Divorce of Phil and Brynn Hartman (Johnsonverse)

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On May 29, 1998, actor Phil Hartman walked out on his then-wife Brynn Omdahl in a motel room. He filed for divorce the next day, which was publicized by the press. The fallout over the separation led to the divorce being


In 1987, Phil Hartman and Brynn Omdahl were wed. At first, the couple was seen as


Falling out

On May 29, 1998, Hartman, having followed the advice of his friend Sheldon Johnson, Jr., decided to walk out on Omdahl. As Omdahl pointed a gun directly at him, Hartman sprinted out the door before she could shoot him.

Divorce trial

The night after their falling out, Hartman filed for divorce. Tabloid stories circulated throughout the day, as Hartman and Omdahl gave interviews regarding their versions of the events that happened. Notably, Omdahl portrayed Hartman as a domestic abuser who sought to demoralize her.


The divorce was