List of Concept Division showtapes (Johnsonverse)

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This is a list of showtapes that were part of the Chuck E. Cheese's/ShowBiz Pizza Place Concept Division process from 2015 to 2021.

Under Renovation

This tape played for approximately one week while the stages were being remodeled.


  • Jaret Reddick as Chuck E. Cheese
  • Annagrey Labasse as Helen Henny (2015 version)
  • Caroline Richardson as Helen Henny (2016-2021 versions)
  • Jeremy Blaido as Jasper T. Jowls
  • Earl Fisher as Pasqually P. Pieplate
  • Chris Hill as Mr. Munch
  • Kate Bristol as Harmony Howlette (2016-2021 versions)
  • Aaron Fechter as Billy Bob and Looney Bird


Chuck E. (who is still an animatronic on Right Stage in 3-Stage setups, while in Studio C and Circles of Light setups, he is on his own monitor) and the other band members (shown on individual monitors on Left Stage in the style of Zoom for 3-Stages), commentate on various showtapes made over the years, dating back to the late 1970s, all on a larger monitor on Center Stage. The tape is split into six parts, and at the beginning and end of each part, Chuck E., who is in the know, drops several clues as to who would replace the band, and leaves the rest of his band and the audience to figure it out themselves. At the end, Billy Bob and Looney Bird appear to promote the location's replacement with a ShowBiz Pizza Place.


  • "An overall-clad bear who makes a different kind of gas" (Billy Bob)
  • "A technology-loving red bird who lives in an oil barrel" (Looney Bird)
  • "A slow-witted brown mongrel in an astronaut outfit" (Dook LaRue)
  • "A large, boisterous gorilla with a dominating presence" (Fatz Geronimo)
  • "A sarcastic polar bear who loves to surf" (Beach Bear)
  • "A gossip-loving, cheerleading mouse clad in white and green" (Mitzi Mozzarella Jr.)
  • "A conceited, clueless wolf and wisecracking dummy" (Rolfe DeWolfe and Earl Schmerle)

List of showtapes played

  • PTT Demo Showtape w/Crusty (May 1977)
  • Madame Oink - Around the World (November 1980)
  • Harmony II - Harmony's Hoedown (February 1982)
  • Broadway Helen Henny (August 1983)
  • Tune Machine/Country (March 1988-April 1988)
  • CEC Kiddie Songs (March 1989-April 1989)
  • Concept Unification Premiere (1989-1992)
  • Future (March 1991-April 1991)
  • Working for a Living (September 1992-November 1992)
  • Let the Good Times Roll (January 1994-March 1994)
  • Awesome Adventure Machine (August 1996-November 1996)
  • September 2002 Show (September 2002-November 2002)
  • April 2005 Show (April 2005-June 2005)


Part 1

  • Jasper: Hey, what's going on?
  • Helen: What's with these monitors?
  • Pasqually: And why aren't we on-a stage?
  • Mr. Munch: Seriously, what's going on?! Chuck E., did someone throw pizza on the stage again? We really need better security!
  • Chuck E.: Not this time, Munch. Actually, some hotshot businessman named Mr. Johnson has told me everything. I don't know if you've heard, but pretty soon, this will no longer be a Chuck E. Cheese's.
  • (The entire band gasps in shock)
  • Helen: But what will this become?
  • Jasper: Why is this even happening?
  • Chuck E.: Now, I'm shocked just as you are right now, but I can say that we will still be seen in other locations, so we won't disappear entirely, but we will be replaced in this particular location. I know the new faces who'll replace us, but Mr. Johnson has told me not to give more than a few clues as to who the individual members are. Listen closely, people, because this is going to be valuable. Okay, now the main character is an overall-clad bear. He makes a different kind of gas. All right, that's clue number one. Again, an overall-clad bear who makes a different kind of gas. Take a guess, all right?
  • Pasqually: Hmm...that's a tricky one.
  • Mr. Munch: What kind of gas, exactly? Oh, this is too hard! I don't wanna leave!
  • Chuck E.: I know, and frankly, I don't want to, either. But this is our last show here, so let's make this one count. All right? Now, our second clue is a technology-loving red bird who lives in an oil barrel. Again, a technology-loving red bird who lives in an oil barrel.
  • Jasper: That sounds like Pizzacam. Y'all remember him?
  • Helen: Yeah. It's a shame he became a libertarian and quit to protest Chuck E. becoming a, and I quote, "soulless corporate sellout".
  • Chuck E.: Well, we had to go public! It's the fate of all big companies! Now, we're going to reminisce about the good times we've had all these years. We'll start all the way back at the very beginning. Back when we were the Pizza Time Players, and it was just me, Pasqually, Jasper, and Crusty the Cat.
  • Jasper: I loved that guy! Why did he disappear?
  • Chuck E.: Well, he was fired by Mr. Bushnell for becoming a Communist.
  • Helen: ...ouch.
  • Chuck E.: Don't worry. He happens to be the worst Communist in the world. He thinks the Proletariat is the enemy, but HE'S the Proletariat himself.
  • Mr. Munch: I...don't think any of the kids in the audience are gonna understand what we're talking about.
  • Chuck E.: I know. But Mr. Johnson said we have to start appealing to adults more in addition to kids.
  • Jasper: There's another person I remember.
  • Chuck E.: Who?
  • Jasper: Well, she's a pig. I used to flirt with her.
  • Chuck E.: Let me guess, Madame Oink.
  • Jasper: Ding ding ding ding! Wonder where she is anyway?
  • Helen: I hear she went back to France after a run-in with Miss Piggy. And it was NOT pretty.
  • Chuck E.: Wherever she is, I'm sure she's doing just fine, Helen. Anyway, roll the footage!
  • (The larger monitor plays clips from PTT Demo Showtape and Madame Oink - Around the World.)
  • Chuck E.: We'll be right back with more Pizza Time Theatre and Munch's Make Believe Band highlights, folks.

Part 2

* - These lines are played if the location is in Florida.
** - Added in the November 2016 version.

  • Chuck E.: Alright, we're back. Now, I'm sure you've been hearing a lot of noise from behind the curtains, right?
  • Rest of the band: Right.
  • Chuck E.: Well, they're doing work back there right now. These old stages have needed refurbishment for a long time, and what better time than when this place is becoming something else?
  • Jasper: I still don't wanna go!
  • Mr. Munch: They can't just toss us aside like trash! I've still got a lot of songs left in me! A-a-and there's still so much pizza I haven't eaten! This is inhumane!
  • Helen: Munch, this is no time to panic!
  • Mr. Munch: This is a perfect time to panic! Chuck E. Cheese's is done! Finished! Kaput! We're headed for the place all forgotten musicians go!
  • Pasqually: A retirement home?
  • Mr. Munch: No, worse! Florida!
  • Jasper: No! Not Florida! I hear their climate is crazy and their drivers crazier!
  • Helen: Uh, we're in Florida.*
  • Jasper: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!*
  • Chuck E.: Everyone, please!
  • (The rest of the band goes silent)
  • Chuck E.: Like I said, we're just being replaced here. There's still plenty of Chuck E. Cheese's locations around the country that aren't making the switch!
  • Mr. Munch: I know, Chuck E., but...this particular location (insert joke pertaining to the location undergoing Concept Division)!
  • (As this line is said, Munch's monitor fades to a photo of that location while he says the line)
  • Chuck E.: Yeah, you got a point there. But Mr. Johnson is kind of...hard. Like, I tried persuading him not to go through with it.
  • Helen: How'd he respond?
  • Chuck E.: He threatened to set a girl named Rei on me.
  • Pasqually: You mean Rei Ayanami from-a Monster World? That's a fate worse than-a death!
  • Chuck E.: You're telling me. Anyway, it's time for the next clue. The drummer is a slow-witted brown mongrel in an astronaut outfit. Again, a slow-witted brown mongrel in an astronaut outfit.
  • Jasper: A canine! Say, what's next on our look-back at the good old days?
  • Chuck E.: Someone I'm sure you're familiar with, Jasper. It's Harmony Howlette!
  • Jasper: *howls in excitement*
  • Mr. Munch: Say, whatever happened to her?
  • Pasqually: Last I heard, she was-a hosting the Denver Post Frontier Days rodeo!
  • Chuck E.: You know, don't tell anyone I said anything, but I heard Harmony has been making a resurgence on the music scene as of late.**
  • (Segment ends and the bigger monitor plays part of the "Harmony's Hoedown" showtape.)

Part 3

  • Chuck E.: Now that we're beginning Part 3, guys, everyone knows parties are bound to be held while this location is being converted, so we have to sing our old birthday song from our Pizza Time Players days.
  • Jasper: You mean...
  • Chuck E.: Yeah. "Birthday Extravaganza". Ready?
  • Helen: Sure am!
  • Pasqually: Of course-a!
  • Mr. Munch: I just love an old classic!
  • Jasper: I'd love to perform it again!
  • Chuck E.: All right. One, two, three...
  • (The band performs "Birthday Extravaganza")
  • Pasqually: That was certainly a welcome distraction from what's-a happening right now!
  • Chuck E.: Couldn't agree more, Pasqually. Anyway, folks, here's our third clue: the keyboardist is a large, boisterous gorilla with a dominating presence.
  • Jasper: I think I might have an answer...
  • Pasqually: We can reveal it later-a. So, what's next-a on the list?
  • Chuck E.: Remember when Helen Henny was an old Broadway diva?
  • Helen: (shudders) That was awkward.
  • Chuck E.: My sentiments, exactly. Well, here's a little treat. A montage of some of our songs from the 1980s. Roll tape!
  • (The bigger monitor plays clips from the Broadway Helen Henny, Tune Machine/Country, and CEC Kiddie Songs showtapes)

Part 4

  • Chuck E.: Part 4, guys. We're in Part 4, so we're about to head into the late 1980s and early 1990s. A time when I wore a dapper tuxedo and was just coming out of that off-color New Jersey rat phase.
  • Helen: I still remember that!
  • Pasqually: So what's our next-a clue, Chuck E.?
  • Chuck E.: All right. The guitarist is a sarcastic polar bear who loves to surf.
  • Mr. Munch: That sounds familiar.
  • Jasper: Remember Concept Unification? Back when the same thing happened, except that we were the replacements?
  • Helen: Oh, yeah! I was finally retooled into a younger character.
  • Pasqually: While I finally got to fulfill my childhood-a dream to be a drummer!
  • Chuck E.: Those were the days.
  • Mr. Munch: Say, does anyone remember the name of the band we replaced?
  • Pasqually: Uh...Fre--
  • Chuck E.: NO. We are NOT going to invoke the name of Freddy Fazbear on the premises.
  • Jasper: But you just did.
  • Chuck E.: That was an exception.
  • Jasper: But you just said Freddy Fazbear.
  • Chuck E.: I said DON'T say Freddy Fazbear!
  • Jasper: But how come you get to say it, but we can't?
  • Chuck E.: I--NEVER MIND! Ugh...anyway, ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, the Concept Unification Premiere. I need a drink. A soft drink.
  • (The bigger monitor plays clips from the Concept Unification Premiere showtape)

Part 5

  • Chuck E.: We're in Part 5! One more left to go after this. Now we're entering the 1990s and 2000s.
  • Jasper: I still remember your "Cool Chuck"/"Avenger Chuck" persona. Don't get that second name, though. I mean, I never saw you hanging with Iron Man or Captain America. "Cool Chuck" was more fitting.
  • Chuck E.: Even I couldn't understand that. I still remember when I had that... outfit. (Chuck E. shudders) I get it, they wanted me to be (making air-quotes) "hip and cool" (Chuck E. lowers his hands). That's fine... or at least it was, back in '97. But for some reason, they kept me like this for fifteen years, up to the early 2010s.
  • Mr. Munch: I kinda liked you as you were. I wonder why you changed?
  • Chuck E.: Because I looked like a relic of the '90s. The worst part of the '90s, specifically. Lots of people didn't like my new look at first, but I think nostalgia had something to do with it. Unlike pogs. Nobody I know misses pogs. Anyway, here's another clue: one of the vocalists is a gossip-loving, cheerleading mouse clad in white and green.
  • Helen: I was a cheerleader in the 2000s. Still remember that.
  • Mr. Munch: And I was in the middle of that extremely long cold that made me sound different. Like a crooner.
  • Pasqually: So what's our next-a tape?
  • Chuck E.: A selection of clips from that time period. Here's all the good times we had then.
  • (The bigger monitor plays clips from the Let the Good Times Roll, Awesome Adventure Machine, September 2002 Show, and April 2005 Show showtapes)

Part 6

  • Chuck E.: Now we're heading into the final part. We have one last clue, people. Let's recap: one of the members is an overall-clad bear who makes a different kind of gas, another is a technology-loving red bird who lives in an oil barrel, there's a slow-witted brown mongrel in an astronaut outfit, a large, boisterous gorilla with a dominating presence, a sarcastic polar bear who loves to surf, and a gossip-loving, cheerleading mouse clad in white and green. Got it? (the band nods) Now here's our last clue: (gulps) a conceited, clueless wolf and wisecracking dummy.
  • Jasper: (gasps) I think I just got it. And I don't like it.
  • Pasqually: I just-a got it, too! Oh, I knew they'd return one day for-a vengeance!
  • Mr. Munch: We're dead! We are dead! All dead! All gonna die! Dead Men Be We! A cornucopia of pain and despair is coming our way to ensure our demise!
  • Helen: Jasper. Slap him.
  • (Jasper slaps Mr. Munch offscreen)
  • Mr. Munch: Ow!
  • Helen: Thank you.
  • Mr. Munch: I thought we ran them out of town?! Last I checked, they were holed up at their headquarters in Orlando, doing freelance work for whoever would pay!
  • Chuck E.: Yeah, well, Mr. Johnson wanted them back. That's right, folks, in a few days' time, this Chuck E. Cheese's location won't be a Chuck E. Cheese's, as you probably know already, but a ShowBiz Pizza Place. And it wouldn't be a ShowBiz Pizza Place without The Rock-afire Explosion!
  • Jasper: But, I don't get it! We've been performing longer than they have! Surely WE have more marquee value?
  • Pasqually: Yeah, and I'm-a ten times the comedian that wolf ever was-a!
  • Chuck E.: Look, it's not my decision. I know, my name and face are on the building, but the truth is, I don't actually own Chuck E. Cheese's. I'm just the mascot, not privy to any decisions made at the top. And wouldn't you know it, it's just about time for us to say goodbye.
  • (The band wails in despair)
  • Chuck E.: But don't worry, there's still plenty of Chuck E. Cheese's locations around the world. We're not going anywhere. In fact, a lot of cities around the country will soon have both a Chuck E. Cheese's AND a ShowBiz Pizza Place. Before we go, a certain someone has a special message for all of you.
  • (Billy Bob and Looney Bird appear on the center monitor)
  • Billy Bob: Howdy, folks! I'm Billy Bob! That's three B's, two L's, a Y, an I, and an O! It sure is great to be back here with all of ya! I won't lie, things were looking pretty dark for the Rock-afire Explosion, but through the storm, we stuck together, no matter how hard the world tried. And wouldn't ya know, our perseverance paid off! I'd sure like y'all to join us on *insert date of grand reopening here* when this location reopens as ShowBiz Pizza Place! I'll be there, and so will Looney Bird! Isn't that right, Looney Bird?
  • Looney Bird: Whuh? Sorry, Billy Bob, I'm trying to get onto the wi-fi. What's the password?
  • Mr. Munch: 12345.
  • Looney Bird: 12345?! (Mr. Munch nods) That's the stupidest password I've ever heard! That's the combination an idiot would put on his luggage!
  • Mr. Munch: Uhh...
  • Looney Bird: Tch, aliens. And people wonder why the Moonrockers never took off...
  • Billy Bob: Yeah, the years haven't been too kind to Looney Bird. Anyway, back to you, Chuck E.
  • Chuck E.: Thanks, Billy Bob. And just to show there's no hard feelings over what happened in the early 90s, we've issued an official apology to your boss, Mr. Fechter. Anyway, that's all from us, folks! Next time you come back, just make sure to enjoy our replacements, all right? But before we go, we'd like to say thank you to all of you for coming out, not just today, but all these years. Without you, there'd be no Chuck E. Cheese's.
  • ("See You Soon My Friend" from Future 91 closes out the show)


  • This showtape was inspired by "The Rolfe & Earle (sic) Show", which played at ShowBiz Pizza Place locations that were undergoing Concept Unification between 1990 and 1992 in place of the Rock-afire Explosion.
  • The clips from the PTT Demo Showtape were filmed at the ShowBiz Pizza Time headquarters in Irving, Texas using restored Portrait Show animatronics that were kept in storage, while the Madame Oink - Around the World, Harmony II - Harmony's Hoedown, and Broadway Helen Henny showtapes were all filmed using animatronics loaned from Smitty's Super Service Station in Sandy Hook, Mississippi and Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Farmington Hills, Michigan, on replica Balcony Stages. The clips from the Concept Unification Premiere were from the demo of the first segment released in 1989 at the end of the Christmas showtape for The Rock-afire Explosion, while the remaining clips came directly from those shows' Cyberstar segments.
  • The members of Munch's Make-Believe Band (except for Chuck E.) were puppets, while Billy Bob and Looney Bird were animatronics, shot at Creative Engineering in Orlando, Florida. Chuck E. is depicted as an animatronic; if no animatronic is used, as in Studio C and Circles of Light conversions, he is instead depicted on his own monitor as well, and is also portrayed as a puppet. This tape isn't played if the location remains a Chuck E. Cheese's; instead, all showtapes are played on a large Cyberstar monitor.
  • The wi-fi password (12345) and Looney Bird's response are a reference to the 1987 science-fiction spoof Spaceballs.
  • Munch's freakout is a line-for-line reference to the ninteenth episode of Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

Concept Division Premiere


  • Aaron Fechter as Billy Bob, Looney Bird, Rolfe DeWolfe, Earl Schmerle, and himself
  • Burt Wilson as Fatz Geronimo
  • Rick Bailey as Beach Bear
  • Duke Chauppetta as Dook LaRue
  • Jeff Howell as Uncle Klunk
  • Sarah Locke as Mitzi Mozzarella Jr.
  • Shalisa James as Mitzi Mozzarella Sr.


Segment 1

  • (Aaron Fechter appears on the Cyberstar monitors)
  • Aaron Fechter: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, after years in exile, the greatest animatronic band to have ever graced the stage has finally returned to its rightful home here at ShowBiz Pizza Place!
  • (The Rock-afire Explosion sings "Welcome In" from the ShowBiz Pizza '82 showtape)
  • Billy Bob: Alright! We still got it! Howdy, folks! I'm Billy Bob! That's three B's, two L's, a Y, an I, and an O! I can now safely say that the Rock-afire Explosion is back!
  • (The band hoots and hollers in joy)
  • Billy Bob: Ever since we were callously kicked to the curb by the old corporate suits, we've been trying to find any work we could, any at all. We tried to continue our gigs in a few other restaurants, but those didn't make a big enough impact, regrettably, with the exception of Looney Bird's chain, and even then, hardly did any new material. Things were looking bleak, but like we said during Christmastime in '86, we stuck it out through stormy weather, and will always stay together. And look at us! We're all still here! Well, almost. Mitzi thinks she's too old to be a role model for girls. But that's okay, 'cause we got her daughter, Mitzi Jr.!
  • Mitzi Jr.: I may only be (insert age here), but my mama says I've got the voice of angels!
  • Fatz: Ah, that ya do, Junior! Why, I heard ya backstage before the show practicin', and, and ya got ya mom's magic!
  • (The band murmurs in agreement)
  • Billy Bob: So, anyway, what's everyone been up to since we went our separate ways for a spell back around '99?
  • Fatz: Well, I've been moonlightin' as a lounge singer at the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World.
  • Beach Bear: Ooh, nice!
  • Dook: Makin' me jealous, Fatz!
  • Fatz: The pay's good, I get to stay in a nice room in the main tower, and I wake up every morning watchin' the monorails whizz by and looking at Cinderella's Castle and Space Mountain.
  • Mitzi Jr.: It's like a dream come true!
  • Fatz: That it is, Junior, that it is!
  • (Band sings "Daydream Believer" by The Monkees)
  • Rolfe: This is Rolfe DeWolfe coming to you live from ShowBiz Pizza Place! Isn't it great to be able to say that again, Earl?
  • Earl: Not when it's you saying it!
  • Rolfe: Yeah, Earl has gotten cranky as the years passed. During this time, my fame only skyrocketed even more! Millions of people worship me and would love to kiss the ground that I walk on.
  • Earl: Who said you received fame? Last thing you did of any importance aside from freelance work was that terrible show the suits forced imitators to do in the early 1990s! They made the other me as dumb as you, and the other you as smart as me. And even misspelled my name. They didn't even sound like us!
  • Rolfe: Shucks, Earl, that's the nicest thing you've said to me since we came back.
  • Earl: That's nice for you, considering HOW MUCH OF A GEEK YOU ARE!
  • Rolfe: Shut up, Earl, or else I'm disassembling you.
  • Billy Bob: Anyway, that was "Daydream Believer" by The Monkees. Now, we're not the only ones returning, because back in '82, we had a special guest in certain restaurants. He was quite funny until the corporate suits butchered him. But he's back and better than ever, I assure you. He's up there in this monitor. So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Uncle Klunk Abomination!
  • (Uncle Klunk appears on the Cyberstar monitors, and his theme song plays)
  • Klunk: Hello, everyone.

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

Segment 5

  • Looney Bird: Billy Bob?
  • Billy Bob: Yes, Looney Bird?
  • Looney Bird: Remember when I had a chain of restaurants?

Segment 6


  • Aaron Fechter's introduction was filmed at Creative Engineering headquarters in Orlando, Florida on February 18, 2015, while the Creative Engineering building was being renovated. His appearance was shot in front of the building's Rock-afire Explosion. For the grand opening of the San Jose, CA location (the first location in the revived ShowBiz Pizza Place), Fechter appeared in-person.
  • This is one of the few post-2015 showtapes (outside of the Japanese isles) to reuse music from other showtapes.


The Munch's Make-Believe Band Show

Concept Division Premiere