (at The Astrodome in Houston, TX): AFL Def. NFL 20-10

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Bob Griese (Miami) 4,727

Passing TD's - Bob Griese (Miami) 39

Passing Rating - Bob Griese (Miami) 111.8

Rushing Yards - OJ Simpson (Buffalo) 1,513

Receiving Yards - Justin Bundy (San Diego) 1,788

Total Points - Bernard Richter (St. Louis) 146

Tackles - Bill Bergey (San Diego) 147

Sacks - Deacon Jones (Ottawa) 19

Interceptions - Bobby Byant (Buffalo) 10