1973 NAFL season (Jayverse)

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The 1973 NAFL Season was the 54th Regular Season of the North American Football League

Major Rule Changes

  • Defensive players cannot jump or stand on a teammate while trying to block a kick.
  • The clock is to start at the snap following a change of possession. Previously, the clock would start on a change of possession when the ball was spotted ready for play by the referee, except if the ball went out of bounds on the change of possession, or the change of possession occurred on the final play of the first or third quarters; in those cases, the clock started on the snap.
  • If there is a foul by the offensive team, and it is followed by a change of possession, the period can be extended by one play by the other team.
  • If the receiving team commits a foul after the ball is kicked, possession will be presumed to have changed; the receiving team keeps the ball.


The New Orleans Saints got the Top Pick to select QB Bert Jones from nearby LSU while the 2nd Pick went to DE John Matuszak from Tampa who goes to the Los Angeles Rams, Other Picks chosen in the 1973 NAFL Draft are as follows

Memphis Steamers draft Drew Pearson (WR)

Detroit Lions draft Ernie Price (DE)

Portland Storm draft Joe DeLamielleure (G)

Washington Capitals draft Barney Chavous (DE)

Vancouver Lumberjacks draft Brian Sopatyk (G)

Houston Oilers draft George Amundson (RB)

New York Giants draft Brad Van Pelt (LB)

Edmonton Elks draft Joe Worobec (T)

St. Louis Gunners draft Dave Butz (DT)

San Francisco 49ers draft Mike Holmes (WR)

Boston Patriots draft John Hannah (G)

Buffalo Bills draft Paul Seymour (TE)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Jerry Sisemore (T)

St. Louis Gunners draft Terry Metcalf (RB)

Baltimore Colts draft Joe Ehrmann (DT)

Birmingham Vulcans draft Dan Fouts (QB)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft J.T. Thomas (FS)

Cleveland Browns draft Steve Holden (WR)

New York Jets draft Burgess Owens (SS)

Dallas Texans draft Billy Joe DuPree (TE)

Toronto Huskies draft Peter Muller (TE)

Chicago Bears draft Wally Chamberrs (DT)

Kansas City Kings draft Gary Butler (TE)

Minnesota Vikings draft Chuck Foreman (RB)

Atlanta Falcons draft Greg Marx (DE)

Calgary Stampeders draft Gregg Bingham (LB)

San Diego Destroyers draft Johnny Rodgers (WR)

Ottawa Canadians draft Donn Smith (T)

Oakland Raiders draft Ray Guy (P)

Montreal Beavers draft Pat Bonnett (T)

Denver Broncos draft Otis Armstrong (RB)

Green Bay Packers draft Barry Smith (WR)

Miami Dolphins draft Leon Gray (T)

Los Angeles Rams draft Jim Youngblood (LB)

Detroit Lions draft Dick Jauron (SS)

Buffalo Bills draft Joe Lavender (CB)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Ron Jaworski (QB)

Cleveland Browns draft Greg Pruitt (RB)

Dallas Texans draft Harvey Martin (DE)

Chicago Bears draft Allan Ellis (SS)

Atlanta Falcons draft Rolland Lawrence (FS)

Denver Broncos draft Tom Jackson (LB)

Green Bay Packers draft Larry McCarren (C)

Miami Dolphins draft Ed Newman (G)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Randy Logan (CB)

Atlanta Falcons draft Tom Forzani (WR)

Vancouver Lumberjacks draft Charle Young (TE)

Seattle Orcas draft Loren Toews (LB)

Final Standings

NFC North: Detroit Lions (15-3), Green Bay Packers (11-7), Indianapolis Racers (8-10), Chicago Bears (7-11), St. Louis Gunners (5-13)

NFC South: Jacksonville Sharks (10-8), Kentucky Bourbons (9-9), New Orleans Saints (8-10), Dallas Texans (5-13), Baltimore Colts (5-13)

NFC East: Toronto Huskies (12-6), Montreal Beavers (11-7), Washington Capitals (10-8), Philadelphia Eagles (10-8), New York Giants (7-11)

NFC West: Seattle Orcas (12-6), San Francisco 49ers (9-9), Portland Storm (8-10), Denver Broncos (7-11), Los Angeles Rams (6-12)

AFC North: Minnesota Vikings (9-9), Calgary Stampeders (9-9), Edmonton Elks (9-9), Cleveland Browns (7-11), Pittsburgh Steelers (7-11)

AFC South: Birmingham Vulcans (12-6), Houston Oilers (11-7), Atlanta Falcons (10-8), Memphis Steamers (7-11), Miami Dolphins (6-12)

AFC East: Ottawa Canadians (13-5), Buffalo Bills (9-9), Boston Patriots (8-10), New York Jets (8-10), Brooklyn Barons (8-10)

AFC West: San Diego Destroyers (15-3), Vancouver Lumberjacks (11-7), Los Angeles Chargers (9-9), Oakland Raiders (9-9), Kansas City Kings (8-10)


AFC Wildcard: Birmingham def. Houston 31-28, Minnesota def. Vancouver 23-14

NFC Wildcard: Toronto def. Green Bay 18-13, Jacksonville def. Montreal 28-20

AFC Divisional: Birmingham def. Ottawa 24-10, San Diego def. Minnesota 13-9

NFC Divisional: Toronto def. Seattle 38-24, Detroit def. Jacksonville 24-17

AFC Championship: San Diego def. Birrmingham 34-10

NFC Championship: Toronto def. Detroit 41-13

Super Bowl VIII (at Rice Stadium in Houston, TX): Toronto def. San Diego 35-13

Pro Bowl (at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO): AFC def. NFC 24-14

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Marcel Tate (Portland) 5,048

Passing Touchdowns - Augustus Stoddard (LA Chargers) 48

Passing Rating - Augustus Stoddard (LA Chargers) 112.7

Rushing Yards - O.J. Simpson (Buffalo) 1,818

Receiving Yards - Luis McCoy (Cleveland) 2,105

Total Points - Jim Dowdy (San Diego) 190

Tackles - Randall Terrill (Washington) 147

Sacks - James Prentice (Boston) & Steven Wheeler (Pittsburgh) 18

Interceptions - Dave Wilcox (San Francisco) 9