Chocodile's Gnarly Theme (Johnsonverse)

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"Chocodile's Gnarly Theme" is the theme song for The Cool Adventures of Chocodile.

It is a synthesized cover of the Chocodile theme, with lyrics describing the show's "coolness" and full of '80s slang, and contained dialogue parts from Chocodile, Vanillagator, and Caracaiman saying their names in a "roll call" as they come out of the Chocodile Clubhouse (while Vanillagator and Caracaiman carry a lot of energy, Chocodile is incredibly slovenly and yells at an off-camera technician to stop the music, but his cries are ignored repeatedly). They all throw brown, tan, and mocha brown confetti (again, Chocodile does it in the most half-hearted way possible and dumps his confetti on the ground), forming the show's logo. Vanillagator and Caracaiman say "So bad!" simultaneously, and Chocodile proceeds to tell viewers that it's not too late to change the channel (the message varies between episodes, but the general concept remains the same, much like the couch gags on The Simpsons and the "day is saved" ending gags of The Powerpuff Girls) as the logo forms. The song is performed by Jamaican reggae band Inner Circle, who would later become famous for the use of their song "Bad Boys" on WBC series Cops (1989-present) and the film series of the same name.


Hey, you gnarly guys
It's time to say hello
To our most excellent pals
That we all righteously know
Chocodule (spoken, slowly): Chocodile...
Vanillagator (spoken, shouting): Vanilagator!
Caracaiman (spoken, laughing): Caracaiman!
I am totally sure
That you will see
Just how good
That they will be!
Chocodile (spoken): Someone, please stop the music!
Just watch them
As the poser Solomon tries
To turn them into rockin'
French fries!
Vanillagator (spoken): That's, like, very radical, dude!
Chocodile (spoken): I hate you both!
You are watching
Chocodile's cool antics
You will never
Ever get sick!
Chocodile (spoken): That's not even a good rhyme.
Vanillagator and Caracaiman (spoken): So bad!
Groovy, rockin',
That describes the show
Totally chillin'!
Chocodile (spoken): (says the message gag as the show's title forms)