Geoff Bodine Motorsports (Alan Kulwicki Survives)

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File:Geoff Bodine Motorsports.png
The Geoff Bodine Motorsports logo used throughout the team's running

Geoff Bodine Motorsports was a professional NASCAR Winston Cup/Nextel Cup Series team that once fielded Geoff Bodine's #70 car, which it did starting in 1994 after the team was founded with funding and support from AK Racing, and also fielded Geoff's brothers Todd and Brett Bodine in the 2000/2001 seasons, driving the #97 and #46 cars respectively. Geoff Bodine, and by extension the team itself, raced the outdated Ford Thunderbird after it's official retirement and until the first half of the 1999 season, after which NASCAR banned Geoff's last remaining Thunderbird backup car from racing in the 1999 season, forcing him to switch to the new Taurus model. After Geoff's retirement in 2003, he couldn't find anyone who would replace him, and thereafter he sold the fledgling team, which was bought by and and merged into Roush Racing, although the #70 car was only ran part time in 2004 by Roush Racing. Geoff Bodine Motorsports only had 7 wins throughout its 9 year span in NASCAR.

Support For Alan Kulwicki In The Busch Series

From 1999-2002, during the height of Geoff Bodine Motorsports, Geoff helped Kulwicki fund his ride in the Busch Series, as a sign of good faith and to return the favor after his funding of the team in the first place.

Nationwide/Xfinity Series

Geoff Bodine Motorsports is still a team in the Nationwide/Xfinity Series being co-owned by Alan Kulwicki and Geoff Bodine.