1978 MLB season (Jayverse)

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The 1978 MLB Season is the 78th Season for Major League Baseball

Expanding to 48 Teams

Major League Baseball added 8 more teams in 1978 with American League expanding to Mexico for the first time as the Mexico City Diablos Rojos will play in the AL South but on a Surprise move the American League added a 3rd team in Chicago, IL to be called the Chicago Hitmen to the AL Central however the AL East added a team in Richmond, VA to be called the Generals and the AL West expanded to Reno, NV and will be called the Silver Sox as for the National League they've added 2 new teams in Canada with the Montreal Expos to the East and the Calgary Wranglers to the West to top it off the NL North expanded to Fargo, ND (Fargo RedHawks) and a Teams from Texas to the NL South as the San Antonio Missions joined in.

Top Rookie Draft Selections

Paul Assenmacher (RP) - Atlanta Braves

Jose DeLeon (SP) - Pittsburgh Pirates

Mike Diaz (C) - Chicago Cubs

Ken Dixon (SP) - Baltimore Orioles

Nick Dowell (RP) - Charlotte Bobcats

Nick Esasky (3B) - Cincinnati Reds

Ty Gainey (CF) - Houston Astros

Jason Hankins (SP) - Brooklyn Dodgers

Rob Murphy (RP) - Cincinnati Reds

Tim Pyznarski (1B) - Oakland Panthers

Cal Ripken, Jr. (SS) - Baltimore Orioles

Mickey Tettleton (C) - Detroit Tigers

Fernando Valenzuela (RP) - Los Angeles Knights

Frank Viola (SP) - Minnesota Twins

Gene Walter (RP) - San Diego Padres

Darrell Whitaker (RP) - Oklahoma City 89ers

Curt Young (SP) - Oakland Panthers

Tom Brunansky (CF) - Minnesota Twins

Terry Clark (RP) - Los Angeles Angels

John Costello (RP) - St. Louis Cardinals

Jim Deshaies (SP) - Houston Astros

Kelly Downs (SP) - San Francisco Seals

John Duffy (RP) - Birmingham Barons

David Eichhorn (RP) - San Antonio Missions

Jon Girard (CL) - Seattle Pilots

Justin Ippolito (SP) - New Orleans Pelicans

Jeff Jones (1B) - Cincinnati Reds

Josh McKinley (SP) - Miami Athletics

Final Standings

AL East: New York Yankees (101-59), Boston Red Sox (88-72), Baltimore Orioles (88-72), Toronto Blue Jays (75-85), Buffalo Bisons (71-89), Richmond Generals (66-94)

AL Central: Chicago White Sox (103-57), Kansas City Monarchs (92-68), Cleveland Buckeyes (86-74), Detroit Tigers (81-79), Iowa Oaks (70-90), Chicago Hitmen (59-101)

AL South: New Orleans Pelicans (95-65), Oklahoma City 89ers (87-73), Houston Astros (75-85), Miami Athletics (74-86), Dallas Rangers (72-88), Mexico City Diablos Rojos (63-97)

AL West: Los Angeles Angels (103-57), San Francisco Seals (99-61), Seattle Pilots (93-67), Portland Beavers (77-83), Vancouver Mounties (56-104), Reno Silver Sox (46-114)

NL East: New York Giants (107-53), Pittsburgh Pirates (96-64), Philadelphia Phillies (96-64), Brooklyn Dodgers (76-84), Montreal Expos (71-89), Washington Nationals (63-97)

NL North: Cincinnati Reds (107-53), Chicago Cubs (99-61), Milwaukee Brewers (95-65), Minnesota Twins (92-68), Columbus Explorers (68-92), Fargo Redhawks (58-102)

NL South: St. Louis Cardinals (104-56), Atlanta Braves (89-71), San Antonio Missions (65-95), Tampa Bay Rays (62-98), Birmingham Barons (59-101), Charlotte Bobcats (59-101)

NL West: Las Vegas Blackjack 21's (95-65), San Diego Padres (83-77), Los Angeles Knights (81-79), Denver Rockies (78-82), Oakland Panthers (73-87), Calgary Wranglers (44-116)

ALSF: New Orleans def. LA Angels 3-2, NY Yankees def. Chicago WS 3-2

NLSF: NY Giants def. Las Vegas 3-2, Cincinnati def. St. Louis 3-0

ALCS: New Orleans def. NY Yankees 4-3

NLCS: Cincinnati def. NY Giants 4-1

WS: New Orleans def. Cincinnati 4-2

League Leaders

Batting Average - Morris Nettle (Boston) .377

Home Runs - Jim Rice (Boston) $1

RBI - Jim Rice (Boston) 148

Stolen Bases - Morris Nettles (Boston) 58

OBP + Slugging % - Dave Revering (Cincinnati) 1.019

ERA - Brian Perry (NY Yankees) 1.24

Wins - Brian Perry (NY Yankees) 25

Strikeouts - John Henry Johnson (Atlanta) 253