1993 NAFL season (Jayverse)

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The 1993 NAFL season was the 74th regular season of the North American Football League. It was the only season in league history where all NFL teams were scheduled to play their 30-game schedule over a span of 34 weeks.

On March 1, 1993, the current free agent system was introduced to the league.

Expanding to 66 Teams with a Big Realignment

And So the North American Football League added another Expansion for 1993 by Adding 16 New Teams to the League to go along with their 34 week schedule with 30 games however under a Surprise Move the Calgary Stampeders, the Edmonton Elks and the Vancouver Lumberjacks were moved to the NFC to gain rivals with Seattle, Portland and Denver respectively, Also San Antonio follows Suit by rebranding the San Antonio Gunslingers into the San Antonio Dreadnoughts, The New Alignment will consist of the following

National Football Conference

East: Baltimore Ravens, Charlotte Panthers*, Hartford Breakers*, Jacksonville Sharks, Montreal Alouettes, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Quebec City Voyageurs*, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Toronto Huskies, Washington Sentinels

Central: Austin Armadillos*, Chicago Bears, Dallas Texans, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Colts, Kentucky Bourbons, Mexico City Diablos, Nashville Titans*, New Orleans Saints

West: Arizona Firebirds, Calgary Stampeders, Denver Broncos, Edmonton Elks, Las Vegas Gamblers, Los Angeles Rams, Portland Storm, Sacramento Condors, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Orcas, Vancouver Lumberjacks

American Football Conference

East: Atlanta Falcons, Boston Patriots, Brooklyn Barons, Buffalo Bills, Halifax Schooners*, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, Orlando Wizards*, Ottawa Canadians, Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks*

Central: Birmingham Vulcans, Cincinnati Chargers, Cleveland Browns, Houston Oilers, Memphis Steamers, Minnesota Vikings, Oklahoma City Outlaws*, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Antonio Dreadnoughts, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Winnipeg Bombers

West: Central Valley Coyotes* (Fresno, CA), Honolulu Raiders, New Mexico Rattlers*, Oakland Invaders, Reno Aces*, Salt Lake City Pioneers*, San Diego Destroyers, San Jose Surge*, Southern California Sun, Spokane Shock*, Tucson Wranglers*

*Expansion Team

Rookie Draft

The Winnipeg Bombers get their first pick to choose LB Alan Wetmore from Idaho, The New Mexico Rattlers went for the 2nd pick to draft QB Drew Bledsoe from Washington, Washington Sentinels took the 3rd pick to draft FS Tom Carter from Notre Dame, The Vancouver Lumberjacks getting their 4th Selection to take Fresno State CB Patrick Burke

Other Picks taken in the draft are as follows

Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft Eric Curry (DE)

Seattle Orcas draft Rick Mirer (QB)

Saskatchewan Roughriders draft Paul Cranmer (CB)

San Francisco 49errs draft Dana Stubblefield (DT)

San Diego Destroyers draft Darrien Gordon (SS)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Deon Figures (SS)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Lester Holmes (G)

Oakland Invaders draft John Lynch (SS)

New York Giants draft Michael Strahan (DE)

New York Jets draft Marvin Jones (LB)

New Orleans Saints draft Willie Roaf (T)

Minnesota Vikings draft Robert Smith (RB)

Los Angeles Rams draft Jerome Bettis (RB)

Las Vegas Gamblers draft Jessie Armstead (LB)

Kansas City Colts draft Will Shields (G)

Indianapolis Racers draft Sean Dawkins (WR)

Green Bay Packers draft Wayne Simmons (LB)

Edmonton Elks draft Mike O'Shea (LB)

Detroit Lions draft Ryan McNeil (FS)

Denver Broncos draft Dan Williams (DT)

Central Valley Coyotes draft Lorenzo Neal (FB)

Dallas Texans draft George Teague (FS)

Austin Armadillos draft Lance Gunn (FS)

Cleveland Browns draft Steve Everitt (C)

San Jose Surge draft Glyn Milburn (RB)

Calgary Stampeders draft Greg Frers (SS)

Buffalo Bills draft Thomas Smith (CB)

Boston Patriots draft Chris Slade (LB)

Birmingham Vulcans draft Antonio London (LB)

Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks draft Natrone Means (RB)

Salt Lake City Pioneers draft Derwin Gray (FS)

Atlanta Falcons draft Lincoln Kennedy (T)

Arizona Firebirds draft Garrison Hearst (RB)

Kentucky Bourbons draft Dean Wells (LB)

Houston Oilers draft Brad Hopkins (T)

Southern California Sun draft Curtis Conway (WR)

Miami Dolphins draft OJ McDuffie (WR)

Chicago Bears draft Chris Gedney (TE)

Cincinnati Chargers draft John Copeland (DE)

Sacramento Condors draft Blaine Bishop (SS)

Honolulu Raiders draft Patrick Bates (FS)

Vancouver Lumberjacks draft Tom Europe (CB)

Seattle Orcas draft Michael McCrary (DE)

Saskatchewan Roughriders draft Chad Brown (LB)

Baltimore Ravens draft Frank Wycheck (TE)

Reno Aces draft Brock Marion (FS)

Charlotte Panthers draft John Henry Mills (LB)

New York Jets draft Richie Anderson (FB)

New Orleans Saints draft Tyrone Hughes (SS)

Kansas City Colts draft Mike Bartrum (TE)

Indianapolis Racers draft Mike Vanderjagt (K)

Boston Patriots draft Troy Brown (WR)

Kentucky Bourbons draft Ray Buchanan (SS)

Jacksonville Sharks draft Mark Brunell (QB)

Honolulu Raiders draft Jason Elam (K)

Final Standings

NFC East: Toronto Huskies (24-6), Jacksonville Sharks (23-7), Tampa Bay Buccaneerrs (20-10), Washington Sentinels (19-11), Baltimore Ravens (16-14), New York Giants (15-15), Hartford Breakers (13-17), Philadelphia Eagles (11-19), Montreal Alouettes (10-20), Charlotte Panthers (9-21), Quebec City Voyageurs (7-23)

NFC Central: Chicago Bears (22-8), Indianapolis Racers (21-9), Dallas Texans (21-9), Mexico City Diablos (20-10), Green Bay Packers (18-12), New Orleans Saints (15-15), Kansas City Colts (15-15), Kentucky Bourbons (14-16), Detroit Lions (13-17), Austin Armadillos (10-20), Nashville Titans (5-25)

NFC West: Arizona Firebirds (22-8), Denver Broncos (20-10), Sacramento Condors (19-11), Portland Storm (18-12), Seattle Orcas (17-13), Los Angeles Rams (16-14), Vancouver Lumberjacks (16-14), Las Vegas Gamblers (16-14), Edmonton Elks (12-18), Calgary Stampeders (12-18), San Francisco 49ers (7-23)

AFC East: Ottawa Canadians (22-8), Hamilton Tiger-Cats (21-9), Brooklyn Barons (20-10), Buffalo Bills (19-11), Miami Dolphins (15-15), Atlanta Falcons (15-15), Boston Patriots (15-15), New York Jets (14-16), Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks (11-19), Halifax Schooners (5-25), Orlando Wizards (3-14)

AFC Central: Cincinnati Chargers (21-9), Houston Oilers (20-10), San Antonio Dreadnoughts (19-11), Winnipeg Bombers (18-12), Pittsburgh Steelers (15-15), Cleveland Browns (15-15), Birmingham Vulcans (15-15), Memphis Steamers (14-16), Minnesota Vikings (13-17), Saskatchewan Roughriders (10-20), Oklahoma City Outlaws (7-23)

AFC West: Oakland Invaders (23-7), Honolulu Raiders (20-10), Southern California Sun (19-11), Spokane Shock (15-15), San Diego Destroyers (14-16), New Mexico Rattlers (11-19), Central Valley Coyotes (11-19), Salt Lake City Pioneers (10-20), San Jose Surge (10-20), Tucson Wranglers (7-23), Reno Aces (7-23)


AFC Semi-Final: Cincinnati def. Oakland 41-34, Hamilton def. Ottawa 27-20

NFC Semi-Final: Chicago def. Toronto 28-26, Jacksonville def. Arizona 52-31

AFC Championship: Hamilton def. Cincinnati 27-24

NFC Championship: Jacksonville def. Chicago 45-34

Super Bowl XXVIII (at The Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, FL): Jacksonville def. Hamilton 55-21

Pro Bowl (at The Astrodome in Houston, TX): AFC def. NFC 48-35

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Ron Sally (Jacksonville) 8,811

Passing Touchdowns - Ron Sally (Jacksonville) 87

Passing Rating - Stephen Sewell (Chicago) 113.3

Rushing Yards - Anthony Zamora (Washington) 3,371

Receiving Yards - Henry Ellard (Jacksonville) 3,746

Total Points - Henry Ellard (Jacksonville) 294

Tackles - Ken Norton (Dallas) 247

Sacks - Christopher Duckworth (Las Vegas), Luis Napier (Houston) & George Russell (Boston) 28

Interceptions - Timothy Hackney (Hamilton), Ray Hart (Oakland), James Jefferson (Ottawa) & Glenn Rogers (Tucson) 10