EarthBound 2: Invasion (Johnsonverse)

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Earthbound 2- Invasion poster.png
Genre: Action
Science fiction
Photography: Color
Running Time: 240 minutes
Release Date: May 4, 2011
Production Companies: Johnson Studios
Timothy Hill Productions
Distributed by: 20th Century Fox (US)
Johnson Studios (worldwide)
Directed by: Timothy Hill
Written by: Timothy Hill
Tim Johnson
Chloe Johnson
Shigesato Itoi (story)
Produced by: Timothy Hill
Music by: John Williams
Starring: Tim Johnson
Chloe Johnson
Hayden Michaels
William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
Language: English
Country: United States
United Kingdom
Photography: Color
Budget: $234 million (estimated)
Box office: $1.938 billion
Previous film: Mother 3 (2008)

EarthBound 2: Invasion (released in the Japanese states as Mother 4) is a 2011 American-British science fiction film produced and directed by Timothy Hill and written by Hill, Tim and Chloe Johnson from a story treatment by Shigesato Itoi. It is the fifth and final film based on the EarthBound franchise, and stars the Johnson twins, Hayden Michaels, William Shatner, and Leonard Nimoy.

Production began in 2009. The movie was shot between February and July of 2010, with additional pickups done in September. The film was released on May 4, 2011, exactly fourteen years after the release of the EarthBound film adaptation, and was universally acclaimed. It is currently the fifth-highest grossing film in the worldwide box office.


In the year 2014, Ness Jones, now 16 years old, notices that he hasn't seen



  • Tim Johnson as Ness Jones - Now 16, Ness is a
  • Chloe Johnson as Paula Polestar -
  • Hayden Michaels as Jeff Andounts -
  • William Shatner as Gen. William Landon
  • Leonard Nimoy as Bill Stagman
  • Mike Vogel as Ninten - One of Paula's mentors, Ninten, now 39 years old,
  • Kate Hudson as Ana
  • Aaron Paul as Lloyd
  • Rob McElhenney as Teddy
  • Fred Perry as Lucas
  • Mabel Luckey as Kumatora
  • Antonio Banderas as Duster
  • Colin Hodges as Tony
  • Natasha Johnson as Tracy Jones
  • Liam Neeson as Dr. John Andonuts
  • Lisa Kudrow as Vanessa Jones
  • Shiro as Poo
  • Michael Douglas as Paul Polestar
  • Julie Kavner as Phoebe Polestar
  • Sheldon Johnson, Jr. as himself
  • Joe Biden as himself
  • Danny Trejo as Mario Jones
  • Judy Garland as Daisy Jones - Ness' grandmother, Daisy is a former

Voice cast

  • Dan Castellaneta as Mr. Saturn
  • Nicholas Briggs as the voice of the Daleks and the Mechonoids


Development began in 2009. Hill initially considered Mother 4 as the movie's title, but he decided on the name EarthBound 2: Invasion before filming, as it once again focused on Ness, Paula, and Jeff; Mother 4 was still the title of the film in the Japanese states.





The day of the movie's release, Hill stated that Johnson has no plans to produce a sixth movie, calling Invasion "the final chapter that wraps up a series of movies". Despite Nintendo approving the Mother 4 fan game and being set for a 2022 release on the Nintendo Switch, Tim stated that there are still no plans for a sixth film, despite persistent rumors and demand.

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