1985 NAFL season (Jayverse)

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The 1985 NAFL season was the 26th Regular Season of the North American Football League.

Major Rule Changes

  • Whenever a team time out is called after the two-minute warning of each half or overtime, it should only last a minute instead of 90 seconds.
  • A play is immediately dead anytime the quarterback performs a kneel-down (the quarterback immediately kneels down after receiving the snap) after the two-minute warning of each half, or whenever the player declares himself down by sliding feet first on the ground. The ball is then spotted at the point where the player touches the ground first.
  • Pass interference is not to be called when a pass is clearly uncatchable.
  • Both "Roughing the kicker" and "Running into the kicker" fouls are not to be called if the defensive player was blocked into the kicker.
  • The definition of a valid fair catch signal is clearly defined as one arm that is fully extended above the head and waved from side to side.
  • Goaltending (leaping up to deflect a kick as it passes through the goal posts) is illegal.
  • The officials' uniform changed slightly. Instead of wearing black stirrups with two white stripes over white sanitary hose, the officials began wearing a one-piece sock similar to those worn by players, black with two white stripes on top and solid white on the bottom.
  • Defensive backs were ruled to have an "equal right to the ball", meaning that pass interference would not be called if the defensive player was looking back attempting to intercept the ball, and that any contact with the receiver did not materially affect the receiver's ability to catch the ball.

Getting a Team in Oakland back to the NAFL by relocating

After Finishing 7-9 in 1984, The Kansas City Kings have relocated to Oakland, CA and became the Oakland Invaders with New Owners they will hopefully make a Successful Run in 1985.

Rookie Draft

The Boston Patriots made a First Selection to take WR Andre Reed from Kutztown, The Los Angeles Rams make the 2nd Selection to draft Jerry Gray (CB) from Texas, The Vancouver Lumberjacks will have their 3rd Pick to draft Virginia Tech DE Bruce Smith, Chicago Bears draft DT William Perry from Clemson as their 4th Pick, Baltimore Colts made their 5th pick to take WR Chris Burkett from Jackson State, Minnesota Vikings get their 6th pick to take DE Chris Doleman

Other Selections taken in the Draft are as follows

Philadelphia Eagles draft Kevin Allen (T)

Jacksonville Sharks draft Ron Sally (QB)

Green Bay Packers draft Ken Ruettgers (T)

Cincinnati Chargers draft Eddie Brown (WR)

St. Louis Gunners draft Freddie Joe Nunn (DE)

Calgary Stampeders draft Randy Ambrosie (T)

Dallas Texans draft Kevin Brooks (DT)

Detroit Lions draft Lomas Brown (T)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Darryl Sims (DE)

New York Jets draft Al Toon (WR)

New York Giants draft George Adams (RB)

San Francisco 49ers draft Jerry Rice (WR)

Oakland Invaders draft Bob Standifer (DE)

Winnipeg Bombers draft Eugene Robinson (FS)

Denver Broncos draft Vance Johnson (WR)

Sacramento Condors draft Damon Allen (QB)

Brooklyn Barons draft Lee Rouson (RB)

Honolulu Raiders draft Jessie Hester (WR)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft Ron Holmes (DE)

Buffalo Bills draft Daniel Burroughs (DT)

Washington Sentinels draft Tory Nixon (FS)

New Orleans Saints draft Alvin Toles (LB)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats draft Reggie White (DE)

Toronto Huskies draft Bill Fralic (G)

Birmingham Vulcans draft Kevin Allen (T)

San Diego Destroyers draft Jim Lachey (T)

Miami Dolphins draft Lorenzo Hampton (RB)

Houston Oilers draft Ray Childress (DT)

Mexico City Diablos draft Jay Novacek (TE)

Cleveland Browns draft Bernie Kosar (QB)

Southern California Sun draft James Maness (WR)

Montreal Beavers draft Kevin Greene (LB)

San Antonio Gunslingers draft Issiac Holt (CB)

Memphis Steamers draft Henry Williams (WR)

Las Vegas Gamblers draft Randall Cunningham (QB)

Portland Storm draft Stacy Robinson (WR)

Ottawa Canadians draft Lance Chomyc (K)

Seattle Orcas draft Owen Gill (RB)

Boston Patriots draft Doug Flutie (QB)

Los Angeles Rams draft Dale Hatcher (P)

St. Louis Gunners draft Ron Wolfley (RB)

Detroit Lions draft Kevin Glover (C)

New York Giants draft Mark Bavaro (TE)

Denver Broncos draft Greg Kragen (DT)

Buffalo Bills draft Steve Tasker (WR)

New Orleans Saints draft Jack Del Rio (LB)

San Diego Destroyers draft Ralf Mojsiejenko (P)

Miami Dolphins draft Kirk Lowdermilk (C)

Houston Oilers draft Brett Maxie (FS)

Los Angeles Rams draft Duval Love (G)

Los Angeles Rams draft Brian Noble (LB)

Seattle Orcas draft Raleigh McKenzie (G)

New Orleans Saints draft Eric Martin (WR)

Miami Dolphins draft Bart Oates (C)

Final Standings

NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles (13-3), Toronto Huskies (11-5), Baltimore Colts (10-6), New York Giants (6-10), Montreal Beavers (5-11), Washington Sentinels (4-12)

NFC North: Green Bay Packers (11-5), Indianapolis Racers (10-6), Milwaukee Mustangs (8-8), Detroit Lions (7-9), St. Louis Gunners (5-11), Chicago Bears (4-12)

NFC South: Jacksonville Sharks (16-0), Tamapa Bay Buccaneers (8-8), New Orleans Saints (7-9), Kentucky Bourbons (7-9), Dallas Texans (7-9), Mexico City Diablos (6-10)

NFC West: Seattle Orcas (12-4), Sacramento Condors (10-6), Denver Broncos (9-7), Las Vegas Gamblers (6-10), Portland Storm (6-10), San Francisco 49ers (6-10), Los Angeles Rams (6-10)

AFC East: Ottawa Canadians (11-5), Buffalo Bills (8-8), New York Jets (8-8), Brooklyn Barons (8-8), Boston Patriots (4-12), Hamilton Tiger-Cats (4-12)

AFC North: Saskatchewan Roughriders (12-4), Cincinnati Chargers (10-6), Minnesota Vikings (9-7), Cleveland Browns (9-7), Winnipeg Bombers (7-9), Pittsburgh Steelers (6-10)

AFC South: San Antonio Gunslingers (11-5), Houston Oilers (9-7), Memphis Steamers (7-9), Birmingham Vulcans (6-10), Miami Dolphins (5-11), Atlanta Falcons (5-11)

AFC West: Southern California Sun (11-5), Edmonton Elks (10-6), San Diego Destroyers (9-7), Oakland Invaders (8-8), Calgary Stampeders (8-8), Vancouver Lumberjacks (8-8), Honolulu Raiders (7-9)


AFC Wildcard: Edmonton def. Southern California 34-27, Ottawa def. Cincinnati 13-6

NFC Wildcard: Indianapolis def. Seattle 30-23, Green Bay def. Toronto 21-20

AFC Divisional: Edmonton def. San Antonio 24-10, Ottawa def. Saskatchewan 14-10

NFC Divisional: Indianapolis def. Philadelphia 31-13, Jacksonville def. Green Bay 31-23

AFC Championship: Ottawa def. Edmonton 28-6

NFC Championship: Indianapolis def. Jacksonville 21-20

Super Bowl XX (at The Superdome in New Orleans, LA): Ottawa def. Indianapolis 23-19

NAFL All-Star Game (at The Astrodome in Houston, TX): NFC def. AFC 29-14

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Ron Sally (Jacksonville) 5,134

Passing Touchdowns - Ron Sally (Jacksonville) 54

Passing Rating - Ron Sally (Jacksonville) 124.7

Rushing Yards - James Hanks (Brooklyn) 1,540

Receiving Yards - Sam Loomis (Buffalo) 1,968

Total Points - John Berg (Ottawa) 152

Tackles - Andre Tippett (Saskatchewan) 141

Sacks - Brian Shafer (Seattle) 20

Interceptions - Otis Cloutier (Ottawa) 9