Evolution of Chocodile (Johnsonverse BTS)

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The design process for Johnson Studios mascot Chocodile is an interesting story. The character underwent multiple incarnations before the current design was settled on.

This article takes place out-of-universe, and shows the evolution of the design created by Trevor807, and the decisions and vetoes of Johnsonverse creator BNSF1995 (who is also the co-writer of this article; what, you don't believe me? Well, good day, sir! And Mrs. Sir!)

For the evolution of Chocodile's girlfriend Cherridile, see Evolution of Cherridile (Johnsonverse BTS).


BNSF1995: The Chocodile character originated from a bizarre dream I had about a talking crocodile rocking back and forth on all fours singing "Chocodile!" repeatedly. From there, I took this name and created a character for the Johnsonverse so Johnson Studios could have an animated character to rival Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny.


First Design

BNSF1995: The first Chocodile design created by Trevor807 was, quite frankly, horrifying. When I first saw it, I was actually a little scared. As you can see, the first Chocodile design was green, with a yellow-green stripe running down the middle of his head, a yellow-green tail, and a brown shirt. In-universe, this first design is referred to as a rejected design from the design process in 1936.

Trevor807: Looking back, the art I drew back then was horrible. I've learned to grow as an artist since then, and I know that this design is on par with that atrocious Sonic design from the April 2019 Sonic movie trailer and the new Toucan Sam. In the Chocodile concept sheet, a slightly redrawn version is crossed out, as creator Randy Perkins, being a perfectionist, was so appalled at it, he didn't even finish it.

Second Design

BNSF1995: The second Chocodile design wasn't much of an original design, but rather, a recolor of Swampy from the Disney mobile game Where's My Water? This was meant to be a stop-gap measure while a new design was made, but it succeeded in showing Chocodile's kid-friendly nature.

Third Design

BNSF1995: The third design was, in my opinion, a happy balance between the first two designs. He had the brown skin (hence the name "Chocodile"), but also had a more cartoonish design, adding white gloves as was common in the 1930s.

Fourth Design

BNSF1995: But Trevor807 knew he could do better, and further refined the design, giving Chocodile more heft, orange shoes, and having him hold a chocolate bar.

Fifth Design

BNSF1995: Not only does he look suitably athletic for a chocolate-lover, but he also has a nice, goofy look to him, a perfect representation of his 1930s personality as a friend to all children (before he became a propaganda tool and advertising icon in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, an everyman in the 70s and since the 90s, and a deadpan snarker with a chip in his shoulder during the Stacker era in the 80s).

Sixth Design

Seventh Design

Trevor807: In my opinion, this is the best design created.