Broken USA

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Broken USA is a scenario in which the United States collapses after The American Civil war due to poor reconstruction and rebellion. Every state becomes it's own country, some small ones toppling down the bigger ones and vice versa to form what is on this map. (in 2020)

Alaskan Empire: Like a small version of Russia, not much stands out except the indigenous tribes.

Arizonan Republic: The Arizona territory teams up with nearby states to topple California, and then double crosses their allies, taking them over and making Arizona not only the most powerful North American nation, but a world power.

Cascadian Federation: Canada takes over this land but has trouble maintaining it leading to it seceding from Canada.

Carolgina: North Carolina and West Virginia both take over this area, becoming a large power.

Kingdom of Hawaii: Hawaii is never annexed by the USA, and stays it's own country.

Miami Pact: Florida takes over its northern neighbors, and no, it doesn't have slavery :/.

New England: Massachusetts, being the most powerful nation in the area, seizes all of New England for itself.

Republic of Idaho: Idaho takes over the weaker nations around it, becoming the sole Northern Mountain nation.

People's Republic of Michigan: Michigan never ends up filing for bankruptcy, so instead becomes a powerful industrial nation in the 1940s. However, the workers become unhappy and with the help of the USSR manage to turn Michigan into a communist state.

Texan Empire: Texas starts to take over neighbors, but by the time it reaches the west it knows it can't take on Arizona, so it becomes locked in and never takes over a large portion of America as some people would expect.

United States of America: The government in Washington DC manages to take NYC and a large amount of area around it, but never manages to take back the rest of its former country, but still stays a powerful nation thanks to Wall Street, etc.