1984 NAFL season (Jayverse)

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The 1984 NAFL season was the 65th Regular Season of the North American Football League.

Major Rule Changes

  • Linebackers are permitted to wear numbers 90 to 99.
  • The penalty for a kickoff or onside kick that goes out of bounds is 5 yards from the previous spot and a re-kick must be made. However, if the second (or more) kickoff or onside kick goes out of bounds, the receiving team may choose instead to take possession of the ball at the out of bounds spot.
  • Leaping to try to block a field goal or an extra point is illegal unless the defensive player was lined up at the line of scrimmage.
  • A kicker or holder who fakes being roughed or run into by a defensive player can receive an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will also be called for any prolonged, excessive, or premeditated celebration by individual players or a group of players.

The Draft

The New Orleans Saints went for the first pick in the NAFL Draft to select Iowa T John Alt, The 2nd Pick went to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats when they got LB Wilber Marshall

Other Selections in the Draft are as follows

Los Angeles Rams draft Don Rogers (CB)

Chicago Bears draft Ron Rivera (LB)

San Diego Destroyers draft Keith Millard (DT)

Atlanta Falcons draft Ricky Bryan (DE)

Calgary Stampeders draft Sean McKeown (T)

Minnesota Vikings draft Alfred Anderson (RB)

Detroit Lions draft David Lewis (TE)

Indianapolis Racers draft Irving Fryar (WR)

Miami Dolphins draft Jackie Shipp (LB)

Edmonton Elks draft John Mandarich (G)

Las Vegas Gamblers draft Kirk Dodge (LB)

Green Bay Packers draft Alphonso Carreker (DE)

Cincinnati Chargers draft Ricky Hunley (G)

Memphis Steamers draft Barney Bussey (SS)

Winnipeg Bombers draft Trevor Williams (CB)

Cleveland Browns draft Bruce Davis (WR)

Dallas Texans draft Billy Cannon Jr. (LB)

St. Louis Gunners draft Clyde Duncan (WR)

Ottawa Canadians draft Michel Bourgeau (DT)

Houston Oilers draft Dean Steinkuhler (T)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Louis Lipps (WR)

Honolulu Raiders draft Sean Jones (DE)

New York Jets draft Russell Carter (CB)

Boston Patriots draft Ed Williams (LB)

Vancouver Lumberjacks draft Frank Balkovec (LB)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Kenny Jackson (WR)

Sacramento Condors draft Cliff Benson (TE)

Jacksonville Sharks draft Gary Clark (WR)

Toronto Huskies draft Sterling Hinds (RB)

Montreal Beavers draft Ian Sinclair (C)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft Keith Browner (LB)

Seattle Orcas draft Terry Taylor (CB)

Baltimore Colts draft Ron Solt (G)

Buffalo Bills draft Greg Bell (RB)

Kansas City Kings draft Bill Maas (DT)

San Francisco 49ers draft Todd Shell (LB)

New York GIants draft William Roberts (G)

San Antonio Gunslingers draft Rick Neuheisel (QB)

Southern California Sun draft Steve Young (QB)

Portland Storm draft Buford Jordan (RB)

Birmingham Vulcans draft Kyle Clifton (LB)

Saskatchewan Roughriders draft Mike Anderson (C)

New Orleans Saints draft Brian Hansen (P)

Chicago Bears draft Shaun Gayle (CB)

Atlanta Falcons draft Scott Case (FS)

Minnesota VIkings draft Boomer Esiason (QB)

Indianapolis Racers draft Fredd Young (LB)

Las Vegas Gamblers draft Tony Zendejas (K)

Winnipeg Bombers draft David Black (G)

Cleveland Browns draft Earnest Byner (RB)

Vancouver Lumberjacks draft Glen Suitor (SS)

Baltimore Colts draft Dean Biasucci (K)

Kentucky Bourbons draft John Grimsley (LB)

Kansas City Kings draft Kevin Ross (FS)

San Francisco 49ers draft Guy McIntyre (G)

New York Giants draft Frank Minnifield (SS)

Southern California Sun draft Gary Zimmerman (T)

Las Vegas Gamblers draft Clarence Verdin (WR)

San Francisco 49ers draft Michael Carter (DT)

Southern California Sun draft Gordon Hudson (TE)

Final Standings

NFC East: Montreal Beavers (10-6), Toronto Huskies (9-7), Washington Sentinels (9-7), New York Giants (7-9), Philadelphia Eagles (6-10), Baltimore Colts (5-11)

NFC North: Milwaukee Mustangs (10-6), St. Louis Gunners (7-9), Detroit Lions (7-9), Green Bay Packers (6-10), Indianapolis Racerrs (6-10), Chicago Bears (5-11)

NFC South: Kentucky Bourbons (10-6), Mexico City Diablos (10-6), New Orleans Saints (9-7), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-8), Dallas Texans (7-9), Jacksonville Sharks (6-10)

NFC West: Seattle Orcas (14-2), Portland Storm (12-4), Las Vegas Gamblers (11-5), Sacramento Condors (8-8), Denver Broncos (7-9), San Francisco 49ers (7-9), Los Angeles Rams (4-12)

AFC East: Ottawa Canadians (12-4), Buffalo Bills (9-7), Hamilton Tiger-Cats (9-7), Brooklyn Barons (8-8), New York Jets (7-9), Boston Patriots (3-13)

AFC North: Cleveland Browns (8-8), Winnipeg Bombers (7-9), Pittsburgh Steelers (7-9), Cincinnati Chargers (6-10), Saskatchewan Roughriders (6-10), Minnesota Vikings (6-10)

AFC South: Atlanta Falcons (11-5), Memphis Steamers (11-5), San Antonio Gunslingers (10-6), Houston Oilers (10-6), Miami Dolphins (10-6), Birmingham Vulcans (9-7)

AFC West: Southern California Sun (9-7), San Diego Destroyers (9-7), Honolulu Raiders (8-8), Kansas CIty Kings (7-9), Edmonton Elks (7-9), Calgary Stampeders (7-9), Vancouver Lumberjacks (4-12)


AFC Wildcard: San Antonio def. Southern California 37-27, Memphis def. Cleveland 24-16

NFC Wildcard: Las Vegas def. Montreal 16-7, Portland def. Milwaukee 45-38

AFC Divisional: Atlanta def. San Antonio 55-21, Ottawa def. Memphis 21-12

NFC Divisional: Kentucky def. Las Vegas 27-15, Seattle def. Portland 29-22

AFC Championship: Atlanta def. Ottawa 38-24

NFC Championship: Seattle def. Kentucky 28-23

Super Bowl XIX (at The Kingdome in Seattle, WA): Seattle def. Atlanta 35-20

NAFL All-Star Game (at McMahon Stadium in Calgary, AB): NFC def. AFC 24-21

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Eddie Vines (Pittsburgh) 5,116

Passing Touchdowns - Brian Wood (Seattle) 42

Passing Rating - Frank Hitchcock (Atlanta) 120

Rushing Yards - Earl Campbell (Houston) 1,572

Receiving Yards - John Beavers (Seattle) 1,906

Total Points - Damon Patrick (Pittsburgh) 148

Tackles - Jason Adams (CIncinnati) 134

Sacks - Kevin Muniz (Montreal) 22

Interceptions - Michael Cosgrove (NY Jets) 8