Bobby Bear (Johnsonverse)

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Bobby Bear.jpg
Ludicrous Limericks character
First appearance: "Hillbilly Bear" (1947)
Created by: Randy Perkins
Gerald Jankowski
Bob Clampett
Voiced by: Mel Blanc (1947-1989)
Gregg Berger (1990-present)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Significant other: Beatrice Bear (love interest)
Nationality: American

Robert Jameson Bear is a cartoon character in the Ludicrous Limericks series. He was created by Randy Perkins, Gerald Jankowski, and Bob Clampett, and made his debut in 1947 with the short "Hillbilly Bear".

A dim-witted tan bear,



Upon leaving Warner Bros. Animation for Johnson Studios, Clampett was asked by Perkins to create a character.

The voice for Bobby was Mel Blanc, who voiced him until his 1989 death. Gregg Berger was cast to replace him, and has voiced the character ever since.