A Tour of the Rich Mansion with Richie and Friends (Johnsonverse)

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A Tour of the Rich Mansion with Richie and Friends is a dark ride at Harveyland USA. The ride follows the guests, on the Rich Mansion's roller coaster, taking a tour of the mansion with Richie Rich and his friends, including various characters in the Little Audrey, Little Dot, Little Lotta, and Casper the Friendly Ghost series, with appearances from other Harvey characters and a cameo appearance from Richie, Gloria, and Reggie as they appear in the 1980 Richie Rich television series.

Construction started on July 21, 1996. The ride opened on March 12, 1998, and the voice actors from the 1993 Richie Rich television series reprise their roles, while Nancy Cartwright and Dick Beals reprise their roles as the incarnations of Gloria and Reggie from the prior 1980 series.


In 1992, during the development of the television series, plans began on a tie-in ride that



As guests wait in line, they watch a video of Richie welcoming his friends to the Rich mansion, before playing a sequence showing how the Rich family became rich, as well as the lineage of the family. Various details, such as the Rich family's vault, are present.


Ride Experience

The ride has the guests on the Rich mansion's roller coaster going through the various rooms of the mansion. Animatronics of the characters are used during the ride, and at one point, television screens showing the 1980 incarnations of Richie and Gloria are present, meeting their comic counterparts.


  • Katie Leigh as Richie Rich, Richie Rich (H-B), Mayda Munny, and Irona
  • Jeannie Elias as Gloria Glad, Freckles Friendly, Reggie Van Dough, and Tiny
  • Pat Fraley as Dollar the Dog
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Audrey Smith and Melvin
  • Cree Summer as Dot Polka
  • Tress MacNeille as Lotta Plump and Jackie Jokers
  • Kelly Sheridan as Kat
  • Cathy Weseluck as Lucretia and Casper
  • René Auberjonois as Richard Rich, Professor Keenbean, and Chef Pierre
  • Susan Silo as Regina Rich
  • Martin Jarvis as Cadbury and Bascomb
  • Nancy Cartwright as Gloria Glad (H-B)
  • Dick Beals as Reggie Van Dough (H-B)