Family Guy (Season 19) (Johnsonverse)

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The nineteenth season of Family Guy premiered on September 27, 2020 with the episode "Meet the Johnsons".

The first season to be executive produced by Tim and Chloe Johnson, this season retcons almost every episode and/or event that happened from the seventh to eighteenth seasons (2008-2020). Recurring characters were also reintroduced, such as Greased Up Deaf Guy, Buzz Killington, and Vern and Johnny, among others, with Courtney from the episode "No Giggity, No Doubt" being promoted to one of the main characters (Mandy Moore reprises her role from that episode), and Brian being killed off, being replaced by Vinny (again, Tony Sirico reprises his role as the character). Almost all of the writing staff was replaced, the few writers the Johnsons deemed "genuinely good" remaining.

Finally, the animation style of the older seasons was brought back, with the animation now being done in-house by Johnson Television Animation, while the opening sequence was reanimated. It now has the character movements of the 1999-2010 intro, with the modern character designs and the lineup of side characters from the 2010-2020 version; even more side characters were added where generic dancers would normally be, and as the season progressed, Brian was replaced by Vinny, and Courtney was added next to Meg throughout the opening.


  1. Meet the Johnsons (written by Tim and Chloe Johnson) - The new owners of the Family Guy property, Tim and Chloe Johnson, come to Quahog to take the townspeople to task for their constant abuse of Meg throughout the years, culminating in Tim outright shooting Connie in the head and beating up Peter until he concedes. Meanwhile, the townspeople start seeing massive changes in their personalities, as well as the mysterious return of Vern and Johnny, who Stewie had killed years before. Air date: September 27, 2020.
  2. Not a Ratings Trap (written by Tim and Chloe Johnson) - Quagmire reveals the real reason he hates Brian: he's a dog, and Quagmire hates all dogs. He proceeds to disembowel Brian, causing Joe to arrest him and Courtney to move in with the Griffins. Quagmire, remorseless for what he did, tries to break out of prison and instigate a genocide against dogs so everyone will have no choice but to get a cat, but fails and is shot dead by Stewie as revenge. The episode ends with Tim and Chloe telling the audience why exactly they killed off Brian: he was deemed beyond repair. Air date: October 4, 2020.
  3. I, Megan (written by Tim and Chloe Johnson) - Meg comes out to announce something big, in the biggest plot twist in the show's history. She comes out as a lesbian who's in a relationship with Courtney, and Lois takes offense to it until she loses to Chloe in a chicken-style fight. Meanwhile, Stewie travels back in time to try and save Brian from Quagmire, but fails, saving Quagmire instead, though Stewie finds and remembers Vinny in the process. Stewie immediately remembers all the bad things Brian did to him over the years, and decides not to try to save him again, knowing Brian would only worsen after the last time he was saved. Air date: October 11, 2020.
  4. Mister Cleveland's Neighborhood (written by Mike Henry) - Cleveland's friends from Stoolbend (Lester, Holt, and Tim) visit Quahog, bringing with them their brand of wacky redneck hijinx. They decide to permanently reside in Quahog. Air date: October 18, 2020.
  5. My Little Vinny (written by Robby Victors) -
  6. Facing the Music (written by Jennifer Tennville) - With Black Lives Matter on the rise, the Griffins decide to move elsewhere.
  7. Lois & Pete (written by Mike Henry) -
  8. Road to Tokyo (written by Tim and Chloe Johnson) - In a first for the "Road to..." series, this episode will focus on Meg and Courtney, instead of Stewie and Brian (due to the latter being dead), as they travel to the Japanese Isles to get revenge on a sleazy salesman who scammed them. And nothing will stop them. Air date: January 2021.