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1st Logo (February 22, 2016-present)

CEI onscreen logo.png

Nicknames: "Billy Bob"

Logo: On a red-orange background, Billy Bob Brockali (from the Rock-afire Explosion) throws the Creative Engineering logo, in white, on the screen, before wiping his forehead with his arm and walking off. Smaller Creative Engineering logos in salmon fade in.

Variants: A shortened version that consists of just the Creative Engineering logo is used at the end of TV series.

FX/SFX: Billy Bob throwing the Creative Engineering logo and walking away, and the smaller Creative Engineering logos fading in and moving.

Music/Sounds: A "boing" noise as Billy Bob throws the logo, then Billy Bob (voiced by Aaron Fechter) saying "Whew!"

Music/Sounds Variants: On The Rock-afire Explosion Show, the short version in the closing is accompanied by Billy Bob saying "A Creative Engineering production".

Availability: Common. The shortened version was first seen on the teaser trailer for The Rock-afire Explosion Show, before the full version made its debut on the series proper. Also seen on Creative Engineering-produced videos.

Editor's Note: None.