2002 NAFL season (Jayverse)

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The 2002 NAFL season was the 83rd regular season of the North American Football League.

Everything Changes (Part 1)

The Big Change that the NAFL had made changes during the Early 2000's started with a Relocation of the Spokane Shock after failing to make the playoffs since 1993 the team relocated to Des Moines, IA and became the Iowa Barnstormers and moved to the AFC Central giving the Saskatchewan Roughriders to play in the AFC West.

The 2002 NAFL Draft

The Winnipeg Bombers got their first pick to draft Will Witherspoon (LB) from Georgia, Washington Sentinels got their 2nd pick to take QB Patrick Ramsey


Vancouver Lumberjacks draft Jason Clermont (TE)

Tucson Wranglers draft Julius Peppers (DE)

Toronto Huskies draft Corey Annett (C)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft Travis Stephens (RB)

St. Louis Stallions draft Travis Fisher (CB)

Southern California Sun draft Jeremy Shockey (TE)

Seattle Orcas draft Jerramy Stevens (TE)

Saskatchewan Roughriders draft Darnell Edwards (SS)

San Jose Surge draft Dwight Freeney (DE)

San Francisco 49ers draft Mike Rumph (CB)

San Diego Destroyers draft Quentin Jammer (CB)

San Antonio Dreadnoughts draft John Henderson (DT)

Salt Lake City Pioneers draft Albert Haynesworth (DT)

Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks draft James Harrison (LB)

Quebec City Voyageurs draft Ben Leber (LB)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Kendall Simmons (G)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Lito Sheppard (CB)

New York Giants draft Tim Carter (WR)

New York Jets draft Bryan Thomas (LB)

New Orleans Saints draft Donte Stallworth (WR)

New Mexico Rattlers draft Alex Brown (DE)

Nashvile Titans draft Tank Williams (FS)

Montreal Alouettes draft Patrick Dorvelus (LB)

Minnesota Vikings draft Bryant McKinnie (T)

Memphis Steamers draft Roy Williams (SS)

Los Angeles Rams draft Robert Thomas (LB)

Kansas City Colts draft Ryan Sims (DT)

Jacksonville Sharks draft David Garrard (QB)

Iowa Barnstormers draft Aaron Kampman (DE)

Indianapolis Racers draft Larry Tripplett (DT)

Houston Oilers draft David Carr (QB)

Honolulu Raiders draft Phillip Buchanon (CB)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats draft John MacDonald (DT)

Green Bay Packers draft Javon Walker (WR)

Detroit Lions draft Joey Harrington (QB)

Denver Broncos draft Ashley Lelie (WR)

Dallas Texans draft Andre Gurode (C)

Cincinnati Chargers draft Levi Jones (T)

Chicago Bears draft Marc Colombo (T)

Charlotte Panthers draft Dante Wesley (CB)

Calgary Stampeders draft Jon Oosterhuis (DT)

Buffalo Bills draft Mike Williams (T)

Boston Patriots draft Daniel Graham (TE)

Baltimore Ravens draft Ed Reed (FS)

Atlanta Falcons draft T.J. Duckett (RB)

Arizona Firebirds draft Wendell Bryant (DT)

Portland Storm draft Maurice Morris (RB)

Ottawa Canadians draft Alexandre Gauthier (T)

Miami Dolphins draft Seth McKinney (C)

Edmonton Elks draft Dahrran Diedrick (RB)

Cleveland Browns draft Wiliam Green (RB)

Winnipeg Bombers draft Bart Scott (LB)

Pittsburgh Steelers draft Chris Hope (FS)

Philadelphia Eagles draft Michael Lewis (SS)

Oakland Invaders draft Scott Fujita (LB)

New York Giants draft Matt Bryant (K)

New Orleans Saints draft LeCharles Bentley (C)

New Mexico Rattlers draft Jonathan Goodwin (G)

Minnesota Vikings draft Brian Westbrook (RB)

Mexico City Diablos draft Clinton Portis (RB)

Detroit Lions draft Eddie Drummond (WR)

Dallas Texans draft Billy Cundiff (K)

Final Standings

NFC East: New York GIants (21-9), Hartford Breakers (21-9), Montreal Alouettes (18-12), Jacksonville Sharks (18-12), Charlotte Panthers (17-13), Quebec City Voyageurs (15-15), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (15-15), Baltimore Ravens (11-19), Toronto Huskies (10-20), Philadelphia Eagles (9-21), Washington Sentinels (7-23)

NFC Central: Austin Armadilos (21-9), Indianapolis Racers (20-10), Detroit Lions (18-12), New Orleans Saints (15-15), Nashville Titans (15-15), Green Bay Packers (14-16), Kansas City Colts (13-17), Mexico City Diablos (13-17), Dallas Texans (11-19), St. Louis Stallions (10-20), Chicago Bears (8-22)

NFC West: Sacramento Condors (25-5), San Francisco 49ers (22-8), Seattle Orcas (20-10), Las Vegas Gamblers (17-13), Calgary Stampeders (14-16), Portland Storm (14-16), Edmonton Elks (13-17), Arizona Firebirds (13-17), Los Angeles Rams (12-18), Vancouver Lumberjacks (10-20), Denver Broncos (6-24)

AFC East: New York Jets (24-6), Halifax Schooners (20-10), Ottawa Canadians (18-12), Buffalo Bills (17-13), Brooklyn Barons (16-14), Atlanta Falcons (15-15), Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks (15-15), Orlando Wizards (14-16), Miami Dolphins (12-18), Hamilton Tiger-Cats (11-19), Boston Patriots (10-20)

AFC Central: Winnipeg Bombers (25-5), Houston Oilers (20-10), Cleveland Browns (18-12), Cincinnati Chargers (18-12), San Antonio Dreadnoughts (17-13), Iowa Barnstormers (14-16), Oklahoma City Outlaws (13-17), Memphis Steamers (13-17), Minnesota Vikings (12-18), Pittsburgh Steelers (11-19), Birmingham Vulcans (9-21)

AFC West: Central Valley Coyotes (21-9), Honolulu Raiders (18-12), Reno Aces (18-12), New Mexico Rattlers (17-13), Tucson Wranglers (15-15), Saskatchewan Roughriders (15-15), Oakland Invaders (14-16), San Diego Destroyers (13-17), Southern California Sun (11-19), San Jose Surge (10-20), Salt Lake City Pioneers (10-20)


NFC Divisional: Sacramento def. Austin 36-24, NY Giants def. San Francisco 17-6

AFC Divisional: Halifax def. Winnipeg 40-14, Central Valley def. NY Jets 31-10

NFC Championship: Sacramento def. NY Giants 52-35

AFC Championship: Halifax def. Central Valley 30-10

Super Bowl XXXVII (at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, CA): Halifax def. Sacramento 34-24

Pro Bowl (at Invesco Field @ Mile High in Denver, CO): AFC def. NFC 44-34

League Leaders

Passing Yards - Nicolas Cruz (Charlotte) 10,033

Passing Touchdowns - Nicolas Cruz (Charlotte) 101

Passing Rating - Kenneth Shepard (Cincinnati) 125.9

Rushing Yards - Edgerrin James (Indianapolis) 2,910

Receiving Yards - Willard Butler (Honolulu) 3,658

Total Points - Robert Dorris (Honolulu) 275

Tackles - Herman White (Saskatchewan) 242

Sacks - John Scott (Nashville) 31

Interceptions - Sam Madison (Houston), William Murphy (Indianapolis) & Vernon Wendt (Baltimore) 11