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The Johnsonverse is an alternate history timeline in which a large mega-corporation known as Johnson Industries exists. The timeline features massive changes in almost all fields, including pop culture, society, and politics, whether incurred by Johnson or at the creator's whim. Some changes include Disney being bought out by Johnson in 2013, Japan being annexed by the United States upon the Treaty of San Francisco, Executive Order 9066 never being signed, the Korean War ending months after it began with a South Korean victory, the United States negotiating a ceasefire between the Nationalists and Communists in China and creating two Chinas, Project Apollo continuing to the present day, commercial manned spaceflight becoming a thing in 2000, and a high-speed rail line from Vancouver to Tijuana. In addition, people like Phil Hartman, Carrie Fisher, and Robin Williams are still alive, while John Kricfalusi and John Lasseter's sexual assault allegations turned out to be false, and Tony Stewart never declined as a NASCAR driver, among other differences.


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