1970 MLB season (Jayverse)

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The 1970 MLB Season is the 70th Season for Major League Baseball

Expanding To 40 Teams

After 6 Years without a Team in Seattle, Major League Baseball gets a team back in Seattle in the AL West and the team name will be called the Pilots however the Houston Astros moved to the AL South while the AL West expanded to Vancouver, BC and will be known as the Mounties

To Complete the Expansion for the American League: Buffalo Bisons will begin play in the AL East while the AL Central adds the Iowa Oaks and will be played in Des Moines, IA

As for the National League: The Washington Nationals moved to the NL East giving the NL South to award two new teams in Birmingham, AL (Barons) and Charlotte, NC (Bobcats)

To Round It Out: The NL North added the Columbus Explorers (playing in Columbus, OH) and the Las Vegas Blackjack 21's (playing Las Vegas, NV)

Rookie Draft Choices

Tom Donohue (C) - Los Angeles Angels

Terry Forster (RP) - Chicago White Sox

Jerry Hairston (2B) - Chicago White Sox

Joe Sambito (RP) - Houston Astros

Bill Castro (RP) - Milwaukee Brewers

Earl Coletti (SP) - Denver Rockies

Kerry Dineen (LF) - New York Yankees

Al Holland (RP) - Pittsburgh Pirates

Kazuto Kawabata (RP) - New Orleans Pelicans

Mike Krukow (SP) - Chicago Cubs

John Poff (1B) - Oklahoma City 89ers

Darrell Porter (C) - Milwaukee Brewers

Lance Rautzhan (SP) - Los Angeles Knights

Pat Scanlon (3B) - Toronto Blue Jays

Sam Bowen (CF) - Boston Red Sox

Dan Briggs (1B) - Los Angeles Angels

Dave Downs (SP) - Philadelphia Phillies

John Furman (SP) - Pittsburgh Pirates

Caleb Jorgensen (SP) - Chicago White Sox

Ryan Kurosaki (RP) - St. Louis Cardinals

Fred Lynn (CF) - Boston Red Sox

Final Standings

AL East: New York Yankees (102-58), Boston Red Sox (96-64), Baltimore Orioles (90-70), Toronto Blue Jays (78-82), Buffalo Bisons (49-111)

AL Central: Detroit Tigers (98-62), Chicago White Sox (96-64), Cleveland Buckeyes (92-68), Kansas City Monarchs (77-83), Iowa Oaks (58-102)

AL South: Dallas Rangers (88-72), Houston Astros (84-76), Miami Athletics (78-82), Oklahoma City 89ers (77-83), New Orleans Pelicans (71-89)

AL West: San Francisco Seals (105-55), Los Angeles Angels (93-67), Portland Beavers (78-82), Seattle Pilots (56-104), Vancouver Mounties (34-126)

NL East: Brooklyn Dodgers (100-60), New York Giants (96-64), Pittsburgh Pirates (89-71), Philadelphia Phillies (87-73), Washington Nationals (65-95)

NL North: Minnesota Twins (114-46), Milwaukee Brewers (106-54), Cincinnati Reds (104-56), Chicago Cubs (62-98), Columbus Exploers (50-110)

NL South: St. Louis Cardinals (117-43), Atlanta Braves (72-88), Tampa Bay Rays (63-97), Charlotte Bobcats (55-105), Birmingham Barons (54-106)

NL West: Los Angeles Knights (92-68), San Diego Padres (80-80), Oakland Panthers (75-85), Denver Rockies (69-91), Las Vegas Blackjack 21's (50-110)

ALSF: San Francisco def. Dallas 3-1, NY Yankees def. Detroit 3-2

NLSF: St. Louis def. LA Knights 3-2, Minnesota def. Brooklyn 3-2

ALCS: San Francisco def. NY Yankees 4-2

NLCS: St. Louis def. Minnesota 4-2

WS: St. Louis def. San Francisco 4-3

League Leaders

Batting Average - Bernie Carbo (Cincinnati) .371

Home Runs - Bob Robertson (Minnesota) 51

RBI - Frank Robinson (Cincinnati) 173

Stolen Bases - Reggie Smith (Boston) 40

OBP + Slugging % - Bernie Carbo (Cincinnati) 1.168

ERA - Brian Perry (NY Yankees) 1.80

Wins - Brian Perry (NY Yankees), Alex Godoy (St. Louis) & Gary Nolan (Cincinnati) 23

Strikeouts - Tom Phoebus (Detroit) 311