Austin Petty (Adam Petty Survives)

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Austin and his grandfather Richard.

Austin Petty, born March 24, 1982, is a former Nationwide Series and Craftsmen Truck Series driver in NASCAR auto racing.

Racing Career

Craftsmen Truck Series

Austin, inspired by his family's racing legacy, got funding from his father Kyle Petty and brother Adam Petty to start racing part-time in the Truck Series under his own team, Austin Petty Racing, in 2003. Austin won 4 races of his 9 starts in the 2003 Craftsmen season, finishing 7th in points standings. His debut made Austin and Adam the first fourth-generation related drivers competing at the same time in NASCAR history.

In 2004 he announced he'd be racing full-time, and won 6 races throughout the season, finishing 2nd in points.

In 2005 Austin won 3 races throughout the season and finished 11th in points.

In 2006 Austin won his first Craftsmen championship with 12 wins. He dominated the truck season.

In 2007 he competed in only 5 races, but managed 2 wins. The reason he only raced 5 races was his move up to the Nationwide Series.

In 2008 Austin won his second championship, winning 10 races throughout the season.

In 2009 Austin had the "worst season of his truck career", with no wins and only 3 top 5s. Austin left for the Nationwide Series at the end of the season.

Nationwide Series

In 2007 Austin tried out Nationwide Series racing, and found some success, winning 3 races throughout the season. He decided he wasn't quite ready to drive full-time in the Nationwide Series yet.

In 2010 Austin came into Nationwide racing full-time, and had a breakout year, winning the 2010 championship by 37 points after he won 7 races.

In 2011 Austin went winless in the Nationwide series, and decided he would see what 2012 would hold.

In 2012 Austin retired after he only won 1 race, and had 5 DNFs. He decided he'd leave racing to his brother Adam.

Personal Life

Austin gets along well with his family, and him and his brother Adam drag race their personal cars often. He also goes for walks with Adam and his grandfather Richard when he can. He is married to Sarah Petty. They have a son called Adam Petty Jr., who was born in 2013.