2020 MLB season (Jayverse)

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The 2020 MLB Season is the 120th Season for Major League Baseball however the season is shortened by the COVID-19 pandemic. The full 162-game regular season was originally scheduled to begin on March 26. However, the pandemic caused Major League Baseball (MLB) to announce on March 12 that the remainder of spring training was canceled and that the start of the regular season would be delayed by at least two weeks. On March 16, MLB announced that the season would be postponed indefinitely, following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to restrict events of more than 50 people. This was the first time MLB games have been put on hold since the 2001 season, when the season was paused for over a week after the September 11 attacks.

Spring training resumed on June 1 and was rebranded as "Summer Camp". Each team was scheduled to play 80 regular season games, which began on July 1 and ended on September 29. On July 3, the All-Star Game was canceled because of the delay to the regular season. Angel Stadium, which was set to host the game, will now host the 2022 All-Star Game.

An expanded 16-team postseason tournament began on September 29, with games of all but the first round being played at neutral sites. The World Series is set to begin on October 20 at Globe Life Field in Arlington, and Game 7 will be played on November 5 if needed.

Final Standings

AL East: Buffalo Bisons (48-32), Boston Red Sox (47-33), New York Yankees (46-35), Toronto Blue Jays (44-36), Baltimore Orioles (40-40), Richmond Generals (39-41), Ottawa Lynx (36-44), Quebec City Capitales (32-48)

AL Central: Cleveland Buckeyes (55-21), Chicago White Sox (51-29), Indianapolis Rounders (47-34), Kansas City Monarchs (45-35), Detroit Tigers (44-36), Chicago Hitmen (44-36), Iowa Oaks (37-43), St. Louis Showboats (30-50)

AL South: New Orleans Pelicans (54-26), Mexico City Diablos Rojos (48-32), Dallas Rangers (42-38), Oklahoma CIty 89ers (42-38), Monterrey Bandits (42-38), Nashville Jukes (34-46), Houston Astros (34-46), Miami Athletics (29-51)

AL West: San Francisco Seals (42-38), Los Angeles Angels (36-44), Seattle Pilots (35-45), Vancouver Mounties (33-47), San Jose Condors (32-48), Anaheim Amigos (32-48), Reno Silver Sox (31-49), Portland Beavers (30-50)

NL East: Boston Beacons (50-30), Brooklyn Dodgers (45-35), Pittsburgh Pirates (41-39), Philadelphia Phillies (39-41), Hamilton Hammers (38-42), Washington Nationals (38-42), Montreal Expos (37-43), New York Giants (34-46)

NL North: Chicago Cubs (52-28), Cincinnati Reds (50-30), Fargo RedHawks (48-32), Milwaukee Brewers (46-34), Omaha Royals (43-37), Columbus Explorers (43-37), Minnesota Twins (42-38), Toledo Mud Hens (40-40)

NL South: Charlotte Bobcats (44-36), San Juan Raiders (42-38), St. Louis Cardinals (38-42), Havana Hurricanes (37-43), San Antonio Missions (36-44), Atlanta Braves (32-48), Birmingham Barons (29-51), Tampa Bay Rays (28-52)

NL West: Denver Rockies (44-36), San Diego Padres (43-37), Calgary Wranglers (42-38), Arizona Diamondbacks (42-38), Las Vegas Blackjack 21's (38-42), Los Angeles Knights (36-44), Oakland Panthers (33-47), Salt Lake City Bees (30-50)


ALQF: Cleveland def. Indianapolis 3-2, San Francisco def. Chicago WS 3-0, Mexico City def. Buffalo 3-0, New Orleans def. Buffalo 3-0

NLQF: Brooklyn def. Chicago Cubs 3-2, Denver def. Cincinnati 3-0, Fargo def. Charlotte 3-0, Boston Beacons def. Milwaukee 3-0

ALSF: Cleveland def. San Francisco 4-0, Mexico City def. New Orleans 4-1

NLSF: Brooklyn def. Denver 4-3, Boston Beacons def. Fargo 4-2

ALCS: Cleveland def. Mexico City 4-1

NLCS: Brooklyn def. Boston Beacons 4-3

WS: Cleveland def. Brooklyn 4-1

League Leaders

Batting Average - Andy D'Alesio (Monterrey) .464

Home Runs - Brandon Hicks (Brooklyn) 37

RBI - Keegan McGovern (Charlotte) 81

Stolen Bases - Daniel Woodrow (Minnesota) 22

OBP + Slugging % - Andy D'Alessio (Monterrey) 1.384

ERA - Wes Mugarian (Reno) 1.35

Wins - Aaron King (Cleveland), Cris Davila (Brooklyn) & James Sunder (Omaha) 10

Strikeouts - James Gillheeney (Montreal) 167