Antsy Pantsy (Johnsonverse)

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Antsy Pantsy is an episode of the Happy Tree Friends internet series, the twenty-seventh of season nine, and two-hundred-and-forty-third overall.


The episode starts with Sniffles reading a science book under a tree. He sees the daughter ant run to its hole, and seeing an opportunity, chases after it. The daughter ant, however, makes him trip over a log, causing Sniffles to break his legs, as the ant goes back to its hole.

Sniffles, in a wheelchair, constructs a bomb to lure the ant family to its doom. He tosses it at the ant hole, but the ants throw it back at him, causing it to detonate, and nearly kill him. After some time at the hospital, Sniffles decides he's had enough. Flames form in his eyes, along with a particularly evil, wide-mouthed smile.

The ant family prays to a table, before deciding to go outside. Just then, they see a basket full of food. Sniffles carries it, and rolls back home, while the ants don't realize they're moving. When he pulls out the food from the basket, he doesn't see the ants at first, but then the son ant launches at his eye and pokes it hard enough for it to bleed, causing Sniffles to scream. When the mother ant prepares to drill into his stomach, the drill doesn't work. The ants notice that their weapons are no longer working. Sniffles laughs sadistically, immediately ignoring his injuries, and knocks them unconscious with his good fist.

When the ants wake up, they notice that they're in a can with the remains of other ants. Sniffles, in an eye patch and laughing maniacally, takes them out, and puts them in a plate of nachos, one by one, along with the other ants' remains. Sniffles puts the nachos in a microwave, and as it cooks, the cheese melts, further injuring the ants. Once it's done, Sniffles puts the nachos out of the microwave, and lets them cool off, all while the ants continue suffering. He eats the nacho with the son ant first, making sure to chew it slowly so the ant suffers, eating it feet first. He then grabs the nacho containing the daughter ant, and chews it slowly, repeating the same process with the baby and mother ants. As the iris zooms in towards his face, Sniffles laughs maniacally one more time.


"Revenge is a dish best served hot!"


  1. The ants are eaten by Sniffles as nacho toppings.


  1. Sniffles breaks his legs after tripping over a log, putting him in a wheelchair.
  2. Sniffles is critically injured by his own bomb, which the ants throw back at him.
  3. Sniffles' eye is stabbed by an ant, causing it to bleed.
  4. The ants are squashed by Sniffles' fist, and are baked into nachos.

Survival Rate

  • Amount of surviving main characters: 1
  • Amount of dead main characters: 4
  • Total rate: 20%


  • This is the first appearance of The Ants since the TV episode "Tongue In Cheek".