Dorothy Dog (Johnsonverse)

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Dorothy Dog.png
Ludicrous Limericks character
First appearance: "In a Bind" (1926)
Created by: Gerald Jankowski
Voiced by: Gerald Jankowski (1926-1930)
Rochelle Hudson (1930-1972)
B. J. Ward (1972-present)
Alias: Dor (by Darrell)
Gender: Female
Species: Flat-coated Retriever
Significant other: Darrell Dog
(love interest)
Nationality: American

Dorothy Daleyza Dog is a funny animal cartoon character. She was created for the Ludicrous Limericks series of theatrical shorts for Johnson Studios by Gerald Jankowski in 1926.

The girlfriend of Darrell Dog, Dorothy has a feminine look, voice, and mannerisms, but will fight or get her hands dirty when need be. She began to be seen less often in the 1960s and 1970s due to Jankowski and other Johnson artists growing to dislike the character. Starting in 1984 with The Cool Adventures of Chocodile, however, Dorothy was brought back to prominence, and has been seen in various projects to this day.

Origin and history

Early development

In 1925, then-Johnson CEO Jeffrey P. Johnson wanted to create a series of theatrical shorts for Johnson Cartoon Studios, and hired local mural painter Gerald Jankowski to act as the director.

Jankowski served as Dorothy's original voice actor, using a high-pitched falsetto, as he could not find a suitable voice for the role at the time; in 1930, however, he discovered then-14-year-old Rochelle Hudson. Hudson would voice the character until her death in 1972, at which point B. J. Ward took over the role, continuing to voice Dorothy to this day.

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