Detective Jenny (Season 1) (Johnsonverse)

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The first season of Detective Jenny premiered on June 4, 1994. As a new series, the budget was much lower than it is today, forcing the production staff to rely on stock footage from Gerry Anderson productions and older Johnson films. In fact, several episodes were outright adaptations of Thunderbirds episodes. This was also the only season to use cel animation (the movies notwithstanding), with the characters digitally superimposed over live-action backgrounds when possible; all later seasons switched to digital ink and paint.

  1. "Ronnie's First Mission" (written by Tammy Jo Johnson; animation by Toei) - Ronnie Hinton is inducted into Team Jenny as the sixth member. It is here she feels she is in way over her head when she goes out on her first assignment: stopping the Celtic Liberation Front from setting off a bomb over London aboard Air Terrainean's new atomic airliner Fireflash. This episode was adapted from the Thunderbirds episode "Trapped in the Sky." Air date: June 4, 1994
  2. "Pirates of Somalia" (written by Butch Lee; animation by TMS) - When ships begin mysteriously disappearing off the coast of Somalia, Jenny and Makayla are dispatched in the high-tech submarine Neptune's Trident to investigate. Air date: June 11, 1994
  3. "All-In" (written by Michael Cassutt; animation by AKOM) - A major human trafficking ring is uncovered in Florida, and the entire team is dispatched to flush the perps out by any means necessary. Air date: June 18, 1994
  4. "Monorail to Disaster" (written by Davey James; animation by TMS) - A new intercity monorail system in the United States is targeted by rogue politicians representing the airline lobby, and Louise is the only one who can stop a runaway train. Meanwhile, Terry and Ronnie's house is invaded by thugs hired by the politicians seeking Ronnie's electronics. This episode was adapted from the Thunderbirds episode "Brink of Disaster." Air date: June 25, 1994
  5. "Fog of Doom" - The Ocean Pioneer Company's new fleet of tankers begin mysteriously exploding when in a mysterious fog at sea, which sees the team sent aboard one of the tankers to discover the cause. This episode was adapted from the Thunderbirds episode "Danger at Ocean Deep." Air date: July 1, 1994
  6. "Terror in Hills Beach" - The team's headquarters in Hills Beach, Louisiana, is targeted by the Celtic Liberation Front in retaliation for the failed Fireflash plot. Air date: July 8, 1994
  7. "An Offer You Can't Refuse" - Jenny and Makayla are tasked with distracting the Vincinetti crime family while Ronnie hacks their computer network to uncover their crimes. Air date: July 15, 1994
  8. "Enter: Black Scorpion" - Two men in a telecom tower in the United Kingdom are imperiled when an aircraft sabotaged by Black Scorpion crashes into it. While Kristen and Louise carry out a dangerous rescue operation in a windstorm, the rest of the team investigates this new adversary. This episode was adapted from the Thunderbirds episode "Edge of Impact." Air date: July 22, 1994
  9. "Coke and Loathing" (written by Michael Cassutt; animation by TMS) - Jenny and Makayla are tasked with destroying boats belonging to the Camino Cartel, which tries to sway Makayla to their side, as her father leads the Cartel. Air date: July 29, 1994
  10. "Escort Service" - The team is tasked with escorting a UN relief convoy in Africa, after previous convoys were raided by a local warlord.
  11. "Under the Sea" - When Fireflash airliners start going down over the Atlantic, Terry and Ronnie are assigned aboard one of the airliners while Kristen and Louise follow behind in Big Bertha. They soon discover that a saboteur working for the Vincinettis is behind it. This episode was adapted from the Thunderbirds episode "Operation Crash-Dive".