Evolution of Cherridile (Johnsonverse BTS)

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The design process for Chocodile's girlfriend Cherridile has gone through two designs.

This article takes place out-of-universe, and shows the evolution of the design created by Trevor807, and is written by him and Johnsonverse creator BNSF1995 (what, you don't believe me? Well, good day, sir! And Mrs. Sir!)

For Chocodile's many designs, see Evolution of Chocodile (Johnsonverse BTS).


Looking at girlfriends of iconic cartoon characters, like Minnie Mouse, Lola Bunny, etc., I decided that Chocodile would have a girlfriend. I chose the name "Cherridile" because, after all, chocolate and cherries go nicely together.


First Design

Trevor807: The first Cherridile design was, quite frankly, ugly, with a lack of hair, a hot pink blouse with a white collar and cuffs, a red dress with a white bowtie, and pink Mary Jane shoes with socks. But I did have a good concept: giving Cherridile red skin to go with Chocodile's brown.

Second Design

Trevor807: In my opinion, the current design for Cherridile is a complete 180 from the original. I gave her dark red hair, made her taller, darkened her beak, and gave her a pretty red dress with a leg slit, a maroon waist with a white five-petaled daisy on it, and red slippers. I really love the design overall.