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Chloe Johnson, who oversaw the park's renovations, with costumed Mickey and Minnie Mouse performers at the park on July 20, 2019.

In 2014, during the renovation of Disneyland Park and Changes to Disney California Adventure, Tim Johnson started renovations on Walt Disney World Resort to be completed in 2016 for the resort's 45th anniversary. He brought his twin sister Chloe to oversee the renovations so that Tim could focus on the California parks. As with the Disneyland renovations, the changes almost completely transformed the resort. In addition, the classic 1971-1996 logo was revived, as Chloe felt that the 1996 and 2005 logos “represented a (Paul) Pressler and (Michael) Eisner type of park, not a Walt Disney park, which is now rising from the ashes like a phoenix”.


Immediate changes came to the transit system, most notably a massive expansion of the monorail system. New lines were built to serve all parks, resorts, and Disney Springs, including the Disney Springs resorts. A monorail line was also built to Orlando International Airport to replace Disney's Magical Express. Another line to Port Canaveral for Disney Cruise Line passengers had also been discussed, before the decision was made to instead build one to Orlando station and run boat trains the rest of the way using ex-Amtrak Superliners.

As a result of monorail construction, Disney Transport was suddenly left with a massive bus fleet that had been rendered redundant. Many were kept as backups in the event the monorails couldn't run, while the rest were either sold to cities and private operators, or used by Continental Rail to run feeder bus services to rural communities lacking a rail line or train station (mainly as a stop-gap measure until a station or branchline can be built). Any unused buses, primarily the oldest ones in the fleet, either went to museums, private collectors, or scrap.

For this vastly expanded system, the Mark VI monorails were retired and sent to Disneyland to serve as reserve trains. In their place, the Mark VIII trains were built by Continental Rail at the San Jose shops. Identical to their Disneyland counterparts (resembling the Mark III trains with sliding windows and air conditioning) except that the Disney World trains have one extra car.

Other changes were comparatively minor. Magic Kingdom's parking lot was expanded after the Walt Disney World Speedway was closed and replaced with a newer, larger track elsewhere on the property. Six new lots were added, three per side: the Heroes side gained the Shinji, Jenny, and Finn lots (the Finn lot was later renamed the Neptune lot after Adventure Time ended in 2018), while the Villains side gained the Palpatine, Starscream, and Dr. Mustafa lots (with the Mustafa lot renamed the Teto lot after the release of Vocaloid and Godzilla IV); in a case of poor communication, the signs for the Jenny lot originally depicted Jenny giving a death glare, but these never went up due to the "Orwellian" atmosphere they gave off, and the signs were replaced with new ones showing Jenny giving a small smile instead. In addition, several of the existing lots were renamed, with the Rapunzel lot being renamed the Luke Skywalker lot, the Mulan lot renamed the Iron Man lot, the Ursula lot renamed the Frollo lot, and the Cruella lot renamed the Onizuka lot. Disney's CineVenture saw the Olaf, Buzz, and Jessie lots renamed to the Asuka, Makayla, and Kermit lots. Animal Kingdom's Dinosaur lot was renamed the Godzilla lot.

Finally, the Fort Wilderness Railroad was completely rebuilt, with a gauge of three feet instead of 30 inches, and a physical connection to the Walt Disney World Railroad permitting trains from either system to be operated on each other; as a result, a new fleet of steam locomotives and passenger cars was built. The new Fort Wilderness Railroad falls under Continental Rail jurisdiction, and all locomotives and rolling stock bear the iconic Continental "Blue Globe" logo introduced in 1967.

Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle was repainted in 2020 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the 1950 film Cinderella, with dark blue turrets, gold trim accents, darker stone, and a slight rose pink color.

The Walt Disney World Railroad saw a new eight-mile spur line splitting off at Fantasyland built. This line goes into the mangroves and swamps, and provides a scenic train ride. Eight trips depart Main Street daily using a special set of open-air gondolas with the seats facing sideways (these are not like the Disneyland Holiday cars, but rather, more like typical tourist cars). Trains go up the branchline, run around at a recreation of Grizzly Flats, then return tender-first. As a result of this, the second platform at Main Street Station was replaced by a passing track to allow the scenic train (officially known as the "Grizzly Flats Special") to stay out the way of the normal trains running the regular loop. The Grizzly Flats Special only runs during peak periods such as summer and the holiday season, and is powered by the locomotive not running on the regular loop; when the Walter E. Disney was sent to San Jose for overhaul in 2018, the Walt Disney World Railroad used a locomotive from the Fort Wilderness Railroad.

Main Street USA

Main Street saw little change, other than the restoration of various elements that had been replaced by resort management in the 1990s with retail space selling generic Disney merchandise, a move that had turned Main Street into what Chloe called "a glorified outdoor shopping mall". Among these were the Penny Arcade, Main Street Cinema, Greenhouse, The Hallmark Shop, and Main Street Book Shop. Other changes included changes that had also been made to Disneyland's Main Street, such as cast members dressed as Main Street residents, the Main Street Gazette newspaper, and more daily showtimes for the Dapper Dans. Plans to remove the voices from Mickey and Minnie Meet and Greet at Town Square Theater to cut costs were scuttled, as Chloe felt that it would "prioritize cash over visitor experience"; the voices were instead upgraded to include thousands of new lines recorded by their respective voice actors, Bret Iwan and Russi Taylor, with guests' names being generated with an advanced speech module designed to replicate their voices while keeping them realistic. With Taylor's 2019 death, thousands of new voice recordings of her replacement, Kaitlyn Robrock, were added the following year, though some of Taylor's old recordings were kept. (As an aside, several characters who had not yet made an appearance in Walt Disney World such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, as well as characters from other Johnson properties such as Chocodile and Jenny, made their debut in this park upon its reopening.)

Residential Street

As with Disneyland, a side street located between Main Street and Tomorrowland quietly opened in June 2015. Like its Disneyland counterpart, it is suburban in nature, and hosts the Downtown Connector horse-drawn streetcar, the Magic Kingdom Model Railroad Club (themed to the Florida East Coast instead of the Sierra Line), Railroad Corner shop, and Neighborhood Pantry restaurant.


Unlike Disneyland, Adventureland received relatively few changes. Jungle Cruise was upgraded with new animatronics, Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room had all of its cuts reverted and all traces of the ill-fated "Under New Management" version removed, Aladdin's Magic Carpets were unceremoniously removed, as Chloe believed they were unnecessary after Dumbo was expanded in 2011, and that they disrupted traffic flow. Swiss Family Treehouse was completely unchanged.

Pirates of the Caribbean, meanwhile, was altered to the point it was nothing like the ride that opened in 1973. The entire show building was gutted and expanded to create an exact recreation of the Disneyland version, including the Blue Bayou, tunnels, and drops. As with its Disneyland counterpart, all movie tie-in elements were removed and replaced by the original elements and scenes, which also entailed reverting any political correctness; Tim and Chloe defended the decision by saying "you can't sanitize history" in a 2019 press release.

Consideration was given to cloning Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye or resurrecting the scrapped Fire Mountain roller coaster with a Moana theme, but ultimately, the Temple of the Forbidden Eye clone was installed at Animal Kingdom by reskinning DINOSAUR, while Fire Mountain remained shelved, though there are plans to include it in the park eventually.


Despite already having two E-ticket attractions (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain), Chloe went into the Disney archives and found concept art and blueprints for Marc Davis' unrealized project, Western River Expedition. Built behind Big Thunder Mountain, the ride was built as envisioned, incorporating all of the audio that had been created for the ride, as well as new audio that was filtered to sound as aged as the existing audio. This, however, created a problem of there being three boat rides (Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, and Western River Expedition) in close proximity to each other, but guest surveys found that nobody cared; they were just glad to have Western River Expedition after a long absence. WRE’s opening also allowed Splash Mountain to undergo a nearly two-year refurbishment, as the ride, like its Disneyland counterpart, had long been a victim of deferred maintenance.

Other changes included bringing back Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes (a victim of budget cuts in 1994), and restoring the five minutes cut from Country Bear Jamboree in 2012.

Liberty Square

Liberty Square didn't see much change. The Hall of Presidents was updated in 2017 with a new Donald Trump animatronic, very reluctantly due to the fact that Johnson Industries is highly liberal and openly hostile towards the Trump administration; as a result, Johnson was considering shutting it down and replacing it with a different attraction entirely (there were rumors that they had already prepared a Sheldon Johnson, Jr. animatronic in case he was elected as President of the United States; this rumor was confirmed following Johnson's victory on November 7, 2020, with the animatronic debuting at noon on January 20, 2021, coinciding with Johnson's inauguration). The Haunted Mansion saw the same changes as its Disneyland counterpart: the addition of the Hat Box Ghost, and the restoration of several lines of narration, not to mention changing the safety spiels played during stops back to X Atencio's voice after it had been replaced by Corey Burton's voice at an unknown point in time.

On the Rivers of America, a second sternwheeler, the Becky Thatcher, was added. This wasn't a new build, but an authentic riverboat that had come from Essex, Connecticut after Continental Rail had purchased the Valley Railroad and changed the focus solely on the trains. Slightly modified to run on the river's track, the Thatcher's introduction allowed the Liberty Belle riverboat to undergo a top-to-bottom rebuild, and upon returning to service, was renamed the Mark Twain. In addition to this, the Mike Finke Keel Boats reopened, as they did in Disneyland.


Initial plans called for Pooh's Playful Spot to be demolished, and the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Submarine Voyage to be rebuilt. Chloe, however, knew this wasn't feasible, and so instead moved forward with plans for a clone of the Little Mermaid dark ride at Disney California Adventure, Beauty and the Beast area, and the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. The area near the Fantasyland train station became an East Coast clone of Storybook Land, including the Casey Jr. Circus Train and Storybook Land Canal Boats. And as in Disneyland, the Skyway was rebuilt and reopened.

Also carried out was closing The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and rebuilding Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in the state it was in when closed in 1998. Mickey's PhilharMagic was also closed in favor of an updated version of the Mickey Mouse Revue with new animatronics that are designed to look exactly like the costumed characters in the park; this updated version replaces "All in a Golden Afternoon" and "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" with "Friend Like Me" and "I See The Light", with the attraction periodically updated with new segments.


As Tim did with Disneyland's Tomorrowland, Chloe earmarked Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland as the land in most need of attention. Unlike Disneyland's, though, Chloe saw that less work was needed.

First, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover was renamed back to its original name, the WEDWay PeopleMover, with a new narration by John O'Hurley, who also does the narration for Disneyland's reopened PeopleMover; Alamo Rent-A-Car remained as the sponsor. Stitch's Great Escape was closed without warning on June 7, 2014, and the space remained vacant for several years before becoming an East Coast clone of Keroro's Tokyo Tours from Disneyland's Tokyo Plaza. Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress received a badly-needed update, with a new voice cast (including Jeff Bergman as Father, Tress MacNeille as Mother, Sirena Irwin as Daughter, Tom Kenny as Young Son, Charlie Adler as Teenage Son, the late Fred Willard as Grandfather, Mary Jo Catlett as Grandmother, Betty White as Grandmother in Act 4, and Phil LaMarr as the Radio Personalities; the only voice from prior versions that remained was that of the late Mel Blanc as Uncle Orville and the parrot) and a new finale featuring such technology as Blu-ray and USD, actual modern virtual reality (in this case, the Oculus Rift and later the HTC Vive), satellite television (in the form of Johnson-owned PrimeStar), and smartphones. This is in contrast to the Disneyland version, which reverted to the 1967 version and is decidedly dated, but kept that way as part of the land's theming. General Electric also returned as sponsor.

Space Mountain went down for a lengthy refurbishment that included a complete re-tracking of the ride (as Tim said his back had been tweaked when riding it shortly after the acquisition was approved). In addition, the ride gained a new-old sponsor in Johnson-owned RCA, which entailed the reintroduction of the 1985 music track (except in the entrance and queue where it had never been removed, even when FedEx was sponsor). Tomorrowland Speedway was renamed Autopia and extended beyond the railroad tracks, with two grade crossings just as with Disneyland's Autopia, though unlike its West Coast counterpart, this Autopia doesn't go into an underground show building due to Florida's high water table, but instead, simply goes into the mangroves on a scenic drive.

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin closed in January 2015, and the space remained vacant until construction began on an East Coast version of Mega Man's Dimensional Blast; the delay in construction was due to Chloe being torn between cloning the Mega Man attraction or creating a train-themed version of If You Had Wings (an attraction Continental Rail was ready to sponsor at the drop of a hat). Unlike its West Coast counterpart, which closed briefly in 2017, the Magic Kingdom version has never closed. Also, the Magic Kingdom version does not go underground, again due to Florida's water table. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor was closed and rebuilt back into a CircleVision Theatre to present an updated version of The Timekeeper, with Robin Williams and Rhea Perlman reprising their respective roles as Timekeeper and Nine-Eye (Robin Williams never committed suicide in the Johnsonverse).

Finally, as in Fantasyland, the Skyway was rebuilt and reopened.


Chloe identified Epcot as the park that needed the most work. This resulted in massive changes, one of which included realizing Walt Disney's original vision of a functioning city.

Future World

More than anything, Future World was in dire need of work. Much of it had either become outdated or lost its original edutainment mission.

Spaceship Earth initially went unchanged, before a refurbishment occurred in 2018; this fifth refurb brought Patrick Stewart aboard as narrator, reintroduced several long-lost effects, and changed the ending. The cupola music was changed to the John Williams score for Close Encounters of the Third Kind, used with Columbia Pictures and Steven Spielberg's permission, before transitioning into "Tomorrow's Child" from the 1986 version of the ride. After Siemens' sponsorship ended in 2017, PrimeStar became the new sponsor on October 1, 2018.

Ellen's Energy Adventure was closed and converted back to the original 1982 version of Universe of Energy, including the Kinetic Mosaic screens in the pre-show. Absolutely no trace of the Ellen DeGeneres version was left behind; Chloe viewed the DeGeneres version as "desperate" and "dated", while the original version was a lot more "timeless" and, despite the aged look and sound of the film, still very relevant. ExxonMobil returned as the sponsor. Reportedly, DeGeneres herself received her animatronic counterpart as a gift from the twins.

Mission: SPACE was shut down and demolished to completely rebuild Horizons, once again sponsored by General Electric. The resurrected attraction was essentially the original version, but with an updated ending; like with Western River Expedition, the new audio was put through a filter to "age" it and keep it in line with the existing audio.

Test Track was slated to be shut down and converted back to World of Motion before Chloe realized it would leave Eastern Future World without any thrill rides short of reopening Body Wars or going through with a proposal to replace Universe of Energy with a Guardians of the Galaxy-themed rollercoaster. Therefore, she instead decided to give the ride a NASCAR overlay, with a story similar to the original version in which guests are testing Strictly Stock Cars for the manufacturers before sending them on to Panasonic Cup Series teams; the overhauled ride was renamed NASCAR Test Track, and is sponsored by, of course, NASCAR.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends lost its Finding Nemo theming, reverting back to its original Sea Base Alpha theme, complete with the Hydrolators.

At The Land, Living with the Land once again became Listen to the Land, regaining its old theme song and the "Symphony of the Seed" intro. Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable was unceremoniously closed; its space was used for a performing arts program before a new film called Awesome Planet quietly opened in January 2020. Soarin' was untouched, but did receive a new ending with Epcot instead of Disneyland circa 1999.

Wonders of Life was a curious case. Reportedly, shortly after work on Epcot began, Tim and Chloe investigated Cranium Command and found that everything was untouched. They also investigated Body Wars to find the simulators had been removed. Ultimately, they decided to demolish the pavilion in favor of a new Space Pavilion to compensate for the closure of Mission SPACE. The new Space Pavilion echoes earlier plans for such a pavilion, including a dark ride called Spacewalk, which involves guests being strapped into jetpacks that they can control to rotate and pitch up and down (they cannot pitch more than 45 degrees); Spacewalk is often described as one of Disney's best attractions for recreating the sensation of going on EVA without forcing guests to put on bulky spacesuits. Also included in the pavilion are a restaurant called Space Place (named in tribute to the former restaurant at Disneyland that is now an overflow queue for Space Mountain), and interactive displays about space. The Space Pavilion is sponsored by SpaceX.

The Imagination Pavilion was the first pavilion to be changed. In fact, of all the things at Walt Disney World, it was at the top of Chloe's priority list. Days after she began making changes, Journey into Imagination with Figment was closed and gutted to rebuild the pavilion back to its original state, using all the props that the Johnsons acquired during the original's ill-fated conversion into Journey into YOUR Imagination. When it reopened on October 1, 2015, it had reverted back to the 1983 version, with Johnson-owned Kodak returning as sponsor (this meant new audio for the sponsor didn't have to be recorded, as Billy Barty, the original voice of Figment, had died in 2000). In addition, the original ImageWorks, including the Rainbow Corridor, was restored and reopened after Disney had begun work to turn it into a Disney Vacation Club lounge when the Johnson buyout occurred. The return of the original Journey Into Imagination was widely praised.

Finally, Innoventions, long a victim of indecision, was simply closed, both buildings essentially becoming a large department store that allowed for a centralized retail location for all of Future World and gave Chloe the pretext she needed to remove the much-ridiculed gift shops at the exits of certain attractions. After learning why the former CommuniCore buildings have high ceilings, Chloe ordered the construction of a PeopleMover. Opened in September 2017, the Epcot PeopleMover uses Disneyland's Goodyear tire system and covered car style rather than Magic Kingdom's linear induction system and roofed track; the Epcot cars are painted in the 1987 PeopleMover paint scheme. The ride goes through all Future World pavilions (except Spaceship Earth), and is, like the Disneyland and Magic Kingdom PeopleMovers, narrated by John O' Hurley.

World Showcase

World Showcase saw major additions and changes. The only pavilions not altered were Mexico and The American Adventure.

Aside from the aforementioned pavilions, all of the other existing pavilions saw changes. Norway's Maelstrom boat ride was replaced by Frozen Ever After, albeit very reluctantly as neither Tim nor Chloe were fans of oversaturating the franchise; their hand was forced by Tim's daughter, Bella. China received a new CircleVision film in 2019. Germany's partially-built Rhine River Cruise finally saw the light of day, as originally envisioned. Italy received a canal boat ride very similar to the one at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

One of the biggest additions was in the Japan pavilion (the Japan pavilion is an extension of the American pavilion due to the Japanese States having a large degree of separation from the Contiguous United States culture-wise). Plans for a bullet train simulator were resurrected and given a Monster World theme. Known as Mayday Tokyo, the ride casts guests as citizens of Tokyo evacuating aboard the Earth Defense Force's new Emergency Evacuation Rail System (EERS) ahead of a major kaiju attack on Downtown Tokyo. The ride sees guests encounter iconic kaiju and the Evangelions in a hectic escape that ends with the train being thrown by Spacegodzilla, only to be caught by Godzilla, who proceeds to battle his evil doppelganger and send him packing. Japan also received a small theatre in the back of the Mitsukoshi store featuring a Ho-Kago Tea Time (from K-On!) animatronic show in the same fashion as at Japanese states ShowBiz Pizza Place locations; this installation was notable for being the last show to feature the original four-member and Rolfe DeWolfe configuration until Azusa and Ui were quietly added just before Thanksgiving in 2018. Finally, the theater that was intended to host Meet the World was rebuilt, and the show finally came to Epcot, using the English soundtrack that had been recorded in 1981.

Morocco received a new show featuring traditional Moroccan music. France received a clone of the Ratatouille dark ride built at Walt Disney Studios Paris, which opened in September 2020 (it was originally scheduled to open in May 2020 before the COVID-19 outbreak hit the United States). The United Kingdom received a Mary Poppins dark ride. And Canada received a new CircleVision film bereft of Martin Short, as well as a Brother Bear raft ride. The Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros in Mexico was stripped of its theming and restored back to El Rio del Tiempo. Of the existing pavilions, America went completely unchanged, though The American Adventure did receive an update in 2018, an update that originally involved updating the "Golden Dreams" finale with a pop sound before Tim found out and fired the people who came up with the idea, but by then, the new version had been recorded. The new version ultimately ended up going unused, but was leaked on YouTube, and the update ended up using a new orchestration of "Golden Dreams" by the Johnson Philharmonic Orchestra.

In addition to changes made to the existing pavilions, new countries were added to the World Showcase for the first time since Morocco opened in 1988. The big addition was Switzerland, which finally saw an East Coast clone of Disneyland's Matterhorn Bobsleds built. This Matterhorn is completely identical to the Disneyland version, even having the holes for the Skyway (even though Epcot lacks such a ride), Abominable Snowman animatronics, and rough track, plus the famed Jack Wagner safety spiel.

Other new countries include Denmark (featuring a Viking-themed roller coaster to compensate for Maelstrom's closure), Spain (featuring a film chronicling the defeat of the Spanish Armada; this film was shot at Johnson Studios in San Jose and makes heavy use of models and pyrotechnics), India (featuring a comedic show about the stereotype of Indian call centers with audience participation that quickly became wildly popular for its unpredictability; to date, it has seen surprisingly no controversy due to its satirical nature; a simulator of a ride on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was added in 2019), Saudi Arabia (featuring a clone of the Aladdin show playing at Disney California Adventure), and Nepal (featuring a show demonstrating Buddhist monk rituals). Chloe reportedly had to resist the urge to greenlight an Israel pavilion as, according to her, "such a pavilion is gonna paint a big, fat target on the entire resort for a major terrorist attack".

No changes were made to the Friendship Boats.

Disney's CineVenture

Chloe felt Disney's Hollywood Studios had strayed too far from its original vision as a working studio, and saw fit to rename the park to Disney's CineVenture (she wanted to rename it Disney's Worlds of Adventure, but realized Universal would take Johnson to court due to the similar name).

Not much changed at the park. The Great Movie Ride was slated to be closed and replaced with a Mickey Mouse attraction, but this plan was torpedoed by Chloe, who felt doing so "would be ripping the park's soul out" (the short "Vacation Fun" became a standard episode of the 2013 Mickey Mouse series, with the rest of the proposed ride's plot became the premise of a new theatrical short known as "The Runaway Railway", released on March 4, 2020); the only major change to The Great Movie Ride was an extensive refurbishment that finally fixed the long-broken "By a Waterfall" scene from Footlight Parade. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Rock n Roller Coaster were allowed to remain as-is, though there are plans to retheme Rock n Roller Coaster with Steam Powered Giraffe once Aerosmith's contract is up.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opened in August 2019, and Star Tours was moved to the new land. In the meantime, Star Tours' old location became an East Coast clone of SpaceVenture, themed after the Tim Johnson-directed hybrid series Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Space War. This version features new dialogue from Rom and Ram in the queue in which they acknowledge the fact they are in Florida, complain about the summer heat and humidity, and outright insult Universal, in addition to the dialogue recorded for the Disneyland version; reportedly, some of the unused dialogue that Carrie Keranan and Shelby Lindley had recorded was used for the Florida version, specifically the cracks at Universal. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - Play It! was revived in 2016, with an updated set, lifelines and music based on the then-current identity of the show (these were updated again in January 2020 to coincide with the arrival of new host Craig Ferguson after the retirement of Regis Philbin, who hosted the show from 1999 to 2002 in the ABC era and again in the WBC era from 2013 to 2019). In addition, The Simpsons Ride was moved from Universal Studios Florida to Walt Disney World in September 2020, and was replaced with a Despicable Me ride (its Hollywood counterpart will also move to Disneyland in January 2021, though its replacement is unknown).

Finally, Toy Story Land was built as in OTL, the Indiana Jones Stunt Show Spectacular was replaced by a Detective Jenny stunt show that makes no attempt to show the filming process, and Fantasmic! received a new dragon identical to Disneyland's, though this time, there were no delays or technical issues.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Quite a few changes came to Animal Kingdom.

Beastly Kingdom

Plans for Pandora - The World of Avatar were thrown out immediately after the Johnson buyout in favor of building Beastly Kingdom as planned (Johnson did not ask for a refund on the licensing fee from 20th Century Fox, which they got anyway after acquiring the studio on March 20, 2019). All attractions were built as originally envisioned, including Fantasia Gardens, Dragon's Keep, and Quest for the Unicorn.

South America

A concept of what EPICFAIL will look like.

Dinoland USA was rethemed into a South America section. While Chloe liked the idea of a section featuring extinct animals, she felt Dinoland left a lot to be desired; it's rumored that Chloe is planning a new section featuring dinosaurs elsewhere in the park.

DINOSAUR was shuttered shortly after Chloe's project began, and reopened a year later as an East Coast clone of Disneyland's Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, an immediate crowd-pleaser.

Finding Nemo: The Musical closed due to Chloe finding it an "unnecessary time-waster". For a while, she had no idea what to do with the Theater in the Wild, and so it was gutted and made as inconspicuous as possible by decorating it to look like an abandoned building, essentially becoming a warehouse to store things removed during the resort-wide overhaul; among the items reportedly inside included the Finding Nemo: The Musical puppets, costumes, props, and set pieces, all of the Mission SPACE simulators and props, the three-headed troll from Maelstrom, anything from Journey into Imagination with Figment that wasn't personally burned by Tim and Chloe along with an effigy of Michael Eisner and the charred remains of everything that was burned, including the effigy's remains, pretty much everything from Cranium Command, figures and ride vehicles from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, all of the Jack Sparrow animatronics from Pirates of the Carribbean, the plane and truck from the Indiana Jones Stunt Show Spectacular, and several animatronics from Splash Mountain that had long been malfunctioning and eventually replaced, among many, many other items. Tim and Chloe have announced plans to open the building to the public as a museum to demonstrate the cost of progress, titled "The E.P.I. Collection of Failures, Anti-Imagination, and Letdowns" (the acronym E.P.I. representing Michael Eisner, Paul Pressler, and Bob Iger), or EPICFAIL, for short, which will open in 2021, and will utilize those items, alongside videos of the now-closed attractions and statues of Eisner, Pressler, and Iger outside the building, which, in addition to retaining many exterior details, will include a second story and the addition of an underwater floor underground, with South American decor inside the building to tie it into the South America theme.

Chester & Hester's Dinorama was unceremoniously demolished and replaced by a suspended roller coaster themed to the rainforest and Detective Jenny called Battle for the Amazon. The attraction sees guests recruited by Team Jenny to take out an illegal logging operation being used as a front for a Red Scorpion plot to overthrow the Brazilian government. The land also features the Rainforest Trail, featuring South American animals.


Not much changed in Africa. Kilimanjaro Safari was unchanged, except for removing the last remnants of the old poacher storyline, and Gorilla Falls also remained unchanged.

The Wildlife Express Train had its locomotives converted from diesel-hydraulic to actual steam, as Tim and Chloe abhor steam-outline locomotives, believing them to be "sacrilege". Otherwise, the trainsets remained unchanged, as did Rafiki's Planet Watch.


Chloe's second priority, after bringing back the original Journey Into Imagination at Epcot, was getting the yeti animatronic in Expedition Everest working again. To that end, after Dragon's Keep opened, she shut down the ride and told Imagineer Joe Rohde "he's all yours". After a two-year refurbishment, the issue with the yeti's base was finally rectified, and on April 22, 2018, the 20th anniversary of the park's opening, the ride reopened with the yeti running in A-mode once more.

Other than the badly-needed repairs to Expedition Everest, nothing else in Asia changed.


A brand-new Australia section was built behind Asia. This land features a new trail, the Outback Trail, which has Australian animals. Also featured is a dolphin show, and a dark ride themed after The Rescuers Down Under, which features Bob Newhart reprising his role as Bernard and Cate Blanchett as Miss Bianca.

Monster Island

A land completely developed by Chloe alone, Monster Island is tied exclusively to neither the Monster World continuity nor the Johnson Aligned Universe, but rather, takes inspiration from both. There are no real animals, but there is a PeopleMover (using the Goodyear tire system) that takes guests past animatronic versions of kaiju such as Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan (none except Baby Godzilla are full-bodied, as a full 50-meter Godzilla animatronic would be visible all the way in Orlando and be considered an eyesore). Guests can also engage in meet-and-greets with Baby Godzilla and various characters from Monster World and Johnson Aligned Universe shows. This highly-immersive land takes the form of a visitor's center on Monster Island itself, run by the Earth Defense Force.

List of attractions

Magic Kingdom

Main Street USA

  • Walt Disney World Railroad (presented by Continental Rail)
  • Main Street Vehicles


  • Jungle Cruise
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Swiss Family Treehouse
  • Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room (presented by Florida Citrus Growers)


  • Walt Disney World Railroad (presented by Continental Rail)
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Splash Mountain
  • Western River Expedition
  • Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes
  • Country Bear Jamboree
  • Frontierland Shootin' Arcade

Liberty Square

  • Haunted Mansion
  • Liberty Riverboat Landing (Mark Twain and Becky Thatcher Riverboats)
  • Mike Finke Keel Boats
  • The Hall of Presidents
  • The Muppets Present...Great Moments in American History


  • Walt Disney World Railroad (presented by Continental Rail)
  • Peter Pan's Flight
  • It's a Small World
  • Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  • Under the Sea: The Voyage of the Little Mermaid
  • Seven Dwarves Mine Train
  • The Barnstormer featuring The Great Goofini
  • Mickey Mouse Revue
  • Skyway to Tomorrowland
  • Enchanted Tales with Belle
  • Casey Jr. Circus Train
  • Storybook Land Canal Boats


  • Space Mountain (presented by RCA)
  • WEDWay PeopleMover (presented by Alamo Rent-A-Car)
  • Mega Man's Dimensional Blast
  • Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress (presented by General Electric)
  • Keroro's Tokyo Tours
  • Autopia (presented by Uber)
  • The Timekeeper
  • Skyway to Fantasyland


Future World

  • Spaceship Earth (presented by PrimeStar)
  • Universe of Energy (presented by ExxonMobil)
  • Space Pavilion (presented by SpaceX)
    • Spacewalk
  • NASCAR Test Track (presented by NASCAR)
  • Journey Into Imagination (presented by Kodak)
  • The Land (presented by Nestle)
    • Soarin'
    • Listen to the Land
  • The Living Seas (presented by Greenpeace)
  • Epcot PeopleMover (presented by Goodyear)

World Showcase

  • Mexico
    • El Rio del Tiempo (presented by Chipotle)
  • Norway
    • Frozen Ever After
  • China
    • Reflections of China
  • Germany
    • Rhine River Cruise (presented by Volkswagen)
    • Model Train Layout (presented by LGB)
  • Italy
    • Canal Boats (presented by Alitalia)
  • The American Adventure (presented by Coca-Cola)
  • Japan
    • Mayday Tokyo (presented by Honda)
  • Morocco
    • Moroccan Musical Festival (presented by Government of Morocco)
  • France
    • Impressions de France
    • Remy's Ratatouille Adventure (opens May 2020)
  • United Kingdom
    • Mary Poppins' Jolly Holiday (presented by Pringles)
  • Canada
    • O Canada!
    • Brother Bear Raft Adventure (presented by Bombardier)
  • Switzerland
    • Matterhorn Bobsleds
  • Denmark
    • Rage of the Vikings
  • India
    • Stereotypical Call Center Starring You
    • Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Adventure
  • Spain
    • Death of the Spanish Armada (presented by RENFE)
  • Nepal
    • Buddhist Monk Ritual
  • Saudi Arabia
    • Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular (presented by Aramco)

Disney's CineVenture

Hollywood Boulevard

  • The Great Movie Ride (presented by Turner Classic Movies)
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? - Play It! (presented by WBC)
  • The Simpsons Ride (presented by Fox)

Echo Lake

  • SpaceVenture (presented by Duracell)
  • Detective Jenny Stunt Show Spectacular (presented by Jell-O)
  • The Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple
  • Monster Sound Show

Grand Avenue

  • Muppet*Vision 3D

Toy Story Land

  • Toy Story Midway Mania
  • Slinky Dog Dash
  • Alien Swirling Saucers

Animation Courtyard

  • Star Wars Launch Bay
  • Walt Disney Presents
  • NERV Recruitment Center
  • East Tokyo Civil Defense Offices

Sunset Boulevard

  • Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith (presented by Hanes)
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  • Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage
  • Fantasmic! (presented by Pop Secret)

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

  • Rise of the Republic
  • Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run
  • Star Tours

Disney's Animal Kingdom


Nothing, really...

Discovery Island

  • Discovery River Boats
  • Tree of Life
  • It's Tough To Be A Bug!

Beastly Kingdom

  • Dragon's Keep
  • Fantasia Gardens
  • Quest for the Unicorn


  • Kilimanjaro Safaris
  • Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail
  • Festival of the Lion King
  • Wildlife Express (presented by Continental Rail)

Rafiki's Planet Watch

  • Conservation Station
  • Habitat Habit!
  • Affection Section
  • Wildlife Express (presented by Continental Rail)


  • Expedition Everest
  • Kali River Rapids
  • Flights of Passage
  • Maharajah Jungle Trek
  • Rivers of Light

South America

  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye (presented by Charter Communications)
  • Battle for the Amazon
  • Rainforest Trail


  • The Rescuers Down Under
  • Dolphin Harbor
  • Outback Trail

Monster Island

  • Monster Island PeopleMover (presented by Goodyear)