Blood Judgment (film) (Johnsonverse)

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Blood Judgment original poster.png
Genre: Action
Photography: Color
Running Time: 150 minutes
Release Date: May 8, 1993
Production Companies: Johnson Studios
Timothy Hill Productions
Distributed by: Johnson Studios
Directed by: Timothy Hill
Written by: Timothy Hill
Based on his book Blood and Peace
Produced by: Timothy Hill
Music by: Ennio Morricone
Starring: Phil Hartman
Eddie Murphy
Elsie Parsons
R. Lee Ermey
George Carlin
Michelle Pfeiffer
Jim Carrey
Language: English
Country: United States
Photography: Color
Budget: $95 million
Box office: $200 million
Next film: Blood Judgment II (1998)

Blood Judgment is a 1993 American satirical action and crime thriller film written, produced and directed by Timothy Hill, based on his 1978 novel Blood and Peace. The film stars Phil Hartman, Eddie Murphy, Elsie Parsons, R. Lee Ermey, George Carlin, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Jim Carrey. The follows an undercover police officer named Lennie "Kobra" Willis and his deputy Karl Bundy, who are hired by the FBI to take out wanted criminals, only to expose a big conspiracy.

The film was released on May 8, 1993. Critics praised it for its acting, its music score by Ennio Morricone, and its action sequences. The film grossed $200 million against a budget of $95 million. It has received several sequels and a television series.


In the year 2013, Lennie "Kobra" Willis (Phil Hartman) is an undercover cop in New York City. He works alongside his deputy Karl Bundy (Eddie Murphy). Together, they disguise themselves to bring down criminal operations such as human trafficking, drug dealing, and all sorts of other crimes. Their superior, Brock Irons (George Carlin), assigns them to track down and kill a terrorist who tried to assassinate Donny Lennon (R. Lee Ermey), the President of the United States. When they kill the terrorist, Lennie and Karl are then assigned to sabotage a drug and prostitute deal going on in Brooklyn between a Mafia family and the Cartel.

When they succeed, Lennie and Karl are greeted by Irons, who gives them one last assignment for the day: taking out an active shooter on the New York subway. The shooter, however, is actually a random African-American man. Lennie and Karl realize that Irons is a racist who plans to restore white supremacy to the US. They decide to leave the force and start a rebellion.






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